Review of ZZZ Comics “Big City Girls 2”

Big City Girls 2

This CGI illustrated story, released in late December 2018, can be purchased at the following link:
There is a normal edition for $7.99 and a collector’s edition for $8.99. The collectors edition includes the images both with text and without text, plus a size comparison. Both the story and the art were created by ZZZ.

There are some awesome shots of beautiful women outgrowing their clothes in this comic!

Nice outgrowing clothing
The sound effects were also a nice touch

For negatives, there are a few. Foremost are the Dutch angles. Way too many shots seen from an angle! It became disorienting.

Dutch angle
Does anyone have some Dramamine?

I felt like a sailor watching beautiful women, but then my vessel tilts violently to the side and now I’m looking at those babes from a 45 degree angle.

Secondly, the images were often too light.

1st page
Her white stockings blend in with the light ground.

Side note: That’s a damn sexy outfit, but perhaps a bit impractical to walk around town in.

Too light
He looks like he’s wearing white face paint.

I also would have like to see more of a ray effect for the growth gun.

no ray effect
The gun itself is nicely detailed and looks good.

The gun had a more prominent ray effect in Big City Girls 1, as seen below:

Ray effect from Big City Girls chapter 1
The gun’s ray effect was still not as distinct as I would like, but it was better in the first chapter than the second.

Additionally, the ground looked flat and low textured, as seen here:

flat grass
Is that grass?

Lastly, there was a single typographic error:

This is admittedly a very minor nitpick.

Overall, I give this comic a weak recommend. Best to wait for a sale before picking this up.

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