Requested Review: Growing Bigger Than The City Giantess and Giant Double Growth

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Welcome back to There She Grows! Today’s review of “Growing Bigger Than The City Giantess and Giant Double Growth” by Diane Chrystall was requested by an anonymous blog reader earlier this month. This requested clip runs for almost ten minutes and sells for $16.99 at Clips4Sale, iwantclips, and ManyVids. It was first released on November 10th, 2022, and is in high definition (HD) 1920×1080 resolution.

As the title indicates, this showcases a couple who experience rapid growth! Diane first undergoes breast expansion (B.E.) and then height increase while her unnamed boyfriend undergoes penis enlargement (P.E.) before his own height increase.

Before we get into that, let’s take a brief moment to discuss the following screenshot which you would think would precede a title card. It says “Diane Chrystall presents” and a viewer might reasonably expect would be followed by the title. Instead, immediately after this image was a sentence saying “Order your custom video at:” then “Have fun and enjoy me!” The clip’s name was never actually given in the clip itself. Growing Bigger Than The City Giantess and Giant Double Growth is clunky to be sure, but nonetheless I expected it to appear onscreen after Diane Chrystall presents.

Moving on, the plot begins with the anonymous boyfriend finding a small rock outside. He takes it inside and gives it to Diane. She claims that the rock was “So beautiful!” and reports feeling tingly. It seemed rather plain to me like something a tourist could buy in a zoo gift shop, but then there’s no accounting for taste 😉

If during the course of your day you turn bright green then please consult a qualified medical professional.

She also glows, but I’m not sure if that was intended to be diegetic. Meaning I was not sure if the boyfriend saw that she was glowing or if that was only for the audience. Maybe he did notice, but chose not to comment? If my wife suddenly became luminescent I would say something, but perhaps such things happen all the time in Europe and are not worth mentioning. (NOTE: According to the iafd or internet adult film database, Diane Chrystall is Hungarian.) Regardless of whether he noticed her illuminating skin, the boyfriend thinks to himself, “Hmm, I wish my girlfriend had bigger boobs.” Luckily, the rock grants wishes and she rapidly develops larger breasts. Not sure how he knew that it would work, but we just gotta roll with it!

This B.E. effect was accomplished with the use of an artificial chest. On the one hand, the use of a physical prop provides a tactile quality to the production. The actress can fondle, hold, squeeze, and touch those big boobs. That’s great! On the other hand, the different color makes for an obvious distinction between skin and silicone breastplate.

This is how the scene looked in the original clip.

This problem could be made less obvious simply by zooming in, like in the next image in which I cropped the top and bottom. Personally, I think that looks more convincing. To be clear, there is still an issue with the difference in skin tone between her hands and the fake tits. Furthermore, the prosthetic bunches up around the neck. Still, zooming in is an improvement which costs nothing. What do you, the reader, think? Does the trimmed screenshot look better?

This is how the scene could have looked with a narrower focus.

In a nice turn of events not only did the boyfriend get to wish for something, but Diane also got to wish for something. She wishes that his dick was bigger and his organ immediately responds! A large dildo pokes out of his slacks and then reaches down to the floor. Then the duo make a simultaneous wish, that they were bigger and stronger, in a nice split-screen shot:

A choker could hide that line under her jaw.

The two slowly outgrow their clothes. By the way, there were lots of sound effects throughout the runtime. Most were applicable and made sense. Others sounded like wood cracking when only their clothes should have been ripping.

Taking this opportunity to once again advocate for sexy panties, in silk or lace. Preferably not mass market cotton undies with “Love Machine” written on the back. Just a thought.

After the couple outgrows their home, they find themselves taller than skyscrapers in the middle of London. The building in front of Diane did a respectable job concealing the bottom of her chest piece. Hopefully that was intentional!

By the way, respect should be shown to the actor for his full nudity. It would have been better if his dick had been erect, but still it was cool that he was willing to show both his face and his genitals.

The structure on the left is popularly known as “The Gherkin,” officially it’s 30 St Mary Axe. It’s a recognizable landmark that made it easy to identify which city was used for this stock image.

Apparently, their great size also granted them the ability to teleport to metropolises in different countries! The boyfriend throws Diane to the ground and hops on top of her, opening up an enormous chasm in the middle of the English capital! The screen turns black for a few seconds and the next time we see the gigantic couple they are making love in New York City’s Central Park:

He still wasn’t erect so she had to pretend they were having penetrative intercourse.

The clip then ends abruptly. Afterward, nearly a minute was spent to once again advertise the e-mail address for commissions and share several customer endorsements.

So, what are my final thoughts? In general, it was refreshing to watch a growing giant and a growing giantess getting freaky. There’s not nearly enough videos like that. That’s not to say there aren’t any. Previous examples include Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex” and um… Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex II.” I would love to see more! Undoubtedly, there are other examples that have so far escaped my fervently searching eyes.

Of course, there were several areas which could have been improved in Growing Bigger Than The City Giantess and Giant Double Growth. (NOTE: Let’s shorten that to just “Growing Bigger” for the sake of brevity.) To begin with, they should have framed shoots differently to hide the lines around the chest. That could have been accomplished by shooting from different angles, using accessories like a belt and a necklace to cover the top and bottom of the piece, zooming in, etc.

Additionally, effort should be made to ensure that the male performer can achieve an erection. He’s the man who was actually intended to have sex with the woman. One would think he had a good reason to be excited. To phrase this issue more bluntly, if his dick isn’t hard why should our dicks be hard? To be fair, it is intimidating to perform on camera. Most men will never have to do that. When asked why she did not perform with a male performer anymore, amateur erotic performer Lovely Lilith, in a Q&A video, noted that the guy she used to make videos with often climaxed too soon, had difficulties staying hard, etc. Former adult video (AV) idol Kaho Shibuya, in a video on the “Trash Taste” YouTube channel, commented that the Japanese censorship law requiring the obscuring of genitals had the unintentional benefit of making it easier to hide such problems. If a dick is blurred out then people can’t tell if it’s hard or not. So, the boyfriend in Growing Bigger was not the first to have difficulties on set. Still, many pornographic producers find ways to ensure penises are “ready to perform” so Diane should be able to learn from them. Diane could hire a fluffer or buy some Viagra.

There was also the issue of continuity. Why did they start in London then move to New York City? Were we intended to believe they were still in the same city? Were we not supposed to notice that the skyline had altered dramatically? They could have avoided this issue by starting in a New York City apartment then moving to Central Park.

Lastly, this is a tad expensive, $16.99 for 10 minutes of content. These videos normally sell for about a buck for every minute of content. In fact, a quick peek at SizeFetishZone’s latest creations shows cheaper works like “Sahrye Boss Of The World,” a 23-minute long clip, which sells for $15.99 and “Velvets Magic Sneaker Growth,” a 12-minute long clip, which sells for $11.99. Growing Bigger is spendy in comparison. Although, Growing Bigger features two performers when other clips typically only feature one. So, I’m not too bothered by the price.

Overall, despite the flaws, Growing Bigger earns a lukewarm recommendation. There are too few giant couples on video so it feels prudent to support this in the hopes of getting more in better quality.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s review will cover a written growth story. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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    1. Our job is to pick up the torch where Ed left it and carry it further!

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