Review of Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex II”

This 12-minute long clip, first released in late June of 2013, can be purchased for $16.99 (American Dollars) at the following link:
It can be downloaded in 1280×720 resolution as a WMV file or 640×360 as a MP4.

Unfortunately, the water mark on the bottom right is present throughout

The video has no title card, but instead begins with a bit of text. Then a static overhead shot of an intersection is used as a background while we hear police sirens. A giant picks up cars and rubs them against his penis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the giant determines that rubbing metal vehicles against his member is sexually unsatisfying. Perhaps surprisingly, the cars on the roadway are not moving even though a menacing giant towers above.

Then the giant spots a beautiful woman masturbating and flashing her tits. She yearns for the giant to play with her, and he sprinkles magic powder that makes her grow. Oddly, while she does outgrow her clothing and footwear, an armband and wrist band, a necklace, and a wedding ring all somehow manage to fit at her giant size.

This should be a busy background with people, like the two men on the left, and cars moving
Nice bit where Missa breaks out of her tank top and jean shorts

The shorts make snapping sounds as they are torn apart.

Maybe not the sexiest pair of panties

I enjoyed seeing Missa become steadily larger as she looks up at the giant.


After Missa reaches giant size there is a nice moving background, the only one, as an airplane passes overhead. The jet engine noise does interfere a bit with the dialogue. Missa kicks and swipes at the houses below, accompanied by small explosions, causing massive destruction in an effort to create a smooth place to lie down. Then she lays down onto this flattened landscape. At this point, a background image was used from a real world disaster, possibly the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A strange choice.

This does not look like the city she grew up in

There is no foreplay between the giant couple, no kissing or breast play. Missa masturbates for a bit. Then the pair copulate in the missionary position before an unseen crowd of little people, to include a boy she knows from high school. There were some efforts made to show clouds of dust as Missa lays down and sound effects boom to emphasize her weight. In a side view of Missa on her back, ruins are shown in the foreground which was a nice attempt to give depth.10

At this point there were unfortunate decisions made about where to place the camera, such as when the screen was filled with the giant’s ass.

Is there a better possible camera angle?
There is!

After the giant ejaculates, Missa inserts hapless bystanders into her cum-filled vagina. The bystanders slowly fall out of her, and then Missa tells the giant that they should find another city. The clip ends with Missa standing up to walk away.

Overall, I recommend this video. It’s expensive, but it’s also the only example, to my knowledge, of a live-action giant couple engaging in sex. This featured full nudity, penetration, and even a creampie! However, I would have preferred a bit more of a story. Also, Missa’s line delivery was fine, but the male actor was conspicuously mute the entire time. Additionally, the giant’s upper torso and face was never seen. There were often shadows against the green screen, and sometimes the green screen had an odd effect, like making parts of Missa’s stomach disappear.

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