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The following is a list of the ten best videos from the Growth Dreams studio. That studio is a component of Gary Pranzo’s Media Impact LLC, which was founded on October 11, 1995. As of this writing, Growth Dreams has produced over 230 videos. Nowadays, new videos are created by commission only. The most recent was published on October 30, 2018.

The majority of Growth Dreams clips are live action videos. However, there are computer-generated imagery (CGI) sequences such as “Sexual Growth” chapters 1 through 5, “HalGROWeen,” and “Mega Models.” I restricted my choices to live action for simplicity’s sake.

A few comments before I outline my selections. As a rule, there is no nudity. So, models become towering giantesses who somehow find pasties that fit or their clothes manage to fit their oversized bodies. There are also no sex scenes as you might guess, but there was one simulated soft-core scene which I discuss below. Also, many Growth Dreams videos have non-graphic depictions of giantesses stomping or swallowing people. More graphic growth videos, featuring nudity and/or sex, can be found at sites like Ginary’s Giantess Adventures or Missa X. However, neither of those have the high quality of production found at Growth Dreams.

Pricing at this studio appears to be fixed when the videos are first published. However, I think sales would benefit by discounting the prices for older videos and offering special promotions, like a “Buy One, Get Second For Half Price” for example.

In the future, I think Growth Dreams could benefit by using additional actors to expand the male speaking cast beyond just Gary. That could liven up the dialogue and better sell the fantasy of seeing women grow.

Lastly, Gary deserves a ton of credit for creating hundreds of growth scenes for the giantess loving community.

Gary with model Vivian in late May 2012
This shot does not represent a Growth Dreams video per se, but similar production sets and equipment are used for Growth Dreams.

Now, on to the list!

Vixxis Growing Addiction
Giant women are sexy, you know?

#10) Vixxi’s Growing Addiction (GD-40)
13-minute video available for $13.00

Exposed nipple! Well, it was attached to a prosthetic piece, but a notable event for Growth Dreams none the less. Regarding negatives, Gary’s white shirt washes out, the Mega Labs building is pixelated with jagged edges, and Vixxi repeats “You know” many, many times!

Grow on you too
This “One size fits all” top covers women five feet tall to well over thirty feet!

#9) Grow On You Too FX (GD-25)
6-minute video for $8.00
Starring Tara

This clip features numerous growth spurts as Tara consumes growth supplement pills. This is a fun little clip chock full of growth. For negatives, on occasion the audio quality was a bit off. Additionally, Tara talks about other people being smaller than her, but we do not see anyone else, even when the camera pulls back. Later on, a mini-van pulls up. The driver chose an odd place, at the foot of a giant, to park. A man, no taller than her ankle, steps out of the mini-van. She stomps on him and the video ends.

Alexia and Danielles Experiment
Scientists must never ever see exposed nipples

#8) Alexia and Danielle’s Experiment (GD-84)
10-minute video for $8.00
Starring Alexia Moore and Danielle Derek

Two slim and busty ladies drink a concoction that is “totally going to make you bigger.” This would have been an awesome opportunity to waive the non-nudity rule, but sadly it was firmly in place. The dialogue could have been improved. For example, there was a part when Gary said that the girls will grow some more and they respond that they want to as long as they get that feeling again. That was fine, but those lines were then needlessly repeated a minute later.

Megan has Boy Troubles
Megan will go to great lengths to keep her man

#7) Megan has Boy Troubles (GD-205)
8-minute video for $10.99

Sexy blonde outgrows her clothes on multiple occasions? Yes, please! Nice special effects for this piece, to include proper shadows against a CGI background. An attempt to cure her unnatural height fails and she grows thousands of miles tall. One nitpick is that at her maximum size she appears to be standing in central Russia, perhaps in an English-speaking enclave?

Megan's Growth Addiction
She replaced Robocop as my favorite law enforcement officer

#6) Megan’s Growth Addiction (GD-176)
9-minute video for $11.99

Beautiful cop is addicted to growth formula. Apparently, $300 is all it costs. Megan does a great job delivering her lines and bursting out of many outfits. Not much to nitpick here, although a street corner background was low-resolution and devoid of movement.

Vivians Discovery
Growing while orgasming, a developing problem in our modern world

#5) Vivian’s Discovery (GD-101)
8-minute video for $9.00
Starring Vivian Dreams and Dante

Bespectacled ebony beauty Dante wants to experiment, in the name of science, after she watches Vivian grow before her very eyes! Dante journeys to the mysterious meteorite and experiences the same expansion symptoms.  The music choices for this video seemed a bit strange, and Dante had a hard time conveying excitement, but nonetheless a good clip.

Jenni and Kendra Growth Games
My local news anchors are never this fun 😥

#4) Jenni and Kendra Growth Games (GD-184)
9-minute video for $11.99
Starring Jenni Czech and Kendra James

Two reporters compete to break the story of a growth serum and strive to become the biggest! Occasionally, Jenni’s dialogue is a bit hard to understand. There was also a scene filled with a bus stop background which seemed like an oddly public place to test a growth serum. But overall, there was nice interaction between the two lovely ladies.

Jades Erotic Growth Out of room
Is Mega Labs hiring? If so, I’m applying!

#3) Jade’s Erotic Growth Out of room (GD-79)
14-minute video for $12.00
Starring Jade and Gary

Breast enhancement pills do nothing for Jade’s chest, but instead turn her into a horny giantess. There is a bit in the beginning where Jade’s shoes weren’t properly matted against the green screen so her high heels disappear. This clip is unique for its softcore scene of simulated sex between Doctor Gary and Jade!

Samantha and London Growth Competition
Plaid shirts are no match for growing boobs

#2) Samantha and London Growth Competition (GD-148)
7-minute video  for $8.00

I like their interaction, laughing, and competing against each other! At the end, they amicably resolve their friendly feud and feed each other the last growth pills. Lighting was too bright at times, but I appreciated their embrace at the conclusion.

The Girl Cant help it
Cool kids spell havoc with a ‘k’  🙂

#1) The Girl Can’t help it (GD-226)
6-minute video for $8.99
Starring Jordana

Short video with more action than videos twice its length! The voice over was welcome and the plot made for a fun story. There is an enjoyable sequence of the model outgrowing her clothes and her office chair. Unfortunately, she goes from filling her office to being the size of a building without showing the intervening steps. She then uses a building to masturbate. It would have been good to add some background movement in the scene where Jordana is building-size surrounded by toppled structures and emergency response vehicles. Lastly, the video’s picture bobs up and down a tiny bit, as if a handheld camera was used when it would have be better to have used a tripod. A thoroughly recommended clip, well-worth the expense.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 10 Growth Dreams Videos

  1. Sometimes I wonder who Gary has writing the textual material for his videos, both in the videos themselves and as descriptions on his website. If it isn’t him, I suspect it’s someone for whom English isn’t a first language.


  2. Nothing that a quick check wouldn’t fix. It appears that the texts are just posted and not looked over to catch mistakes or typos beforehand.


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