Please take a moment and learn a little a bit about one of your favorite creators or discover new ones!


Aborigen, Size Riot contest organizer & prolific size fantasy writer

Alex-GTS-Artist, the 3-D artist behind “Jessica & Michael”

Alyssa the Comic Book Babe, an extraordinary audio performer

Amber Collins, Author of More Than 300 Size-related Erotic Stories!

AyylaGTS – CGI Artist and Creator of “Growing Bigger With Ayyla

AZmaybe9, a 3-D Artist Focused on Giantess Growth Videos


BatDas12, Writer behind Giantess Fan’s “Teacher’s Pet,” “The Curse of Saletine,” and “Unstoppable Hunger

bmtbguy, the Creator of “Cheap Tricks” and “Domina’s Valley”

Braden-GTS: An Honest, Hardworking Renderer of Giant Ladies

BustArtist, a Breast Expansion Artist active since the 1990s!

Martin Butre, a.k.a. butre3004, a CGI Artist Focusing on Giantesses


CaddyIsRaddy, a CGI Artist with Broad Interests

Capp, an Artist Producing Giantess Content before the Internet Age!

Chibichan, Founder of and Creator of the FantaSize Universe

Chuck Murnoe, A Size-Fetish Artist, Writer, and Creator of Chiki Vulpin

Chuck Murnoe, artista y escritor de fetiches de tamaños y creador de Chiki Vulpin

Clovis, an author of unique transformation stories


Dan Standing, Writer of Transformation-themed Comics and Prose, Founder of Transformeum, Co-host Modern Metamorphoses Podcast

Deirdre “DiDi” Star, a Trans-Giantess Babe and Macrophile Smut Writer

Demora Avarice, a Lovely Expansion Actress

Dinner-Kun, a Prolific CGI Artist Creating 3-D Growth Comics

Docop, a CGI and Collage Size Artist

DragoonGTS, a CGI Artist Fond of Growing Women

DreamTales, Writer and Producer of Giantess and Shrinking comics


EndlessRain0110, an Artist Converting Coffee into 3-D Renders since 2016

Escape from Expansion, a Prolific Artist Specializing in Breast Expansion and Inflation


F-Kid, Author of “A Few Feet, Bigger” and “Sorority Problems”


GameSquid, a SFW Digital and Pixel Giant Girl Artist

Gearrain, NSFW GTS/GT Artist & Author

GEN’s Labo – Producer of Crush and GTS Videos set in Highly Detailed Model Cities

Giant Emmet a.k.a. HthereBeGt, Skilled Writer Focused on Giant Men & Women!

An Interview and a Conversation with Giantess Tina

Goro Brava, Owner of Destruction Damsels, a Studio Focused on Clothing Destruction

GrowCloneGrow, a 3-D Artist Making Expansion, Growth, and Macrophilia Animations

GSFcreator, a Prolific Size-Fetish Artist and Filmmaker

GTSCasey, a New 3-D Artist Making Giantess Animations with SFM


HaraFung, a 3-D Artist Focused on Mini- to Mega-Giantesses

Henrique Sefra, a XXX Artist focused on Ultra-Busty Women


J. M. Wilde, writer of tales involving both growing and shrinking lovers

James Stilton – Artist, Author, and Owner of Amazonias, a Site for Female Muscle Comics

Jason Ninja; Creator of Bratty Foot Girls – Studio Dedicated to Foot Fetish and Size Themes!

Jitensha, Comic Artist and Founder of SizeCon

Joyce Julep, a talented writer seeking giantess bliss

Just Add Water, a Man Focused on the Beneficial Properties of H2O!


Lingster, the Creative Force Behind “Growth Comics”


Maxgrowth Productions, Creator of Videos Admiring the More Substantial Female Physique

Meyeel Sizechanger – Fetish Photo Collage Artist and Writer

Miss Kaneda, Crush Enthusiast and Erotica Author



Newschool2626, Editor and Writer for Interweb Comics

Njord, a writer of size-fetish fiction of many genres


Olo, a fitful writer of size-fantasy fiction since 2013

OpenHighHat, a Writer & Artist Specializing in Giantess and Shrunken Men Stories


Pete Smith, Giantess City Webmaster

pseudoclever, Author and Collage Artist focusing on Giantesses and Shrunken Women


Ready Art, creator of the long-running “Growth Lab” series

Reducer, a Writer of Gentle Tales involving Shrunken Women

ReverseOthello a.k.a. Kyojingirls, a Talented SFW Collage Artist

Rob Classact, creator of #OrdinaryGirls

Rserg2, a CGI Artist Creating 3D Comics Showcasing Changing Human Heights


Sabrina Pandora and Dee Fish; Writer & Artist Behind Giant Girl Adventures!

Sexplore, Writer behind Giantess Fan’s “A Goddess of Law

SGAnimator, a Prolific Size-Fetish Writer and Collaborator

Sihagen, an artist of ‘wholesome smut’

SorenZer0, a CGI Artist and Writer Focusing on Giantesses & Shrunken People

Super-Ego, the Co-Creator of “Skinwalkers” and “Bronze Skin Inc”

Syrus Durham (a.k.a. Scidram), Author of Stories That Happen to Involve Shrinking


Taedis, an author with an offbeat imagination

Tetsu, a Highly Influential CGI Artist Rendering Gentle Giantesses

TinyDann, a.k.a. DannTheMuse, Author of “Carrie’s Science Project”

Trent Harlow, the “muscle guy” in the 3-D super-heroine art community


Wits Aimwell – A Lawful Good Size Tweeter and Writer


xCuervos, Expansion enthusiast & author at BotComics

All Rights Reserved.

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