Solomon G’s Stories

Art by Sihagen.

This page serves as a one-stop shop for my literary works. I write erotica featuring a range of characters from super-powered vigilantes fighting evil doers (in “Bobatu’s Intervention”) to a young soldier looking forward to his return home (in “The Soldier and the Giantess”).

In these tales, characters become giant sized and experience other fantastic transformations. These explore the intersections between macrophilia and other fetishes. Be advised, most feature explicit depictions of sex.

Free Stories

Brief growth sequence of Hayley in a car

Size Riot’s GentleApril19: Results and my entry, “For Better, For Worse”

Size Riot’s GiantJuly19: First Date results and my entry, “It Springs Eternal”

Size Riot’s Cocktober19: Results and my entry, “The Article”

Size Riot’s CruelJan20: Results and my entry, “Bridget”

Size Riot’s GentleApril20: Results and my entry, “Heaven’s Light”

Size Riot’s HistoricalJuly20: Results and my entry, “The Great California Grow Rush”

D_H_B Cover
Art by DragoonGTS.

Stories for Sale

Alaskan Girls vs the Ice Monkey

Bobatu’s Intervention

By the Rising Moonlight

Growing Up in the Grotto

Jessie Helps

Jessie Helps Betty

The Feminine Form Unleashed!

The Hehant Saga

#1 – Dr. Hehant’s Breakthrough

#2 – The Soldier and the Giantess

#3 – Johnny Helps


Doctor Hehant’s Growing Formula (an audio story)

Doctor Hehant’s Growing Formula – Part 2 (an audio story)


You can find these stories at the following links:

SolomonG’s Stories on Amazon

SolomonG’s E-junkie Store

Censored Alyssa Comic Book Babe by Trent Harlow
Art by Trent Harlow.

All Rights Reserved.

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