Yui-chan’s Lover – ゆいちゃんの恋人

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Welcome back to There She Grows! This review will examine Yui-chan’s Lover – ゆいちゃんの恋人. (FULL TITLE: ゆいちゃんの恋人 ある日突然、身長10cmに小さくなったボクと巨大な彼女yeah that’s a mouthful!)

(SIDE NOTE: It’s a mystery why blue jeans were chosen as the background for the DVD main menu, shown above. The two leads didn’t wear jeans. Maybe the graphic designer had a thing for Levi’s.)

Yui Matsuno starred in a number of adult films from 2005 until 2009. According to the biography at Fuzoku Move, she was born on November 1st, 1985, and is 165 cm (about 5 feet 5 inches) tall. Based on that reported birthday, she was 21-years old when this was made.

Yui-chan’s Lover is a 104-minute long film produced by Soft On Demand (SOD) and starring Yui Matsuno 松野ゆい. (SIDE NOTE: Click here for Wikipedia’s Japanese language entry on Yui Matsuno which includes a filmography.) Yui-chan’s Lover was first released in early June 2007 and preceded the similarly-themed Kaho-chan’s Lover by a few months. (NOTE: Click here for the review of Kaho-chan’s Lover.)

This screenshot (taken from FANZA dmm.co.jp) shows several adult films featuring Yui Matsuno. Yui-chan’s Lover is highlighted in red at the top left. Of interest, the film to its immediate right does feature Yui and another lovely lady in jeans.

The film begins and introduces us to Yui, the female lead, and Minami, the male lead and her admirer. Minami is ready to confess his love (Kokuhaku) for Yui-chan, but before he gets the chance he is hit by an out-of-control car. The sudden accident instantly causes Minami to shrink! (Somehow) No process of shrinking or transition from regular-size to small was depicted. Instead, we see an oncoming car for a brief second and then a reduced Minami a moment later. Not only does his body reduce in size, but so do his clothes. (It’s complicated.) Furthermore, the declaration of love he wrote also becomes tiny. (Did I mention it’s complicated?)

Now that Japan has re-opened for tourism one worries if a certain demographic of fans will travel here and toss themselves in front of speeding vehicles 😉 Don’t do that!

Let it be known right off the bat that this production was aimed squarely at shrunken man (SM) fans. Minami was shrunken right before the two-minute mark; so, little time was wasted before the fun started. From that point on there was a laser-sharp focus on interactions between the tiny Minami and the comparatively huge Yui. He watches her pee, explores her mouth, crawls under her top, wiggles into her panties, masturbates at the sight of her exposed panties, etc. They have sex in a variety of positions and configurations. This full-length feature went all-in for SM fans, including those who enjoy soft vore. Soft vore in the sense that he explores her mouth and even goes inside, but is never hurt.

The word of the day is “moist.”
Just another day in Japan 🙂

No effort was made to attract a broader audience or keep the interest of anyone who wasn’t already into the fetish. There’s no conflict to resolve or drama to overcome. Minami suffers no ill consequences from being shrunk. There were no antagonists to fight or convince them of the errors of their ways. Rather, this was over a hour and half of feel-good SM porn. Feel-good in the sense that a young man wins the affection of a young lady and then they have crazy sex, so everybody wins!

The chroma-key special effects (SFX) were pretty good. At one point, Yui-chan’s finger appears to pass through Minami’s head without touching him, but for the most part it was fine.

Standing on someone’s face is hard to simulate with green screen. The performer looks like he is standing on a flat surface, not the steep upward slope of a person’s face.

As far as practical SFX, multiple physical props were used, such as an action figure or doll representing Minami in some shots, plus a giant cotton swab.

Maybe they could have green-screened some real feet into this shot instead of using the inanimate action figure?
Hope they got a clean cotton swab before making Kaho-chan’s Lover.

The multiple SFX shots were good. However, the best part of this entire production was Yui’s performance. Yui’s lovely smile stole the show! She played the part of a lady in charge of her sexuality who was more than willing to make the best out of a highly unusual situation. She enjoyed herself and had fun taking advantage of her diminutive paramour. That included securing him to a small board using rubber bands. (As one does… 😉 )

Regarding the negatives, the most immediate drawback will be a language barrier for non-Japanese speakers. The only available audio was Japanese and there were no subtitles in any language, not even Japanese itself. Additionally, in a comment below, Olo raised the issue of consent which is another important consideration. Minami didn’t ask for permission before he crawled around Yui’s body. Nor did Yui ask before she strapped Minami to a board. Perhaps the director thought that their mutual transgressions cancelled each other out, but unambiguous consent would have been better. Lastly, the male lead Minami, played by an actor credited only as Sanga, was merely okay. Serviceable, but not memorable.

Overall though, the positives far outweighed the negatives. The creators crammed a metric ton of tiny person content into 104 minutes. Therefore, Yui-chan’s Lover is strongly recommended and should be included in the library of every SM fan.

That said, buying a copy is difficult outside Japan. (NOTE: Click here for the FANZA page where I bought a DVD copy. There are also digital download and streaming options. Unfortunately, the page is only in Japanese.) Please SOD, slap some subtitles on this and make it available for overseas buyers. As is, it’s unsurprising if foreigners turn to piracy instead.

By the way, Japan is the only country, to the very best of my knowledge, making full-length porno’s dedicated to size fetish. I was unable to think of any non-Japanese full-length pornographic feature dedicated to the SM fetish. If anyone can think of an example please comment below!

Given that Japan is currently leading the world, we here at There She Grows will now take this opportunity to call out America’s Digital Playground and Canada’s Brazzers. It’s time for your studios to step up to the plate and make your own full-length giant/giantess/tiny people porno! Maybe Debbie Does Giantess? Axel Braun and Extreme Comixxx have made superhero porn parodies. Why not an Attack of the 50-Ft. Woman porn parody?

That’s it for now folks. The next review will discuss a requested clip called “Orgasmic Growth.” Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

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4 thoughts on “Yui-chan’s Lover – ゆいちゃんの恋人

  1. I love this film, but it does have to be noted that Minami’s unaware exploration of Yui’s sleeping body is clearly nonconsensual. I also suspect that he didn’t confess to doing it after he has revealed himself to Yui. I’m sure the producers assumed that the subsequent feel-good sexytimes (including some rather unilateral manhandling by Yui) cancels out Minami’s transgression. It doesn’t bother me at all, but it might bother other viewers.

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    1. Thanks for bringing that up. I updated the review to include the issue of non-consensual interactions.

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  2. This is the other legend! Because I downloaded these in chunks, from torrent sites, I had a very difficult time telling if these were two (or multiple) movies, or if it was just one in which a ton of unrelated stuff happened. Either explanation seemed plausible.

    Whatever its technical shortcomings, like some of the shots could’ve been staged better, it still took some strong advances and brave chances in portraying its content. I recognize my desire probably caused me to be overly forgiving of its production, or I discovered it at a time when I was emotionally vulnerable, but it had shown things I’d never seen before, anywhere. This is one of the few movies that can make my heart race simply with a screen still.

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    1. It would be cheap for SOD to add English subtitles. They could do that, post it somewhere accessible to foreign customers, like Clips4Sales, then sit back and rake in the dough! I would gladly have bought this for $10 if I was in the States. As is, it’s no wonder overseas fans resort to BitTorrent.

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