Please take a moment and learn a little a bit about one of your favorite creators or discover new ones!


Aborigen, Size Riot contest organizer & prolific size fantasy writer

Alex-GTS-Artist, the 3-D artist behind “Jessica & Michael”

Alyssa the Comic Book Babe, an extraordinary audio performer

Amber Collins, Author of More Than 300 Size-related Erotic Stories!

AZmaybe9, a 3-D Artist Focused on Giantess Growth Videos


BatDas12, Writer behind Giantess Fan’s “Teacher’s Pet,” “The Curse of Saletine,” and “Unstoppable Hunger

bmtbguy, the Creator of “Cheap Tricks” and “Domina’s Valley”

Braden-GTS: An Honest, Hardworking Renderer of Giant Ladies

BustArtist, a Breast Expansion Artist active since the 1990s!

Martin Butre, a.k.a. butre3004, a CGI Artist Focusing on Giantesses


CaddyIsRaddy, a CGI Artist with Broad Interests

Capp, an Artist Producing Giantess Content before the Internet Age!

Chibichan, Founder of and Creator of the FantaSize Universe

Chuck Murnoe, A Size-Fetish Artist, Writer, and Creator of Chiki Vulpin

Chuck Murnoe, artista y escritor de fetiches de tamaños y creador de Chiki Vulpin

Clovis, an author of unique transformation stories


Dan Standing, Writer of Transformation-themed Comics and Prose, Founder of Transformeum, Co-host Modern Metamorphoses Podcast

Deirdre “DiDi” Star, a Trans-Giantess Babe and Macrophile Smut Writer

Demora Avarice, a Lovely Expansion Actress

Dinner-Kun, a Prolific CGI Artist Creating 3-D Growth Comics

Docop, a CGI and Collage Size Artist

DragoonGTS, a CGI Artist Fond of Growing Women

DreamTales, Writer and Producer of Giantess and Shrinking comics


EndlessRain0110, an Artist Converting Coffee into 3-D Renders since 2016

Escape from Expansion, a Prolific Artist Specializing in Breast Expansion and Inflation


F-Kid, Author of “A Few Feet, Bigger” and “Sorority Problems”


GameSquid, a SFW Digital and Pixel Giant Girl Artist

Gearrain, NSFW GTS/GT Artist & Author

Giant Emmet a.k.a. HthereBeGt, Skilled Writer Focused on Giant Men & Women!

An Interview and a Conversation with Giantess Tina

Goro Brava, Owner of Destruction Damsels, a Studio Focused on Clothing Destruction

GrowCloneGrow, a 3-D Artist Making Expansion, Growth, and Macrophilia Animations

GSFcreator, a Prolific Size-Fetish Artist and Filmmaker

GTSCasey, a New 3-D Artist Making Giantess Animations with SFM


HaraFung, a 3-D Artist Focused on Mini- to Mega-Giantesses

Henrique Sefra, a XXX Artist focused on Ultra-Busty Women


J. M. Wilde, writer of tales involving both growing and shrinking lovers

James Stilton – Artist, Author, and Owner of Amazonias, a Site for Female Muscle Comics

Jitensha, Comic Artist and Founder of SizeCon

Joyce Julep, a talented writer seeking giantess bliss

Just Add Water, a Man Focused on the Beneficial Properties of H2O!


Lingster, the Creative Force Behind “Growth Comics”


Maxgrowth Productions, Creator of Videos Admiring the More Substantial Female Physique

Meyeel Sizechanger – Fetish Photo Collage Artist and Writer

Miss Kaneda, Crush Enthusiast and Erotica Author



Newschool2626, Editor and Writer for Interweb Comics

Njord, a writer of size-fetish fiction of many genres


Olo, a fitful writer of size-fantasy fiction since 2013

OpenHighHat, a Writer & Artist Specializing in Giantess and Shrunken Men Stories


Pete Smith, Giantess City Webmaster

pseudoclever, Author and Collage Artist focusing on Giantesses and Shrunken Women


Ready Art, creator of the long-running “Growth Lab” series

Reducer, a Writer of Gentle Tales involving Shrunken Women

ReverseOthello a.k.a. Kyojingirls, a Talented SFW Collage Artist

Rob Classact, creator of #OrdinaryGirls

Rserg2, a CGI Artist Creating 3D Comics Showcasing Changing Human Heights


Sexplore, Writer behind Giantess Fan’s “A Goddess of Law

SGAnimator, a Prolific Size-Fetish Writer and Collaborator

Sihagen, an artist of ‘wholesome smut’

SorenZer0, a CGI Artist and Writer Focusing on Giantesses & Shrunken People

Super-Ego, the Co-Creator of “Skinwalkers” and “Bronze Skin Inc”

Syrus Durham (a.k.a. Scidram), Author of Stories That Happen to Involve Shrinking


Taedis, an author with an offbeat imagination

Trent Harlow, the “muscle guy” in the 3-D super-heroine art community


Wits Aimwell – A Lawful Good Size Tweeter and Writer


xCuervos, Expansion enthusiast & author at BotComics

All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I just recently happened upon your site, Solomon G.. Bravo!

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