A Look Back at BEGiantess.com

First screen

This is an overview of the defunct pay site BEGiantess.com. I was a member and appreciated its computer-generated imagery (CGI) sequences full of women growing to superhuman sizes. Most of the content was comics composed of 20 to over 30 pages per issue. There were also video animations which lasted a little over 20 seconds to well over a minute. Additionally, there were image sets without dialogue and one anaglyph image set to simulate 3D. Lastly, there were three short stories. The first, “Growth PhD,” included a story in a text file as well as a black and white image set by FemForteFan and a color CGI sequence. The second was “Sheila’s a big girl,” which had a story in an HTML file with embedded images. The last was “A Growing Problem,” written by EchoWing, which also had an accompanying dialogue-less image set.

BEGiantess.com was created by Greycat on November 16, 2010. Members paid $10 a month. The majority of the comics were created by Greycat using Daz Studio, but some were illustrated by fellow CGI artist Stone3D. Stone3D is still active on DeviantArt, https://www.deviantart.com/stone3d, where he accepts commissions. However, Greycat’s DeviantArt page, https://www.deviantart.com/grycat20, is no longer updated.

Image from “A Growing Problem” short story
“Sorceress Giantess” Issue 1

Perhaps the signature aspect of BEGiantess was giant women with basketball-shaped boobs! I’m a fan of big boobs, but prefer natural sag and tear-shape. BEGiantess comics feature plenty of growth and sex scenes. You will find many depictions of lactation, men hanging off giant tits, and cruel giantesses shoving men up their asses or crushing them.

Big and beautiful issue 3
“Big and Beautiful” Issue 3 — Breast milk used to disorient foe in combat
Giantess Mei
“Giantess Mai” Issue 1 — Don’t let go dude!
Giantess Jade
“Giantess Jade” Issue 2 — Reportedly, this is a common job hazard for corsettieres
Queen Nefereni
“Queen Neferini” Issue 1

For the most part, I enjoyed the art. However, as previously mentioned, breasts were too large and round. In many of the growth sequences, women progressed from having relatively small breasts to huge! I would have been happier with something in between.

magical giantesses
“Magical Giantesses” Issue 1 — Criticism of their boobs aside, I’m jealous of the guy above 😉

My favorite BEGiantess comics are the following:

  • Giga girls (Growing women compete to be the biggest!)
  • Holly Martin (Dolly Parton fan wants to look like her idol. Her wish is answered more than she could have ever dreamed.)
  • Magical Giantesses (Fun threesome sex scene)
  • Mega Maiden (Cop becomes a giant super hero)
  • Statuesque Shawna (The best looking artwork with a fun story)

Updates were initially produced monthly, but this began to slip at the end of 2013. On October 21, 2014, Greycat announced that the requirements for his day job made it impossible to update BEGiantess and its sister site http://www.strongandstacked.com.

http://www.begiantess.com is still online, but no additional content will be produced. Greycat stated on his blog, on November 2, 2014, that people could pay $10 to join the site for a month and grab the whole collection. However, he will not receive any money as all proceeds go to dianathevalkyrie.com, the web site’s host.

The opportunity to read new comics from BEGiantess will be missed. The lighthearted growth sequences were very enjoyable.

Queen Nefereni - hieroglyphics
P.S. Could I get a copy of this hieroglyphic scroll to hang on my wall?

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