This page serves as a repository for all interviews. I built this as a one-stop shop where fans can learn more about size-fetish creators. Of course, it will be regularly updated to include new interviews.


Aborigen, Size Riot contest organizer & prolific size fantasy writer

Alex-GTS-Artist, the 3-D artist behind “Jessica & Michael”

Alyssa the Comic Book Babe, an extraordinary audio performer


Clovis, an author of unique transformation stories


Demora Avarice, a Lovely Expansion Actress


J. M. Wilde, writer of tales involving both growing and shrinking lovers

Joyce Julep, a talented writer seeking giantess bliss


Ready Art, creator of the long-running “Growth Lab” series

Rob Classact, creator of #OrdinaryGirls


Sihagen, an artist of ‘wholesome smut’

Super-Ego, the Co-Creator of “Skinwalkers” and “Bronze Skin Inc”

Syrus Durham (a.k.a. Scidram), Author of Stories That Happen to Involve Shrinking


Taedis, an author with an offbeat imagination

Trent Harlow, the “muscle guy” in the 3-D super-heroine art community


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