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This page serves as a one-stop shop for my literary works. I write erotica featuring a range of characters from super-powered vigilantes fighting evil doers (in “Bobatu’s Intervention”) to a young soldier looking forward to his return home (in “The Soldier and the Giantess”).

In these tales, characters become giant sized and experience other fantastic transformations. These explore the intersections between macrophilia and other fetishes. Be advised, most feature explicit depictions of sex.

Free Stories

Brief growth sequence of Hayley in a car

Guest Writers:

The Girls Behind the New ‘Chicago’ by Meredith Hubbard

Have Yourself A Merry KING-SIZE Christmas! by DiDi Star

The Tracks in the Woods by Njord

Solomon G’s Size Riot:

Size Riot’s GentleApril19: Results and my entry, “For Better, For Worse”

Size Riot’s GiantJuly19: First Date results and my entry, “It Springs Eternal”

Size Riot’s Cocktober19: Results and my entry, “The Article”

Size Riot’s CruelJan20: Results and my entry, “Bridget”

Size Riot’s GentleApril20: Results and my entry, “Heaven’s Light”

Size Riot’s HistoricalJuly20: Results and my entry, “The Great California Grow Rush”

The Final Size Riot, #MyHeavenOct20, and my entry, “The Spell”

Feedback for Size Riot entries:

For Better, For Worse: “Stakes were set high from the start, not only for Jim’s life but also his wife Cindy’s. I enjoyed the reversal on the monster-in-an-island trope, where in this case it’s a human giantess is that’s being targeted. Jim’s devotion and concern for his wife is very heart-warming, as was her response. Made me really root for both of them!

It Springs Eternal: “Ah that last line was absolute adorableness. That said, I appreciated the touch on all the little things that suddenly become so much harder when a person goes from normal size to gigantasize. Things like eye problems, bathing, etc. are all things that modern society has mostly helped solve or mitigate, but as soon as you magnify the scale it becomes difficult. My favorite bits were definitely them talking about his adjustment to his newest size. As for the “date” aspect I was pleasantly surprised to see that Renee was the one asking him out, though admittedly that seems to be indicative of his demeanor in general – still too cautious with his size to have hopes for a semblance of a normal life. This was fun, heartwarming and fantastic!

The Article: “Wasn’t sure where you were going at first with this, even more so when he was fired for promoting the behavior of the giants. The attitudes of this world were not ones I agreed with. However, at the end, when the writer is rewarded with a better job–one that supports all sorts of expressions of sexuality–I was overjoyed, and I saw your point. Excellent work.

Bridget: “A good opener that cuts to the chase: these are two giant women, with different expectations, which typically puts them at odds narratively. Conflict is the spice of storytelling. I appreciate the breaths after a cataclysmic event in narrative. The nature of most disasters or tragedies forces an introspective and quieter kind of story that this one reminds me of. I didn’t need much description to read their interaction, as it played out in a certain way in my mind’s eye. Of the two characters I have to say I enjoyed Monique’s character the most. It is very difficult to write righteousness without coming off as self-righteous and I’d say calm, mostly controlled statements indicated that. Cindy was very clearly trying to hurt her there, and I just read it as kind of desperate. If all she can think of to hurt Monique is how good her husband has it now, I wonder if she even considers that Monique is seeking help in other ways. Unless it’s all talk, and I don’t necessarily think it is, Monique has purpose, and the support/means to live a life maybe not even close to what she had before, but parallel to it. Some things I enjoyed, in nor order of preference or appearance: they have an established rapport by the time of the story, not just regarding their routine, but their personal lives too. You don’t share your spouses name with just anyone, especially not in such extraordinary circumstances as this. At first I was wondering if this was going to be a punishment style story once their roles became clear, but I’m glad to see that that’s not the case. Retributive justice is just asking for tragedy, especially in a circumstance as unique as this. It’s also a very sneaky tactic, forcing Cindy to bond with the only other being like her in the world, lest she end up being negatively affected by what is basically solitary confinement. In terms of cruelty it’s hard for me to say if this was truly cruel in the intended use of the word. If anything I’d say it’s cathartic. It’s presenting one character with the consequences of their actions, forcing them to confront it, and move on from it. If the goal was to punish Cindy, the torture of solitary would have been a lot more effective. This was a strongly written story, where the dialogue carried the scene.

Heaven’s Light: “Delightful story that makes good use of both rescue and the size theme. Excellent use of details and good pacing, considering how large of a span of time you covered with it. Fantastic work.

The Great California Grow Rush: “I loved how this story was erotic but only subtly! The real feeling of how you depicted the characters just struck a chord with me. I enjoyed the reactions of the regular sized people, and how the wife just sheepishly hushed anything that wasn’t important or needed to get done. Would love to read more of this regarding the husband and wife!! And other couples!! I think you did a FANTASTIC job of having the characters act and speak like their time period.

The Spell: “Damn that was HOT! Your descriptions of the growth are well-written, and the revenge plot is believable all around.

D_H_B Cover
Art by DragoonGTS.

Stories for Sale

Alaskan Girls vs the Ice Monkey

Bobatu’s Intervention

By the Rising Moonlight

Growing Up in the Grotto

Jessie Helps

Jessie Helps Betty

I Married a Succubus from Beaverton

The Feminine Form Unleashed!

What the Glacier Hid: Part 1

Amazon reviews:

Jessie Helps Betty: “I can really recommend this story to any growth lover! Well written and really worth the price, can’t wait for more.

The Hehant Saga

#1 – Dr. Hehant’s Breakthrough

#2 – The Soldier and the Giantess

#3 – Johnny Helps

Amazon reviews:

Johnny Helps: “I felt much more connected to the characters in this story. The character development was great for a short story. I enjoyed that the wife was a strong female. I look forward to reading more short stories by this author.


Doctor Hehant’s Growing Formula (an audio story)

Doctor Hehant’s Growing Formula – Part 2

Doctor Hehant’s Growing Formula – Part 3


You can find these stories at the following links:

SolomonG’s Stories on Amazon

SolomonG’s E-junkie Store

Censored Alyssa Comic Book Babe by Trent Harlow
Art by Trent Harlow.

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