“Waiting To Grow” starring Lydia & Blondzilla

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Welcome to There She Grows. Today we’re looking at a short clip from Media Impact, the OG of giantess studios! Gary Pranzo created the Giantess Zone web site in 1996 and then started Media Impact. He released the first amateur size-fetish video, “Sandra’s Revenge,” in January 1997. Afterwards, came “Battle for Zantor” and then his studio, in general, transitioned to making shorter clips with less story. There have been homages such as “Attack of the 70ft Woman” and “The Incredible Shrinking Dude Part 2” which were loving tributes to “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” and “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” However, most of the content has been brief videos with threadbare plots. Additionally, in the many years since the studio began, several limitations, such as a firm ban on nudity and sex, have become well-established. Having been around for decades, it is an open question whether Media Impact is still willing to innovate and try new things. Therefore, despite their continued production of new content, I only check in every so often to see if they have decided to address those limitations, fix the problems, and do something fresh or original.

Now it’s time to check in on Media Impact and see what they’re up to! Accordingly, let’s analyze “Waiting To Grow” a 12-minute production which was released on January 24th, 2023. It features Blondzilla and Lydia, two lovely ladies who have each appeared in more than 60 videos released by Media Impact Customs. (SIDE NOTE: For previous reviews of these performers see Giantess Zone’s “Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX” and Blondzilla Job Interview growth in the Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Quatre!)

They are a pair of “guinea pigs,” meaning test subjects, who are voluntarily participating in a science experiment which makes people grow. The thing that made them grow was not shown. Lydia said it was a growth serum, but it was taken off-camera before this clip started. Although, viewers did learn that the people who worked at the clinic were “so nice.” For whatever that’s worth 😉

Before their growth begins, they discuss how they wanted to be a bit taller and bustier. Blondzilla wants to be as tall as a supermodel, but Lydia desires to become even larger and be “Glamazon” tall. Their idle chatter wasn’t bad. In particular the sequence when Blondzilla was too busy monologuing to notice that Lydia was starting to grow was fun. Someone could argue that the prolonged speech was unrealistic because at some point Blondzilla would want a response or any indication that Lydia was listening, but nonetheless it added a little humor into the narrative.

Lydia describes the area they are standing in as a “holding room,” but it looks more like an empty warehouse. Also, since this is an experiment, why are they not being monitored? Presumably, scientists would want a record of the enlargement process. The set could have used a more appropriate backdrop and a camera on a tripod (something representing automated monitoring equipment) to add realism.
^ Blondzilla demonstrating a keen lack of awareness 😉 Also, is that an accursed watermark at the top left? Blech!
Loved the positive affirmations that Blondzilla gave Lydia! Don’t love the watermarks though! Like a persistent venereal disease, such watermarks are notoriously difficult to cure. Someday modern medicine will develop a soothing ointment to permanently remove those irritating blemishes.

After Lydia becomes a true giantess, much larger than she allegedly wanted, Blondzilla suggests that they call for help. A reasonable course of action to be sure, but it also confirmed that no one was watching them which felt odd. What kind of researchers run an experiment, but do not oversee the process? Studying the results is the entire reason to conduct experiments. Perhaps they are merely interested in the final results, but that is unlikely. The results were unpredictable, according to the two ladies. Thus, you would think that the people in charge of this experiment would be watching to see how well it worked or if it failed.

The pixelated lines in the background are stabbing my eyes. Oh, the humanity!
Both performers get size boosts and take turns shredding their clothes. Points for clothing destruction! Alas, no nudity though 😥

Eventually, Lydia’s bare feet push their way out of the structure and she outgrows the entire building. The still expanding giantess walks around the city. Back in the rubble, Blondzilla was a mini-giantess, but still a shorty compared to her friend. The clip then ends abruptly.

If asked before watching this, I would have assumed that, based on their names, Blondzilla would have grown bigger than Lydia, but apparently that was a red herring. Blondzilla’s name, derived from the gigantic fire-breathing monster Godzilla, implies something very big. If someone asked you who is more enormous, Blondzilla or Lydia, what would you say? No offense to Lydia, but her name sounds like a regular person. This wasn’t a real problem, just a funny observation.

Overall, Waiting To Grow is recommended for growth fans. However, only for those who are either unfamiliar with Media Impact videos or do not mind their repetitive nature. If you have already seen a few of those videos then there is nothing new here.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s review will cover a shrinking woman video. Until then, keep growing!

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1 thought on ““Waiting To Grow” starring Lydia & Blondzilla

  1. Media impact should explore more camera angles. After gd-238 Cassandras Power to Grow it became obvious the Filming has gone down in quality, they keep alternating in between clothes tearing off and the actress face repeatedly; This kills the growth immersion since she is not getting taller in the face camera. This becomes clear during Blondzila’s growth specially, with few shots on her clothes, many shots on her face while the background does not move, and her clothes barely change.

    Gary needs to move the camera more and explore the semi naked body more; Stop having the camera standing still on her face so much.

    Lastly is also editing part, past videos are not properly following the sequence of events. There are shots with the girl looks naked, but the next scene she still have clothes and vice versa.

    If you want to see a better blondzilla growth video sequence, gd-208 Blond Growth or gd-212 Growing Confidence are better.

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