Interview with AyylaGTS – CGI Artist and Creator of “Growing Bigger With Ayyla”

Ayyla is a CGI artist who produces the free webcomic “Growing Bigger with Ayyla.” This comic, rendered using DAZ Studio, was started in March 2020 and receives updates at 8AM eastern standard time (EST) every weekday. It’s focused on the titular Ayyla who started out at an average height of five foot four inches, but slowly has grown by varying amounts per month ever since. As of this writing, Ayyla is well over nine feet tall! As she continues to grow, Ayyla begins a relationship with her girlfriend Beatrice, graduates college, and finds work. Fans can follow Ayyla on DeviantArt, Discord, Instagram, and Twitter as well as support the artist via Patreon.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Certainly. A long time consumer of giantess content, I’m an English Major and live on the East coast of the United States. My day job deals with an organization that buys various services. It was thanks to this job that I built a gaming PC in December 2019 and started trying out programs shortly after, wanting to contribute to the GTS community. The early part of the pandemic (March 2020 to June 2020) did not spur the beginning of my webcomic but provided enough time for long term planning and setup.

#2) How did you first become interested in giantesses?

Various run-ins with giantess content during formative years instilled an interest in the trope. After seeing it a number of times in cartoons, movies and commercials I began searching out more of the content and the rest is history. Breast Expansion was actually the entry-level content before I realized that ALL of a character growing is great as well as connecting the dots in regards to those formative encounters.

#3) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Long-form content has always been my go-to. Growth Diary by AlexGTSArtist and Cheap Tricks by Bmtbguy were regular series that I checked up on and still do. Gentler stuff really, smaller ‘mini-giantess’ sizes are much easier to envision and reason, allowing a more nitpicky mind to focus on important details without imagining how a 500ft giantess would feed herself.

#4) Can you provide some background on “Growing Bigger with Ayyla”? Who are the main players, what it’s about, when and where does it take place, etc?

Sure thing. The story stems from a desire I’d accrued over the years I wasn’t creating content to see more of a webcomic with multiple characters, arcs, development and realism. (As close to realism as you can get with something like growth as a focus).

Ayyla is the main character, a down to earth gal that I initially based off myself. This allowed for a unique ability to answer questions in her voice if asked by fans, to give her aspirations, to flesh her out as more than just her condition.

Similarly, a more brash character that I wanted to voice is Hayley. While she was always planned to be another main character, making the webcomic is a commitment and it took a while to bring her regular updates and interactions with the supporting characters. Now we see a slice-of-life and intermingling of various faces like Daisy; Ayyla’s younger sister. Claryssa who is now Hayley’s roommate and Beatrice, Ayyla’s longtime friend turned lover.

The setting is a bit generic location wise, though we do see reoccurring and new sets very regularly. Time wise, I wanted to keep track of a years-long story without getting bogged down in real time comparisons. Pushing into the future is the safest bet!

#5) Without spoiling anything important, can you provide teasers for Ayyla’s future adventures? Are there any other upcoming projects that you’d like to mention?

For a long time I’ve struggled with the technical aspects of making clothes ‘ill-fitting’. The tools that come with DAZ by default made it hard to show Ayyla in clothes at a later date, now fitting ‘worse’, but I’ve finally secured funding to purchase better tools, like Zbrush. In the future, far more special effects and reoccurring wardrobes will be featured, a trope I enjoy greatly. Some other arcs with characters like Hayley and Daisy will be developed as well!

As for other works, an ongoing short story I’m slowly creating is ‘Trio Trouble’. It’s poll-driven popularity contest that I’m having a ton of fun with.

Thanks a lot for the interview!

Thank you!

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