Requested Review: 巨大女1 “Giant Woman 1” by Gallop

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Welcome back to There She Grows! Today’s review was requested by Robopengy on the Process Forum, last November. This post will examine 巨大女1 “Giant Woman 1” a 54-minute long film released by Gallop and starring 中野 千夏 Chinatsu Nakano.

By the way, not sure if this was intentional, but Robopengy previously requested a review in November 2021. (NOTE: The first request was for Skysurfer Strike Force episode “Titan of Terror.”) Does Robopengy have a sticky note on the calendar saying ask for a review every November? Inquiring minds need to know!

For my part, I’m happy to oblige! Low-budget Japanese productions don’t often get discussed overseas. Some of that is understandable due to the lack of foreign language dubbing or subtitles. I’ve complained before about the lack of subtitles in Japanese cinema. English subtitles would make this work more appealing to international audiences. In modern times English serves as a universal language, the world’s lingua franca. Thus, size fans in different countries across the globe, such as Germany or Mexico or Indonesia, are more likely to understand English than Japanese. Accordingly, if this had English subtitles then it would be more attractive to worldwide audiences.

In fact there are zero subtitles, not even Japanese ones. What are deaf customers supposed to do? I guess they don’t need to buy this, because they won’t be able to fully understand the plot. There may not be many people in Japan who are both deaf and fans of giantess. However, Japanese subtitles would also benefit expatriates like myself who find it easier to understand written Japanese than the spoken form.

A counter-argument could be “Just get better at Japanese Solo!” Fair enough, I’m trying to “get gooder” as the kids say. Yet, that will do nothing to help hearing-impaired viewers. Bottom line, it would have been easy to create subtitles for Giant Woman 1, especially because there wasn’t much dialogue, and the benefits, such as more accessibility, would have been well-worth the effort.

That point made, let’s briefly discuss the lead performer Chinatsu Nakano. She performed in numerous adult films from 2002 until 2005. Chinatsu’s entry on Japanese language Wikipedia includes a partial filmography, click here for that, but it doesn’t list Giant Woman 1. Conversely, an adult-oriented site, sells many movies starring Chinatsu Nakano, including Giant Woman 1.

Screenshot taken from

Chinatsu was born on December 20th, 1981, in Tokyo. Her blood is type B which, according to “Motto Japan Media,” means that she has an outgoing personality. (SIDE NOTE: Click here for Motto Japan’s article on blood type personalities in Japan.)

For those who are curious, her bra size is listed as a G-cup.

Giant Woman 1 starts the action right away. It begins with two co-workers bullying our protagonist, and then our protagonist starts to grow at the one-minute mark. How she was able to transform was unknown. Additionally, while the bullying kicked the plot into motion it was quickly forgotten. Presumably, the process of enlarging her body to skyscraper dimensions while indoors resulted in the death of that pair of bullies (and anyone else unfortunate enough to work there) and the tyrannical duo were never seen again. So, it’s not like defeating them was a big deal. They were dealt with quickly.

The “Making of” segment, included on the DVD, shows how the production crew placed two balloons connected to air hoses under her clothes. Balloons were placed under her shirt to give the appearance of breast expansion and overall growth. Regrettably, there was no clothing destruction. She was clothed initially and then unclothed the very next moment.

At the minute and a half mark, Chinatsu is already a giantess! Sound effects were decent with bystanders screaming during the first appearance of mega-sized Chinatsu. She had to brush off concrete dust from her breasts and viewers hear airplanes and birds, all of which added to the realism. The model city set was detailed and incorporated business signs, painted street markings, utility poles and power lines, etc. The miniature cars and motorcycles were also nice additions.

Gotta appreciate Chinatsu using the middle lane when she walked straight through an intersection. Props for leaving the turn lanes open!

There was some violence, strictly speaking. For example, she steps on one person and repeatedly crushes another with her butt. Nonetheless, there was no blood or guts, and the violence was depicted in a non-serious, cartoon-like manner. For example, early on she momentarily lost her balance and inadvertently stomped on a man. Afterward, his flattened body blew away like a piece of paper. It was intentional when she butt-stomped the second victim, but nonetheless there was no gory aftermath.

Here’s hoping the building was empty o_O

The bulk of the runtime was spent with the nude Chinatsu wandering around the model city. (NOTE: She was nude, but shown with blurred genitalia in accordance with censorship laws.) What should have been a heavily populated urban setting was unexpectedly quiet and empty. There were breaking news reports which undoubtedly caused inhabitants to evacuate, but apparently that process was very quick and efficient! Preferably, there would have been scenes showing crowds of people in a mad rush to escape, but instead there were scenes showing her walking around aimlessly through barren roadways.

The director did include a nice variety of sequences such as one in which Chinatsu looked through a window and another in which she held a man in her palm. Furthermore, there was a delightful masturbation scene about halfway through. The crew also created several miniature props, such as a tiny cellphone which Chinatsu used to call her boyfriend. Alas, the boyfriend was apparently too busy to help with her orgasm and thus was not present during the self-pleasuring bit.

He looks rather nonchalant. Sure, a gigantic girlfriend was a big surprise, but have you tried CoCo Ichibanya’s Level 10 curry? That sauce is spicy! ^^’

Overall, Giant Woman 1 is recommended, but with a warning that it’s only available with Japanese audio. Furthermore, it was made in the early 2000s and therefore is only available (to the best of my knowledge) in low-resolution, 640 x 480 pixels.

The plan is to examine more modern Japanese cinema, preferably motion pictures released in 2022 or 2023, later this year. Contemporary Japanese movies will be available in higher resolutions and, if we’re lucky, may have subtitles. Until then, that’s it for now. Keep growing folks!

Gallop made several more giantess films. That includes, but isn’t limited to, 巨大女02 “Giantess Woman 02.” Giantess Woman 02 stars 黒木あみ Ami Kuroki as a woman whose breasts are expanding and overfilling her cashmere sweater. Busty growing lady in a sweater? Sign me up!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

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