Gigantic Heroine Flare Lady – 巨大ヒロインフレアレディ

Good morning gigantic heroine fans,

Today we’re looking at another Japanese giantess film. Let’s explore Gigantic Heroine Flare Lady – 巨大ヒロインフレアレディ

Long-time readers may have already guessed that there will be certain similarities between this and numerous other adult-oriented Ultraman parodies (maybe they should be classified as loving homages?) made in Japan. Those other homages include, but certainly aren’t limited to, Evil Gigantic Female Alien Glamouria, Gigantic Heroine HyperMommy Σ, and Mighty Lady “New Episode.”

Ultraman had a significant influence on Japanese popular culture, and thus it’s not surprising that Ultraman themes would pop up in Japanese porn. Themes like regular-sized humans growing huge to fight kaiju’s attacking their city, heroes wearing bright, colorful shiny suits with Color Timers, characters shooting energy breams which resemble the Ultra Beam, etc. Those tropes appear in Flare Lady as well.

Flare Lady has a one-hour runtime, plus a 25-minute “Making Of” segment. It was first released on February 23rd, 2018, by ZEN Pictures. Sosuke Higashimura 東村宗介 was the director and Yuko Ikeda 池田裕子 played the protagonist Flare Lady.

^ All the specifications for the DVD on Amazon Japan.

The narrative begins with an enormous humanoid frog monster attacking a city. Although, maybe “attack” was the wrong verb. The amphibious kaiju makes a lot of noise and shuffles around, but to be honest he doesn’t destroy any buildings, harm pedestrians, kill innocents, etc.

Alas, not a single “Kero!” けろ was uttered by her assailant. (NOTE: “Kero” is the equivalent of “ribbit.”) Also, take notice of her energy attack which suspiciously looks like a Ultra Bream!

So, maybe Froggy (not his real name) was only guilty of disturbing the peace when decent folks were trying to sleep. But fear not light sleepers. Flare Lady quickly grows gigantic and gives Froggy a decisive beat down, just in time for the title card! (NOTE: The transformation sequence from normal-size person to gigantic was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair. It was not a proper growth scene by any stretch of the imagination.)

Not long after, a second kaiju appears called Skuras スキュラス! (SIDE NOTE: There is more than one way to transliterate スキュラス Hit me up in the comments if you know the official English version.) The new kaiju is tougher than the last and shrugs off Flare Lady’s attacks.

“Fear me, for I have a claw hand! Oh and call me Skuras or Skyras or Sukyurasu, whichever really. I’m flexible.”

This protracted battle results in her losing power and returning to normal size. Then there was an extended, and frankly boring, torture sequence.

If the idea of watching this actress pretend to be chocked and shocked is appealing then this is the film for you!

To be clear, the torture was entirely bloodless and consisted only of the woman moaning in pain without physical signs of injury. There were no bruises nor cuts, and absolutely zero spilled guts. Still, this scene went on for way too long in my humble opinion.

Eventually, viewers are introduced to a pair of evil blue-haired Siren aliens in league with Skuras. One of them mind controls Flare Lady’s co-workers and we get a human-sized battle between Flare Lady and her stupefied friends. It’s not my intent to give spoilers; so, I’ll refrain from discussing the ending. Suffice to say, more giant-sized battles were had, but the model city must be expensive as nary a building was scratched! 😉

Overall, it’s my sad duty to report that Gigantic Heroine Flare Lady – 巨大ヒロインフレアレディ was much too dull. Camera angles were static and mundane. There was no nudity or sex. Nothing changed to the status quo, etc. Those points made, if the idea of a blue-haired alien choking, electrocuting, and otherwise treating another woman poorly sounds good then check this out. Just take into account a few points. This only has Japanese audio without subtitles (not even Japanese captions!), you’ll need either a Japanese region DVD player or a region-less player, and a Japanese credit card may be required to rent or purchase a digital version.

That’s it for today folks. The next review will cover Redfired0g’s “Kaylee,” and was first suggested by Eom. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Gigantic Heroine Flare Lady – 巨大ヒロインフレアレディ

  1. I wish America had this level of giantess content.

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  2. It’s not every day you hear about a “frankly boring” torture sequence. That’s something special.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You can only watch a villain pretend to shock the hero for so long before the mind wanders.
      “Did I unload the dishwasher?”
      “Is it time to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer?” 😉

      That said, for some that scene is probably the only reason they want to watch the movie!

      Liked by 2 people

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