Giantess Zone’s “The Incredible Shrinking Dude Part 2”

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Today’s review will focus on shrinking content! Namely, this review will examine Giantess Zone’s “The Incredible Shrinking Dude Part 2.”

Kudos to Gary for taking the time and effort to credit all of the cast members, many size-fetish videos do not list contributors!

The Incredible Shrinking Dude Part 2 features a surprisingly large cast consisting of Mistress Vivian as “Nancy,” Gary Pranzo Jr. as “Greg,” Kbella as “Dr. Big,” Misty as “Dr. Big’s Assistant,” Althea as “Dr. Holstrum,” and Gary Pranzo Sr. as “50’s CIA Agent.” (NOTE: The characters are identified in the credits. If they had not been then viewers would have had no idea what anyone was called since names were not actually used. Instead, the performers avoided specificity, called each other “sir,” and talked about “that doctor” when referring to Dr. Holstrum. Doing so made the production feel generic and it would have better if names had actually been used.)

The clip runs for 34 minutes. Seemingly, it was originally made in 2009 and then eventually re-released on June 7th, 2016. I selected this, out of the five available Incredible Shrinking Dude clips, due to the black and white thumbnail:

The preview (above in the middle) reminded me of classic 1950s sci-fi films (like the one which will be reviewed this Thursday!) which have inspired so many modern size-fetish creations.

The story begins with an old guy using a handheld camera:

Presumably, this first scene was meant to establish that the CIA Agent was filming Greg over the long period of time during which he gradually shrank. In an impressive feat, this “Peeping Tom” was even able to access Greg’s bedroom! Truthfully though this bit could have been cut without losing anything important to the narrative.

The action then transitions to Dr. Big watching a small flat-screen PC monitor.

The monitor must contain the most amazing technology of all! It’s incredible functionality will be better explained in the next image.
See? The monitor still works despite the complete absence of data or power cables!

Dr. Big and her assistant are watching classified CIA footage of man called Greg who is shrinking! The circumstances which made Greg shrink were clearly based on the fictional events which also made Scott Carey shrink in “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” (NOTE: That’s to say that chemical / pesticide exposure combined with radiation makes a fellow reduce in stature!)

(SIDE NOTE: I could point out that the real FBI is primarily focused on federal law enforcement within the United States and that the CIA has no law enforcement role, but is instead focused on intelligence collection abroad. Thus, it should have been the FBI, not the CIA, monitoring Greg, but that’s a minor point. Confusing the different roles of the CIA and FBI often occurs in fictional depictions. Furthermore, to the very best of my knowledge, it’s not illegal to shrink so one could also raise the objection that there’s really no reason for FBI involvement either! 😉 )

As already noted, the footage contains numerous callbacks and references to 1957’s “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” Those callbacks include a bit about Greg’s wife Nancy trying, but failing to get an unlisted phone number. The couple desired an unlisted number due to the unwanted attention that the shrinking man was receiving from the public.

The tattoo on her left arm seemed out of place for the time period. Tattoos were far less common in the 1950s compared to modern society. That said, the living room itself looks to be in keeping with the era!

In general, the acting performances were decent given that everyone involved presumably had little to no professional experience. Although, some shots could have been more tightly edited. For instance, after Mistress Vivian (playing Greg’s wife Nancy) said “What am I to you, am I just like sliced, chopped liver?” she then corrects herself and says “Chopped liver, is that what I am?” (NOTE: “What am I, chopped liver?” is an American expression typically said when someone believes that they are being ignored. Learn more about the expression here.)

It felt like Vivian’s first reading was a mistake which the actress subsequently corrected. However, a counter-argument could be made that her character was upset and upset people confuse their words and speak improperly. Nonetheless, in my view the line would have been more effective if delivered correctly the first time. However, opinions may vary and the single line of dialogue wasn’t crucial.

Loved this retro camera!
Also appreciated how Dr. Holstrum had the hots for her diminishing patient!

While Greg continues to become smaller and smaller, Nancy still expects Greg to perform his husbandly duties:

No nudity or sex acts were shown per the norm for Media Impact Productions. That point made, Nancy still looked rather fetching in her black undergarments!

The story concludes with Dr. Big’s assistant doubting that what she just saw on film was real. However, Dr. Big then provides evidence to demonstrate that such a miraculous transformation is indeed within the realm of the possible! The narrative closes out with Dr. Big plotting to master a means to shrink people in order to further her goal of world domination.

Overall, I recommend Incredible Shrinking Dude Part 2. It’s a sexy, but not overly explicit, homage to The Incredible Shrinking Man and was quite enjoyable. A highlight for fans of shrunken men will be the extended sequences of a tiny husband climbing over the comparatively enormous body of his lingerie-clad wife! It can be purchased for $30 here.

This description is completely inaccurate and I assume that it was actually intended for a different clip. Greg is the only shrunken person. There was no “tiny couple” and no other shrinking people besides Greg in this clip.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover the classic science fiction movie “The Amazing Colossal Man.” Until then, keep growing!

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