“Her Giant Feet at The Beach” from Giantess Clip Store / TheDommeNxtDoor

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Today, we’re looking at a new creator. Specifically, TheDommeNxtDoor (a.k.a. Freya the Great) who began selling size-themed video clips earlier this year in mid-January 2021. These clips can be found under the generically named “Giantess Clip Store” studio at Clips4Sale. The studio’s catalog includes over 40 short videos, less than 15 minutes each, such as “Colossal Model,” “Growing Greedy Roommate,” and “Shrink for My Booty.” Freya the Great hides the top half of her face in most clips, but did show her entire face (albeit while wearing an eye mask) during Shrink for My Booty:

Shrink for My Booty (NOTE: thedommenxtdoor.com, the website watermarked on the top left, was inaccessible as of this writing.)

She also has a presence on DeviantArt, NiteFlirt, and Twitter.

DeviantArt profile.

This review will cover “Her Giant Feet at The Beach,” the most recent work which came out on July 1st, 2021.

It runs for 5 minutes and costs $7.99. The plot is of someone’s girlfriend standing on a beach and telling her paramour that she has mastered transformation magic and can now grow to infinite size at will!

She chooses to demonstrate her ability by growing 70 feet tall. Apparently, she wanted to grow to that specific height to be like “the woman from that movie.” However, I am not familiar with any mainstream movie featuring a 70-foot tall woman. I think she might have meant 50 feet like in “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.” (SIDE NOTE: If anyone is aware of a movie with a 70-foot tall giantess please let me know! I wouldn’t be surprised if such a production exists, but I’m only aware of the 50-foot woman, Monsters vs. Aliens character Susan Murphy / Ginormica who stood 49 feet 11 1/2 inches tall, the 60 foot centerfold, etc. However, it might have referred to Giantess Zone’s “Attack of the 70ft Woman” which if true is cool as it’s neat to see size-fetish creators referencing each other’s works.)

The recording seemed to give her skin an artificial orange tone. Alternatively, that might just be self-tanning lotion.

The transformation effect was achieved by zooming in and playing the sound of stretching rubber or a balloon inflating. There was no bursting out of the bikini or nakedness. Afterward, an echoing effect was used for her voice and loud booms were played when she sat down to caress the viewer with her feet. That concluded the narrative.

Overall, Her Giant Feet at The Beach is only a must buy for feet fans. Which, not for nothing, I know are well-represented in the size community. For example, whenever I craft a “Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes” list its publication is followed by requests for more! However, the lack of nudity, the absence of clothing destruction, and the performer concealing the top half of her face make this less appealing for anyone else.

That’s it for now folks. Next week will begin with a look at EC Comics “I Created A… Gargantua!” from 1950. Until then, keep growing!

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