The Hard Work & Cost of Moving; Plus, The Seven Deadly Sins 七つの大罪!

Good morning everyone,

The next few posts may be shorter than average. June will be a chaotic month as we must attend to the endless number of details involved with moving from our current home to one across town. Truly, this is death by a thousand paper cuts! To list just one of the complications, my wife asked the electric utility to shut off power on the same day that our household goods will be removed. That sounds like a reasonable course of action, right? The utility scheduled the switch to occur at midnight on moving day. Unfortunately, after setting this up the thought then occurred to us: “How will we vacuum the upstairs carpets without electricity?” The floors will definitely require cleaning. We have to ensure that this place is neat and tidy before returning the keys to the landlord. Accordingly, the original plan was to come back and clean up. Now, it appears that we have a problem.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and the electricity won’t actually be turned off, but instead will become the owner’s responsibility? Or maybe the power will be cut off completely and we’ll have to stay behind after the movers have left to vacuum before everything goes dark? We intended to begin unpacking things. However, we may have to accelerate our cleaning plans instead. Time will tell.

Furthermore, the total bill will be steep. The new place requires a month’s rent in advance plus a pet deposit and that’s not to mention the housing agent’s fee, equal to another month’s rent! Additionally, we hired a company to transport our furniture. That way we won’t have to struggle with carrying beds, dressers, shelves, etc. down the narrow stairway. (I’m a lover and a writer; not a manual laborer or doer of actual hard work! 😉 ) Those movers will be costly, but we will reduce the expense as much as possible by packing all but the largest items ourselves.

^ Under “Contents” the above box lists “Giantess Manga” 😎

All that was to make the point that June will be a busy and stressful month. Thus, I ask for understanding and prayers or well wishes for a smooth move. This will be a positive change. The new home will be much closer to our friends and within walking distance of a train station. That will come in handy once Japan gets a handle on the pandemic and we can resume traveling around the country. For example, we hope to someday visit Super Nintendo World, which opened earlier this year, at Universal Studios in Osaka. Closer to home, my wife and I are excited to explore the neighborhood and discover what restaurants and shops can be found on the nearby streets.

While the regular routine here at There She Grows HQ has been upended, I do not want to completely neglect the blog. Therefore, I will strive to maintain the normal schedule of at least two posts per week. (NOTE: Of course, that’s contingent on how smoothly this goes and whether or not Internet access is promptly established after the transition.)

Therefore, I have momentarily set aside for the briefest of moments the never-ending task of packing everything but the kitchen sink in order to tell folks about a fun bit of size changing in the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins” 七つの大罪! Before we begin, it’s important to note that most of this franchise includes giant woman content. At least that holds true for every anime episode since the third entry in the first season, “The Sin in the Sleeping Forest,” during which the giantess Diane joined the cast.

^ As is typical, this began as a manga. It was first created by Nakaba Suzuki 鈴木央.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s important to take a step back and outline the premise. Namely, that young princess Elizabeth sought help to free the Liones Kingdom from the (so-called) Holy Knights who had earlier staged a coup. She finds Meliodas, the former leader of several super-powered beings dubbed the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas is also the bearer of the Sin of Wrath. From that point on, Elizabeth and Meliodas seek out the rest of his companions, including Diane the bearer of the Sin of Envy, to band together once more and retake Elizabeth’s kingdom.

Along the way, during Episode 10, Diane and Elizabeth sought cooking ingredients in the woods.

This search culminates in Elizabeth discovering a bunch of mushrooms, including one unusually tall and animated specimen.

Alas, the mushroom does not appreciate it when Diane bonks that extra-large sprout on the noggin. In response, the aggrieved fungus spews forth a cloud of smoke which downsizes our two heroines! Diane goes from giantess to normal and Elizabeth from normal to tiny.

At this point it’s important to note that Diane is attracted to Meliodas and jealous that Elizabeth could have a romantic relationship with him. Diane believes that such intimacy between herself and Meliodas would be impossible due to their starkly contrasting heights. (NOTE: That doesn’t sound like an insurmountable problem to me, after all what’s a fifty-foot difference between lovers? But perhaps she lacks imagination 😉 ) Accordingly, after being transformed, Diane comes on a bit strong. She suggests to Meliodas that they can be together now and make babies! One might think that she should “slow her roll,” but then this anime is not subtle about romance and love triangles. (NOTE: Diane pines for Meliodas, but fellow team member King is in love with Diane.)

^ By the way, Diane possess impressive fighting prowess at all sizes!

While the two ladies were otherwise occupied in the forest, the rest of the team was engaging in a local competition called the Vaizel Fighting Festival. Diane was not allowed to enter the town due to her excessive size. However, after the fungal reduction, Diane enters the fighting competition and kicks some serious ass! (To put it scientifically 😎 )

I can’t give away too much detail, but will note that the two lovely ladies returned to their typical dimensions in Episode 12. Additionally, it is my sad duty to report that the manner by which this restoration was done was lackluster. We get to see Elizabeth return to normal in a hurried fashion. Worse still, Diane’s return to statuesque measurements was done completely off camera. Truly, a missed opportunity to be sure. (NOTE: No complaints though about Diane’s earlier decision to tuck Elizabeth between her ample breasts. No siree bob, no problem here!)

These three episodes were fun, despite the missing transformation sequences. I highly recommend them and The Seven Deadly Sins anime as a whole. Start at the beginning with the expectation that you’ll get some fan service in episodes 10 through 12.

That’s it for now. I can’t postpone packing any longer. Until next time, keep growing!

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