Review of DreamTales Comics “Starlet Stripe”

Starlet stripe - Abby on the right is my favorite
She gives a poor salute, but I like her in that uniform! ❤

This three part story, created in 2015, can be purchased as a complete pack for $26.99 at the following link:
Alternatively, you can purchase individual parts for $9.99. The art was by Palcomix, and the story was written and produced by DreamTales. Each is around 25 to 28 colored pages, plus a few pages of black and white concept sketches by Bojay.

Corporal pencil
There was no Brigadier Corporal rank (ever), but with a figure like hers we can overlook it.
to strip
Sadly, my country has never needed me to strip  :’-(

The story is set in July, 1943, at a U.S. Army Training Camp. The Starlet Stripe program gives out an experimental formula in order to make women stronger and bigger so they can fight alongside men. Three women initially opt in for the Starlet Stripe program. They are Abby “Flats,” Rosie “Rivets,” and Suzy “Starlet Stripe.” The formula requires exercise to start the process, so the patriotic ladies don’t begin to grow until they attempt an obstacle course. They wind up growing to ten-feet tall, and eventually are joined by the antagonist Marilyn. Marilyn takes a fast-acting version which has some unforeseen effects.

I enjoyed the art and story concept.

Abby was my favorite!
Uncle Sam wants you to get lucky!

However, I’d like more sex scenes, the only one was in Part 3 between the muscular Rosie and a male soldier. There is some minor breast play besides that, but no other full sex scenes. You will see Abby, Rosie, and Suzy topless, but only Rosie gets completely naked.

The clip art Jeep doesn’t fit in with artwork. For example, what is Abby scrubbing with her left hand, open air? Also, Jeeps of this era, such as the Ford GPW or Willys MB, should have flat fenders. Sincerely, Solomon ‘big nerd’ G.

Overall, I recommend this comic. It’s a fun read with a little bit of sex and some nice art.

Additionally, if readers are looking for other illustrated giantesses stories set in World War II then I would recommend Giantess Club’s four-part black and white comic “Project Overman” released in 2013. Project Overman has more sex, more violence, and features larger giantesses. Read both Starlet Stripe and Project Overman to learn how the war was really won!  😉

P.S. That’s not how you spell ‘training,’ signed Solomon ‘pedantic’ G

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