Gramarian: Evil Giant Female Alien – 悪の巨大女宇宙人 グラマリア星人

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Today’s review will cover a Japanese size-themed adult film which is not well-known. The film is entitled 悪の巨大女宇宙人 グラマリア星人, which I translated as “Gramarian: Evil Giant Female Alien.” (NOTE: A literal translation would be “Evil Giant Female Alien Gramaria Alien,” but I thought that something more succinct would sound better. Alas, I have not found an English version.)

This film runs for 75 minutes and was produced by Giga Co. Ltd. The company produces a variety of goods such as adult-oriented video games, body pillows, coin-operated amusement machines, figurines, etc. Giga released Gramarian: Evil Giant Female Alien on June 22nd, 2018. The female lead is played by Asahi Mizuno (水野朝陽) and she gets top billing.

Asahi also appeared in a variety of other explicit books and films, such as the photo book pictured below:

The film’s narrative begins in the middle of an alien attack upon a city.

CGI fire was used extensively, which I suppose is a more sustainable practice than torching the film set.

We then meet Takaya (the male hero) and Yoko (the female hero), both are members of the Earth Garrison, as they prepare to counter this threat.

She rushes to shoot her “pew pew” gun at the rampaging alien.

After the two shoot their laser pistols for a while, they confer to devise a new means to stop the destruction. Takaya decides to transform into “Earthman,” a giant properly sized to kick and punch the attacker.

It should be noted that the long-running Ultraman series has clearly influenced Japanese fetish porn.
Safe to say that Earthman gives better than he gets. Or to phrase that differently, the fight between the two was not even close as Earthman laid a smackdown upon the invader.

However, immediately after Earthman defeats the monster, another foe joins the battle!

Surprisingly, there’s no attempt to speak to this new villain or issue a challenge. There was no dialogue at all during their initial battle.

Earthman was unable to decisively defeat the female attacker; so, she eventually escapes and retreats to a space station. There she confers with a colleague and they determine that the source of Earthman’s power is in his crotch.

While they scheme, Takaya and Yoko share some food and get busy! (NOTE: Well, to be accurate, Yoko looks to be carrying food in plastic bags from a local convenience store, but she never takes anything out of the bags.) Yoko is assertive and thus she initiates sexual intercourse with her team mate. It must be noted that Takaya is pretty passive in general. He practices the “I’ll just let the woman do all the work” approach 😉

Sadly, Solo’s co-workers were never this friendly :\ (SIDE NOTE: Perhaps Solo is a fuddy dud, but they are getting hot and heavy in the middle of their office / command center. It’s a miracle that their boss didn’t walk in!)

This film was made in Japan; so, genitals are not shown, but instead they are heavily pixelated and obscured. Yoko gives him a hand job while they kiss. His penis was censored so the actress may have only been moving her hand up and down over his crotch. I assume she is manually stimulating his genitals, but since that was concealed, it could all be fake. Although, he eventually climaxes and she plays with the cum for a bit. In summation, this scene consisted only of a hand job and kissing.

The perspective then switches back to the aliens in space. The female returns to Earth to take over Yoko’s body and then grows to giant size once more. She laser eye beams some buildings, as one does, and in general she negatively affects property values. The stage is set for Earthman and the Gramarian to engage in fisticuffs once again. Only this time, the Gramarian will wear the face of his lover! (Dun dun DUUNNNN!)

They spar for a bit, using combat as foreplay. The Gramarian eventually subdues Earthman by sitting on his face. (NOTE: No, I did not make that up.)

If a man has to die defending his planet then there are worse ways to go.

While sitting on his face, the Gramarian massages Earthman’s cock. Which, to be honest, is not a sentence that I thought I would ever write. She frees his penis from the latex outfit and performs oral sex. That carries on for a while, then she mounts him in the reverse cowgirl position. The two then cycle through a variety of positions. (Like every position known to man)

Just some office mates practicing wrestling holds I guess 😉 (NOTE: This screenshot was taken from an official set of preview images from the production company.)

Eventually, Earthman climaxes. Afterward, there’s an abrupt jump cut and we next see Earthman, played by a different, fatter actor, being restrained while the female Gamarian has removed most of her clothing, off camera. She gives him a hand job while his arms are held back. I feel bad for the alien having to hold Earthman as that thug is not getting much pleasure out of all this.

If I had a dime for every time this happened to me… Well, I’d have no money, but maybe I just live in the wrong prefecture and this is happening all the time everywhere else.

Overall, the bulk of the runtime consisted of giants having sex in an urban setting. However, the growth scenes were exceedingly brief, one flash of light basically, and there was no clothing destruction during the transformations. It was not until the last six minutes that Asahi went topless. Additionally, censorship practices mean that viewers never saw a penis or a vagina; so, that may deter some potential consumers. Although, if you like watching costumed people fuck in the middle of a model city then you will enjoy this.

That noted, there are complications. First off, this is expensive. The cost to watch this can range anywhere from 3,300 Yen (¥) (about $31.76 in U.S. dollars) to view it online to between¥4,939 ($47.53) and ¥6,373 ($61.34) for a DVD copy. Furthermore, people may not be able to buy this without a Japanese credit card or Japanese banking account. However, some sites, such as Amazon Japan, do allow foreign credit cards. For instance, Amazon Japan can bill American cards in dollars so the buyer does not get charged an international transaction fee.

Difficulties also arise because the dialogue is only in Japanese and there are no subtitles, not even Japanese language subtitles. Lastly, the DVD is region-encoded, so a region-free disc drive or region 2 player is required. Bottom line, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this due to the many complications, but giantess fans looking for something different may want to check it out. However, they should be prepared to put in some work.

That’s it for today. Thursday’s article will cover a Giantess Fan comic. Until then, keep growing!

Apparently, the original recommended retail price was ¥10,000 or about $96.24.

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