Solomon G’s Stories

This page serves as a one-stop shop for posts about my literary works. I write sexy stories with both men and women becoming giants and experiencing other amazing transformations. These explore intersections between macrophilia and other fetishes. Be advised, most of my stories feature explicit depictions of sex.

Free Stories

Brief growth sequence of Hayley in a car

GentleApril19 Results and my entry, “For Better, For Worse”

GiantJuly19: First Date results and my entry, “It Springs Eternal”

Stories for Sale

Bobatu’s Intervention

By the Rising Moonlight

Growing Giantesses on the Homefront (Eckert Book 1)

Hank Serves his Giant Wife (Eckert Book 2)

Jessie Helps Betty


You can find even more of my stories at the following links:


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