December 2018 Update

Hello everyone,

I want to give a brief update on future plans. My writing schedule will slow down a bit due to the Christmas holiday as I spend time with family and friends. However, I hope to complete a giant couples story this month on the Giantess City forum that I first started in mid-August 2017. I’m excited to conclude that story because it is the longest giantess tale that I’ve ever written! If I am unable to complete it before the year’s end then I’ll give everyone a heads-up.

I will most likely not post any additional reviews until January. If anyone would like to suggest a giantess-themed story or video to review please send me an e-mail or comment below.  I’m always happy to look over new material!

Additionally, my next story for sale on Amazon will be entitled “Jessie Helps Betty” and, as you might guess, will be a continuation of “Jessie Helps.” I will also try to find another platform to sell my stories, such as Gumroad, for those readers who would rather not buy erotica through Amazon. I owe a big thank you to everyone who purchased my stories in 2018 and launched my writing career.

Lastly, I wish all my readers a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year. May we all have a great 2019 full of giant women!

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