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There She Grows is intended for adults only and includes pictures, stories, videos, and other media that some viewers may find offensive. This was created by me, Solomon G, to convey a heartfelt appreciation for works in the field of erotica. If you are under the age of 18, if this subject matter offends you, or if it is illegal to view such content in your community then please exit this site.

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There She Grows is dedicated to analyzing, championing, and discussing size fetish media. That’s to say, this blog is dedicated to stories of people engaging in unusual sexual scenarios. What’s that you might be asking? Are you trying to confirm that there really are people who find impossible differences in sizes, giants and tiny people, to be erotically stimulating? Yes, it’s true! At this very moment size fetish fans can be found in academia, serving in the military, waiting tables, working as taxi cab drivers, etc. Now, you may be at this very moment clutching your pearls and screaming towards the heavens, “Won’t somebody please think of the children!?” If so, let me assure you that there is no cause for concern and furthermore let’s recall that this blog is intended for adults, not children.

Moreover, size stories, like all fictional works, can serve as a medium to discuss real world issues. There’s more to being an adult than having the ability to enjoy frank depictions of intimate acts. Thus, posts will also mention politics. To quote the title of Gore Vidal’s essay “Sex Is Politics.” (NOTE: That appeared in the January 1979 issue of Playboy. This is not a new concept.) To assume that politics does not affect erotica and pornography is hopelessly naive and such an approach will most assuredly not be practiced at There She Grows. The primary intent is to review size-fetish works and to promote my own stories. However, writings may also describe current events, life here in Japan, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Films have been reviewed for decades with arguably the two best known personalities being the late Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. The duo created the television show “Opening Soon at a Theater Near You,” later called “Sneak Previews,” on America’s Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1975 and created “At the Movies” in 1982 after they left PBS. Since then, the number of movie reviewers has greatly expanded. Now, there are a great many film critics and even sites, such as Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, that aggregate (for better and for worse) their scores.

Furthermore, diverse media such as comic books, TV series, video games, etc. are now routinely critiqued and reviewed. Similarly, but less competently in my opinion, pornographic sites are covered by places like “Porn Inspector,” “Rabbit’s Reviews,” and “The Best Porn.” However, those provide scant coverage of macrophilia. For instance, as of early November 2019, none of the three aforementioned sites have reviewed “Giantess Fan,” even though Giantess Fan has been producing unique content since the end of 2011. (NOTE: Rabbit’s Reviews and The Best Porn did cover Giantess Club.) There was an unmet need for comprehensive reviews of size-changing erotica, and thus There She Grows was born!

The reviews are not meant to replace the original works. Links to illegal file-sharing sites will not be provided. Reviews are a means to provide commentary, criticism, and parody. However, art is subjective, and not everyone will agree with the given perspective. Nonetheless, the intent is to help customers make an educated decision before they purchase, to highlight deserving creators, and to look back at older works and describe their impact.

If you have feedback or would like to suggest specific materials for review, send an e-mail to solomong_author@outlook.com. Also, follow Solomon G on Twitter for the latest updates. If you enjoy this site and wish to support it, please consider purchasing stories via Amazon or E-junkie. You can also make a donation below. If you can’t afford to provide financial assistance, but want to help out then please tell others about this site. Lastly, and most importantly, thank you for checking out this blog!

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