Inconvenient Daily Life of the Super Sonico (巨大そに子の不便な日常)

I enjoyed the artwork; however, Sonico’s hands occasionally seem small compared to the rest of her body, as in this image. Also, like most manga, covers are colored, but individual pages are only black and white.

The fictional character “Super Sonico” (すーぱーそに子) was created in 2006 by Tsuji Santa (津路 参汰) of Nitroplus (ニトロプラス) , a Japanese video game company, to promote their annual live music concert, “Nitro Super Sonic.” (NOTE: Jedi Master Fury on the Giantess City forums pointed out that George Jetson, patriarch of the fictional Jetsons is also referred to as “Súper Sónico” in Latin America. My apologies if Spanish-speaking readers were hoping this article was about George Jetson 😉 )

Super Sonico is depicted as an eighteen-year old young woman with pink hair, large breasts, and omnipresent headphones. Tsuji Santa also created the blonde, even curvier, character “Super Pochaco.”


While her very first appearance was on a poster for Nitro Super Sonic, I first became aware of Super Sonico when I saw one of her many depictions in figurine form. In plastic statues she wears a wide assortment of outfits, everything from the Space Police uniform on the left, to festive Christmas outfits, to sexy secretary versions. (Super Sonico space cop occupies a spot on my shelf as I write this.)

At least one statue portrayed her as a giantess. (To be fair, the only indication that she is a giantess is the inclusion of the tiny helicopter.)

giantess Sonico statue
Found this, which stands a little more than 9 inches tall, on Amazon Japan for ¥10,780 (about $100) as of July 21, 2019.

Since her creation, Super Sonico has appeared in anime, manga, video games, and on beer labels. Mouse pads and body pillows can be purchased with her likeness. She also has her own YouTube channel where I listened to songs while writing this review.

I hope she brews a coffee stout someday 🙂

Furthermore, busty Japanese adult model Hitomi Tanaka (among many others) has cosplayed as the busty musician. American professional cosplay model and YouTuber Jessica Nigri also voiced the character in the English-language dub of “Super Sonico: The Animation.”

Hitomi as Super Sonico
❤ Hitomi Tanaka

The “Inconvenient Daily Life of the Super Sonico” web manga was created by Watanuki Ron to commemorate Super Sonico’s 10th Anniversary and was posted online, for free, at where it was still available as of late July 2019. Additionally, “No.1 Idle” translated the first three chapters into English here.

The story begins with Super Sonico and her band, the First Astronomical Velocity, performing. Guitarist and vocalist Sonico, referred to as Nico-chan by her band mates, announces that the band will compete in summer fest. Afterward, Sonico begins to feel unusually warm during a photo shoot and faints. At a hospital we learn that her white blood cell count is high. We then see her wake up as a giantess, but without the pleasure of a proper growth scene.  😥

Sonico’s friend measured her bust at 962 centimeters (over 378 inches) or 9.62 meters (over 31 feet and 6 inches).
Her hips measured out at 871 centimeters (over 342 inches) or 8.71 meters (over 28 feet and 6 inches)
In this image, her friend Fuuri Watanuki states that Sonico’s breasts look like mountains.

The rest of the comic concerns Sonico dealing with her new size and preparing for the summer festival. Eventually, in the eighth and final chapter she returns to her normal size.

As the pictures above demonstrated, there is a bunch of fan service in this comic. (Not pictured is the photo shoot in which another model holds Sonico’s breasts or when Sonico cradles her friends against her giant breasts.) However, there are no nude or sex scenes. That’s in keeping with officially authorized depictions of Sonico, in which she is most often presented in revealing clothing, but rarely completely naked. (Although, there is at least one bootleg figure showing her naked, and at least one pillow case that shows her topless.)


Arguably, fan service was all this comic strip was intended to provide. The story is very light and readers should not expect a serious examination of what it would mean to be giant sized. (Although, Sonico does grapple with difficulties such as finding clothing and lodging.) 

Additionally, there are many unanswered questions. For example, why does Super Sonico always wear headphones? (That headgear even enlarged somehow when her body grew.) Why does her manager, Kitamura, always wear a Hannya mask? (Normally, those demonic masks are used by actors in theatrical performances, such as Noh plays, not by businessmen.)


I’m not an expert, so perhaps those questions are addressed in other stories. However, I was able to enjoy this even though those questions remained unanswered. Readers should recognize that Super Sonico is a marketing tool meant to promote Nitroplus. In that aspect she is similar to American cartoons like He-Man or Transformers broadcast on TV in the 1980s which were intended to sell toys, vice tell engaging stories.

All that said, I recommend giantess fans check out this comic. In addition to the free copies online, a hard copy (and Kindle version) of this comic is available on Amazon Japan for roughly five American dollars.


P. S. The closing credits from episode two of  “Super Sonico: The Animation” are also of interest 😀

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