UltraSonico (ウルトラソニコ)

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Mark your calendars! The weekly “UltraSonico” TV show will debut on Sunday, April 4, 2106 at 7AM 😉

Today, I’m taking a look at an April Fool’s Day short created for Nitroplus in 2017 and featuring their voluptuous mascot Super Sonico.

Previously, I discussed Super Sonico in my “Inconvenient Daily Life of the Super Sonico” review. Basically, she’s a busty mascot initially created in 2006 by Nitroplus, a Japanese video game company, to promote their annual live music concert. Since then Super Sonico has appeared in various media and in figurine form. She typically adopts suggestive poses and wears provocative clothing, but is rarely completely naked.

Ultraman in his iconic Specium Ray stance.

“Ultraman” (ウルトラマン) is a franchise which first began with a 1966 Japanese television series of the same name. The story involved a giant alien merging with a human, and fighting various monsters (initially portrayed by actors wearing rubber suits). Since its debut, the franchise has been featured in many TV shows, anime, manga, stage shows, video games, etc. Many more versions of the character eventually appeared as seen in the below image. (NOTE: As a Godzilla fan, I was surprised to see that Ultraman was more prevalent in Japan than the fire-breathing monster. Not that it’s difficult to find Godzilla-related merchandise, but Ultraman appears more popular and relevant with kids in modern Japan.)


This particular clips runs for roughly two and a half minutes and begins with gravure idol (a female model seen in Japanese men’s magazines) Super Sonico riding her bicycle and traveling to university. Her journey is interrupted when a mysterious red orb falls out of the sky.



The red orb contains an alien “Ultra,” pictured below, from the M78 nebula. Just like the original Ultraman, this powerful being merges with Super Sonico to create, drum roll please, UltraSonico!!!


That merger was fortuitous for us run-of-the-mill humans as the giant electric eel monster Eleking soon appears. (SIDE NOTE: I appreciated the background music and sound effects used throughout.)

Eleking (エレキング) looks like a guy in a rubber suit. That sometimes appears odd when contrasted with the animated Sonico.

Upon spotting her dastardly foe, Sonico transforms into giant form and grapples with the antagonist! The animation during her transformation was a little rough with quick cuts showing her UltraSonic uniform replacing her street clothes bit by bit. (NOTE: There was no ripping or tearing of clothes, and admittedly it was far from the best growth sequence that I’ve seen.)

Nice perspective though! ❤
She pummels the daikaiju.
Eleking strikes back!
“Music has charms to soothe a savage breast. ” Alternatively, music may do grievous bodily harm. Watch the clip to learn which role it played in *this* story 🙂

During the ending credits, the creators show how they filmed UltraSonico’s flying sequence using a small model.

Twitter announcement
The YouTube link in the initial announcement no longer works, but the clip has been re-uploaded by others.

I highly recommend this video, not least because it’s free. As previously noted, I am a fan of Godzilla and other giant monsters. I’m also a fan of busty women. This video clip involves a giant busty woman fighting a giant monster and thus was right in my wheelhouse. Yes, I would have preferred a much more detailed growth sequence, but given that you can watch this clip for free it’s difficult to complain.

You can find it here with Japanese audio and Japanese subtitles. Unfortunately, I could not find a version with English dubbing or subtitles. However, I did find one with Korean subtitles.

Thank you UltraSonico!

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3 thoughts on “UltraSonico (ウルトラソニコ)

  1. They don’t have to be fantastic, they just have to hit a few right notes. Being huge and huge-chested goes a long way toward a satisfying experience, when it’s clear so many other corners were cut. And if gigantic cute women is a drum Japan wants to keep beating, I’ll set down my drink and dance every once in a while.


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