Brief growth sequence of Hayley in a car

The following is a growth sequence involving a college student who undergoes startling changes under a full moon. Unfortunately, she is in a confined space, her friend’s car, when the transformation begins!

In this same vein, I intend to publish a “giganto-thrope”-themed story later this year.

A short while later, and the pair pulled into the driveway of Hayley’s home.

“You okay?” asked Debra. The question was met with silence. The drive itself had been unusually quiet. Hayley normally was talkative with a chipper personality. But tonight, the busty blonde cheerleader literally ran out to her friend Debra’s car and threw her pom poms, one dark green and gold, onto the back seat. Hayley then buckled herself up in the passenger’s front seat. The entire trip home had been wordless, the only sound being the radio and Hayley tapping her toes against the floor. A bright full moon shone outside, obscured occasionally by a few scattered clouds.

“What? What’s wrong?” Debra looked at her busty blonde friend with a puzzled expression. Hayley’s cheeks were red and teeth were clinched.

“I… I can feel my panties getting tighter. My bra too…”

“Uh, weird but okay. No big deal, let’s get inside and you can change.”

“No… too… too late… already started.” Hayley said with a grunt. She had her arms crossed around her chest. Her eyes conveyed a desperate expression. Hayley snatched her class ring off and threw it to the floor. A red line of irritated skin wrapped around her finger.

Debra heard cloth popping and tearing “What started? Are you ruining your clothes? Why would you do that?”

“I’m growing!”


Something caught Debra’s attention. She noticed a strange movement under Hayley’s top. Debra was accustomed to her friend’s large boobs. Hayley’s chest had been prominent since they were teenagers. Debra’s more modest tits were tucked securely into a plain B-cup bra. In contrast, Hayley’s were barely contained in her lacy D-cup bra. However, Hayley’s supportive undergarment appeared to be woefully inadequate all of a sudden. Hayley’s top was stuffed more than ever before. Her proportions seemed so ample.

Then Debra swore that Hayley’s tits shifted forward. No, not shifted, GREW. But that was impossible. Yet, there it was, they swelled bigger, right in front of Debra. My eyes must be playing tricks on me she thought. Then other changes became evident.

The cheerleading skirt normally reached to mid-thigh, but now it was pulled up higher. The curves of Hayley’s hips and ass magnified. Her silhouette acquired exaggerated feminine features. An observer standing a mile away would know that Hayley was a woman, her breasts and ass were unmistakable. Pink lace panties pulled and tugged against Hayley’s pussy lips. The appearance of a camel toe was obvious. Her panties dug deep into her wet pussy.

“Lost track of time, our study session went so long. Next thing I knew it was getting dark. So stupid, should have left the college hours ago. I only have two of these uniforms!”

Rips formed on the far left and right of Hayley’s skirt as her hips became wider than her distressed uniform could contain. Her butt cheeks slowly swelled more and more which pulled her panties deep inside her ass crack. “Damn it, got a wedgie!” complained Hayley. Thick, swollen upper thighs overwhelmed the skirt’s bottom.

Her tit flesh advanced forward against her clothing like an invading army with erect nipples leading the attack.“Damn tiny sports bra!” cried Hayley. Her white shirt sleeves receded. The inside of the sleeves had a wide dark green stripe, and within that stripe fabric stretched beyond capacity, tearing apart. Hayley’s right elbow pressed down hard on the center console, breaking the lid and pushing it down.

Hayley’s chest surged forward. A hole suddenly appeared between the letters U and AA. That tear exposed deep cleavage below. Hayley’s tits filled every bit of available space underneath her cheerleader’s uniform with soft plumpness. Debra was mesmerized. “SO big!” she thought “But how?” Hayley’s nipples visibly pushed out against the top, outlines clearly visible.

“Been so long, forgot what it felt like in clothes.” Hayley grabbed the torn edges of her top and tugged, the fabric easily yielded and ripped in half. Great mounds of bosom shook under the failing restraint of a severely overworked bra.

“Forgot? What did you forget? What the hell is going on! Your boobs are fucking huge! You look like Christina Hendricks; no, even bigger! You look like Christina if she got pregnant and started breastfeeding. No, bigger! You look like Christina on steroids with implants and breastfeeding!”

“I told you, I’m growing! It’s a full moon!”

“Wha… wha… what?! That’s not possible!” exclaimed the bookish brunette.

Hayley’s head surged upward, bouncing off the top of the car and forcing Hayley to lean over into the driver’s side. Debra quickly moved to escape, opening her car door and stepping out. She stood in the driveway bewildered at the scene taking place before her.

Hayley’s tits overflowed the top and sides of her athletic spandex brassiere. The under band was no longer touching the skin but was pushed out instead. It’s elastic nature was being stressed and its ability to stretch was exceeded beyond the limit ever intended by the designer.

Hayley grunted “Come on, give up already!” As if it obeyed, the sports bra began to yield under the onslaught of ever growing tits. A hole formed in the small triangle-shaped area between and underneath the two bra cups. Pale smooth flesh became visible below the bra’s under band. Hayley wrapped her fingers around the bra cups and yanked, ripping the bra in two. But other problems soon arose.

“Ow! That hurts!” complained Hayley. Her right big toe burst free, followed by all of the toes on her left foot. Hayley reached down and grabbed her shoe laces, yanking them out with ease. Then she kicked off the ruined footwear. Her legs were tightly bent to fit in front of her.

Hayley twisted her body. Her left shoulder and arm fit snug against the car’s roof. Metal bent upward, forming a large dent. Hayley nosily scooted her big bubble ass against the car seat. She grew ever taller, spreading out more and more into the driver’s side of the car. Her right hand hit a cup in the holder and sent it tumbling, spilling cold coffee all over. Tits scraped against the dashboard, nipples changed the radio station and increased volume to a deafening level.

“I got to get out!” exclaimed Hayley.

Debra had been mesmerized by the sight of her friend increasing in size within her car, its space becoming tighter and more confining. She broke out of her dazed state when Hayley said she had to get out. Debra ran over to open the passenger side door.

“How big do you get?!” yelled Debra.

“You won’t have a car left!”

“Can I help?” asked Debra.

Hayley stuck her left leg outside the car. “Pull, as hard as you can, you won’t hurt me.” The car was full of sexy body, still visibly growing.

“I couldn’t hurt you if I tried!” Debra grabbed onto Hayley’s ankle. Debra could actually feel the leg slowly expanding under her fingers. Debra dug her heels into the dirt, leaned back, and pulled with all of her might. Inside the car, Hayley pushed against the driver’s side door with her right hand. Lengthy legs followed by a huge bubble butt came out of the vehicle. Debra then released her grip.

The next challenge was extricating that titanic torso and tremendous tits from the small sedan. Hayley managed to pull her immense chest from the confining structure of her friend’s car by twisting and shimming. Windshield wipers turned on and the horn honked. Her rock hard nipples dug into the car seats. Her boobs battered the gear shift lever and almost shifted the transmission out of park. The most challenging part was completed once her breasts were free.

Finally, she was completely out of the car!

Hayley stretched out her legs and straightened her back. Then she reached down to grasp those panties which looked like dental floss compared to her. She tugged and snapped the minuscule underpants apart. “SO much better! Feels like I can breath.”

Debra stood in front of Hayley. Her eyes were level with Hayley’s belly button. A ring of cloth supported the shredded remnants of Hayley’s uniform; its tattered bits hung around her waist like a grass skirt. Gargantuan breasts reached low, down past her elbows, level with her belly button.

“My God… you’re a giant! I mean, not a scary ‘Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman’ giant, but an incredibly gorgeous Amazon. There, that’s a better word, Amazon. Jeez, I can’t believe this is happening!”

Clouds moved away allowing moonlight to shine forth unhindered. This lunar luminescence bathed Hayley in its full power.

“Now you’re really going to see something!” Hayley proclaimed. She stretched her arms out and spread her feet apart preparing for the next stage.

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3 thoughts on “Brief growth sequence of Hayley in a car

  1. Solomon! I LOVE this story! I’m such a sucker for seeing some nice growth process and you pull it off in this story beautifully! It’s just a shame a lot of stories tend to rush the growth aspect. Anyways I’d love to see more stories about growth in this kind of vein from you!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad you liked it! Of course, please check my “Stories” page for more. I’ve been slowly updating my published works with commissioned covers and getting rid of the stock art. Along with the updated covers, I’ve been going through and revising the texts as well.


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