Giantess Zone and TomThumb Production’s “Midnight Mega”

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The last time There She Grows looked at a Giantess Zone video was the review of “The Incredible Shrinking Dude Part 2.” It featured a shrinking man, not a giantess. Ergo, someone should have created a “Shrinking Dude Zone” and thrown it under that studio. Although, to be fair, the title made it clear that there would be no oversized ladies. This time, let’s review a Giantess Zone work with actual giantesses!

(SIDE NOTE: I am, of course, aware that many creators use the word “giantess” to include scenarios in which women are unchanged, but other people have been reduced in size. I argue that usage is overly broad because that makes it difficult for fans of giantesses, meaning women who are supernaturally tall, to find their desired content. Instead of being able to search for giantess and find works that match that criteria those fans have to sort through a mix of results including tiny and big people because it’s all lumped together under giantess. Thus, I urge creators to use giantess only when the media features a bigger-than-normal woman. Use “tiny people,” “shrunken men,” “shrunken women,” etc. for smaller-than-normal characters.)

Today, we’ll examine “Midnight Mega.” Initially, I assumed that this was made and released in 2016, because it was added to GiantessZone Movies on June 7th, 2016, as can be seen in the following screenshot:

However, this clip is only in 720 x 400 pixel resolution and ends with a copyright notice from 2007. It was actually made nine years before the “Added” date.

Some other minor errors include that the facts that the running time is actually 28 minutes, not 29. Also, while the “Own It” button lists the price as $25 it’s not possible (to my knowledge) to actually buy it for twenty-five bucks. Instead, it costs $25.49 and I have no idea where the extra 49 cents came from or why it had to paid. I assume that the additional $0.49 was some sort of Download Forever fee, but it was never explained. All that I know is that the $25 video was listed as a $25.49 “Size Fetish Store Purchase” when I bought it. Ugh, nothing like saddling customers with hidden charges to wring every possible cent out of their wallets! In contrast, I recently bought something from Clips4Sale and, shocker of shockers, there were no additional fees. The Clips4Sale video was listed as $16.99 and, you may want to be sitting down for this next part, I only paid $16.99! Paying no more than the listed price is a refreshing and welcome concept.

Bottom line, this clip is significantly older (made in 2007 not 2016), slightly shorter (28 minutes not 29), and slightly more expensive ($25.49 not the listed $25) than a customer would expect based on the description. So, now I’ve covered the boring bits, what about the video itself? Is it any good?

Well, first of, this is another work featuring a trio of performers, which was a good start:

Plus, it promises that at least two of the ladies will ” grow and grow and grow ” which is a solid premise IMHO 😎

The films begins in a low-poly count CGI cityscape, the aptly named “Mega City.” (NOTE: No relation to “Mega-City One” from the Judge Dredd universe.) We see Heather Eve, on the right, and Katelyn Brooks, on the left, standing outside a comedy club and Heather says she has a growth MacGuffin. (NOTE: The dialogue sounds like everyone was speaking into tin cans.) The background has many jagged lines due to the very low resolution, but I do appreciate the attempt. There were also street noises and a CGI car that drove past to further sell the illusion that the two actresses were in a busy city.

The glow which surrounded them when they grew was a nice touch and masked the rough chroma key outline.

Unfortunately, the outline was very rough in keeping with amateur green screen SFX from 2007. Additionally, at first there was no booming sound effects to accompany the giantesses stroll along the streets. Their footsteps were unexpectedly quiet even when they were roughly 50 feet tall. There until they reached skyscraper size. Practical effects, Barbie dolls I assume, were used to represent normal people.

Eventually, we see Ms. Velvet watching the two rampaging giantesses on the news. Velvet falls asleep and dreams of what she would do if she was that big. Specifically, she imagines torturing and killing people.

Ugh, watermarks suck and serve no purpose :\

Ms. Velvet had no transformation sequence. Instead, she was already enormous in the fantasy.

There was no clothing destruction during the clip 😥 Showing people getting maimed and murdered is a-okay, but heaven forbid a naked woman be shown! 🙄

That’s pretty much it for the plot. There was more wandering about aimlessly and crushing people without any conflict or battle at the end.

Personally, I would have made some tweaks to improve this video. Obviously, smoother green screen effects and a higher resolution backdrop would help. However, if *I* had complete control; ergo, if I was in charge of Giantess Zone then I would find two actresses willing to perform fully nude sex scenes and film a growth sequence while they were pleasuring each other! Like in the following comic example:

These two panels were taken from Process Production’s “Formula 69” with art by PalComix.

I can’t recall any live-action video featuring two ladies having sex while growing. (NOTE: Although, Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex and “Giant Sex II” featured giant MF sex scenes! Unfortunately, they didn’t grow during sex.) If anyone knows of live-action videos featuring simultaneous growth and sex please let me know.

Overall, I would recommend Midnight Mega to evil giantess fans, if it wasn’t for the high cost. If this ever gets a substantial discount then I would suggest checking it out. However, the crude and dated special effects don’t justify the asking price of $25.

That’s it for now folks, the next review will cover a clip from a new creator. Until then, keep growing!

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  1. Giantesszone and fetishlands the home site doesn’t shoot nudity


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