Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes!

This image was taken from “Shoe Growth Fantasy 3” by Growth Dreams.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve been corresponding with a main character from the video game franchise “Mortal Kombat” for awhile now. In fact, my friend Johnny Cage requested on June 6th, in the comments section of the “Veronica Vaughn Needs to GROW UP” review, that I post a list of the Top 10 growth fetish videos featuring shoes, high heels, and sandals being destroyed.

However, it is not possible to make a truly definitive list. I have not watched every clip which featured a person outgrowing their shoes. Such a feat would be difficult. When drafting a Top 10 list for a single site, like Giantess Club for example, it is possible to read all of the site’s comics and make a comprehensive, although still subjective, assessment. (NOTE: Although, even reading through all the works produced by only one site can take a significant amount of time!) So many productions feature size-related content that it is nigh impossible to confidently declare that you’ve seen them all. (NOTE: Nor do I have enough money to buy everything.) It’s also refreshing to remember that somewhere, out there in the world, exists hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Therefore, the plan for today is merely to provide a list of ten diverse and entertaining scenes of people ripping their shoes apart! While Johnny originally requested size fetish videos I intend to make this a broad list and will also include illustrated stories and mainstream films. That noted, let’s get started!


#10) 1981’s “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”

This has “shrinking” in the title. Why on Earth would anyone include it on this list? The answer to that question lies within the last few minutes in which Pat Kramer, played by comedian Lily Tomlin, miraculously returns to normal size. Her family rejoices, as they believed that she shrunk out of existence. Then it becomes apparent that her wedding ring is a bit too small. Furthermore, her shoes feel a little tight.

The growth scene is all too brief and does not last beyond a few seconds. Yet, it offered such great promise and spurred fantasies of what might have followed that it was shared on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and FTP sites among the size community in the 1990s.

Read my review of the film here.



#9) 1993’s “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman”

HBO’s remake of Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman had an impressive growth sequence! Although, I do disagree with some of the choices made. For instance, her bra was able to conceal her chest when she was a giantess just as well as it did when she was a normal person. Furthermore, why did she have to burst out of her clothes in front of her father of all people?

Nonetheless, this is an important movie that all giantess fans should watch. And, of course, she outgrows her shoes 🙂

Read a full review here.


8 - stocking destruction
Time to tear apart stockings and see some beautiful toes!

#8) “Let’s See if My Growth Potion Works” starring Giantess Katelyn Brooks

This 6-minute long production features the star outgrowing all of her clothes and reaching Amazon status. No expanding out of the house, but still a fun time watching a beautiful women expanding out of every bit of clothing!


7 - Wishing Well page 4 by Bugmaker
Now we have toes breaking out of shoes! 😀

#7) “Wishing Well” by Bugmaker

This short comic features a young couple at a wishing well. A miraculous transformation occurs after the man makes a larger-than-expected donation. You can view the entire 10-page comic for free at Bugmaker’s DeviantArt page.


6 - VV
Veronica Vaughn’s Growing Orgasm featured an extended sequence, over a minute long, of a woman slowly swelling out of her shoes.

#6) Veronica Vaughn’s Growing Orgasm

This 13-minute long video was first released in January 2014. It portrays a poor woman who apparently has never had an orgasm. A doctor administers an experimental drug via intravenous infusion. The substance does the job and more as the long-denied orgasm arrives along with a startling change!

6 - VV at final size
The process radically accelerates and Veronica achieves cosmic scale at the end 🙂


5 - Alena Love Jayla_s Erotic Growth
Not even knee-high grey socks are safe!

#5) “Jayla Erotic Growth” by Alena Love Studio

This custom work shows the titular performer as a girlfriend who was exposed to a special perfume. Her stature swells until she reaches something that only a few women have ever achieved, possibly enough to earn a spot, along with some sports talent, on a WNBA team. The end result is not true giantess scale, but this was an enjoyable clip to be sure.


4 - MissaX Giant Sex 2

#4) Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex II”

This 12-minute long clip, first released in late June of 2013, features MissaX encountering a giant man towering over her city. She begs to join him and thus he sprinkles some magical powder to kick off her transformation! This has full nudity and a city-sized sex scene between the two ❤

Read a full review here.


3 - Island Grown Issue 1
This was taken from ZZZ’s “Island Grown,” Issue #1

#3) ZZZ’s Comics

I am a huge fan of growing couples, that is to say scenes in which both men and women become gigantic. I think Rapscalion’s “Big Nymphomaniac” might have been my very first exposure to that particular trope, and I’m delighted that I found it so many years ago!

ZZZ Comics had many illustrated stories featuring giant couples, and as one should expect, those couples burst out of their clothes!

3 - Nozama Transfer Issue 2
Nozama Transfer Issue #1

Also, lest we focus only on women, ZZZ Comics also has men trashing their footwear:

3 - Camp and Grow Issue 1
Camp and Grow Issue #1



#2) Miss MissaX’s “Growth Race”

What’s better than a single woman increasing in size and becoming a giantess? How about two women? Yes, that should do nicely! There’s nothing like a little, or big 😉 , competition. Of course, the high-heeled shoes will not survive!

Read the full review here.


It’s time to select the final item for this list! Hmm… so many possibilities, what to choose? What to choose!? Should I select something from 1980s TV?

11 - The Incredible Hulk Season 5 Episode 1 from 2OCT81
Bruce Banner, played by Bill Bixby, destroys his boots during The Incredible Hulk Season 5 episode entitled “The Phenom,” which first aired on October 2nd, 1981.

Perhaps not, maybe it should be more recent?

12 - SNL She-Rock Obama aired in late March 2015
Pictured here is a lovely foot belonging to “She Rock Obama,” as seen on the Saturday Night Live TV show in late March 2015.

No, we’ll go with something a bit more risque:



#1) “Shoe Growth Fantasy 3” by Growth Dreams

Hard not to include this one. The first entry on this list included “shrinking” in its title. That required an explanation to rationalize its presence. However, the inclusion of this feature should be rather obvious. Its very name exposes its theme!

Furthermore, Shoe Growth Fantasy 3 does a good job with that theme. Its star ruins not just one, but two pairs of shoes!

Read the full review here.


So, what do you, the readers, think? What is your favorite scene involving someone outgrowing their shoes? Let me know in the comments below and until next time, keep growing!


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14 thoughts on “Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes!

  1. Congratulations you have exceeded all my expectations I would like you to do one of your extraordinary criticisms about a CK’s mad world video called Kay Grows to the Ceiling


    1. I haven’t heard of CK’s Mad World before. The studio looks interesting, but apparently haven’t put out anything new in a year. Regardless, I always like covering new creators. So sure, I’ll put “Kay Grows to the Ceiling” on the list of things to review.

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  2. Matthew Charkowick September 22, 2020 — 5:59 am

    im glad you are showing alenalove customs some love! that jayla clip is really awesome! id love to see you review some of her stuff! 😀


  3. Matthew Charkowick September 22, 2020 — 6:05 am

    love taht your showing alenalove customs on here now! that jayla clip is really great! id love to see you review more of her stuff in the future! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d be happy to review another Alena Love video! It may take awhile, but I’ll put one in my schedule.


      1. id like to see a review of jaylas erotic growth, or alena magic stocking growth 🙂

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  4. where can i find these videos


    1. Search for them online. “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” and “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” are available on DVD and may be on streaming services. Others like “Shoe Growth Fantasy 3” and Miss MissaX’s “Growth Race” are sold at Clips4Sale. If you still have difficulties let me know which ones you can’t find and I can point you in the right direction.


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