Review of Giantess Zone Movies “Attack of the 70ft Woman”


This 42-minute long clip, first released in mid-June of 2018, can be purchased for $19.99 (American Dollars) at the following link:
Resolution: 1280×720 (HD)
NOTE: Your purchase includes both a full color and a black and white version.

In this video, Kayla Lael (a.k.a. Lydie Lael) portrayed Lydia, a blonde mistress to our protagonist Gary, while Liz River portrayed Gary’s buxom brunette wife, Nancy Archer. It opens with Gary taking photos of Lydia and the two discussing Nancy’s wealth. There was a nice zoom and transition from outside the building through a window into the photo studio. We next see Gary and Nancy driving and discovering a crashed space ship alongside the road. Nancy investigates while Gary flees, and the scene ends with her ominous scream.

UFO crash site
I keep trying to find this on Google Maps

The next time we see Nancy is at “Moonshine’s Diner.” She has grown to ten feet tall and tells a defiant Lydia to stay away from her husband. The scene ends as Nancy pushes Lydia to the floor. Lydia wishes she could grow too and forces Gary to take her to the unidentified flying object (UFO) crash site.

Inside the UFO, Lydia discovers a shrunk couple. The audio for the tiny people does not seem to match their movements and it takes a bit for Lydia to notice the minuscule man and woman, even though they are out in the open and seemingly hard to miss. She tucks them into her dress and leaves.

Cut to a scene of Nancy lying in the bed, or trying to as it was much too small, and wondering where is the doctor. She starts to grows as we hear the sounds of clothing tearing. Soon, she bursts through the roof top.

First growth sequence -- out of house
What will the HOA say?

A newly enlarged Nancy goes for a stroll.

100 foot tall Nancy

There was a nice use of props as Nancy began a destructive rampage.

Nancy grabs power line tower -- nice prop
Must finish review before she cuts the power

I appreciated all the tricks used to simulate Nancy’s destructive stroll. The camera shakes, loud booms are heard, and lights shut off. However, I would have liked to seen sparks fly when Nancy dismantled the power line. I heard sparks, but did not see any. Also, there is a bit where Lydia is dancing and asks what happened to the music after power was lost, but we never heard any music to begin with.

Nancy’s assault on the city is deadly. She uproots a tree, then squishes and swallows people in bloody fashion as we hear the sound of bones breaking. Eventually, she finds her philandering husband and slowly crushes him to death. At least, I assume that he died after so much blood was lost.

Nancy then tears apart a building to find her husband’s illicit paramour. Nancy says that Lydia was warned to stop seeing her husband, but to be honest it was hard to hear this speech over the background noise. Nancy walks out of the city only to finally be confronted by the army who kill her with their tank fire.

Army defeats Nancy
Tax payer dollars at work, ergo Operation KILLJOYS

We next see a strangely unperturbed Lydia reminiscing about the off camera fun she had with the shrunken couple. At this point, the continuity confused me as Lydia makes no mention of being abducted by giant-sized Nancy. But then, this sexy blonde begins to grow! Her dialogue and reaction is fun as her body swells out of her bra, dress, panties, and shoes. That said, I do curse the pasties used to hide her nipples.

Lydia follows Nancy’s earlier example and initiates a murderous attack on the besieged city. She somehow acquires a giant skirt and top while off screen and walks around the populated area. Lydia steps on innocent bystanders, crushes a police car, and swallows people. She even went further than Nancy by dropping people from height causing them to splatter against the road below and smacking people with her palms. The video ends a bit abruptly as Lydia continues her devastating stroll.

So, what did I think?

First things first, I appreciated that we got a story! Typically these videos possess only threadbare narratives, but this was much more involved. Additionally, there was significant effort put into the audio and visual special effects.

Regarding the negatives, chief among those was my personal disdain for crush and vore. I am a “make love not war” type of guy, and would much rather see these ladies kiss each other than stomp upon and swallow people. Less blood plus more nudity and sex is my motto.

Additionally, video quality took brief dips occasionally and the picture became pixelated, as in these examples.

pixelated background

pixelated lower leg

Also, the background of the first driving sequence was choppy with a jittery frame rate as shown below.

choppy background during driving

Overall, I recommend this video to any giantess fan. It is well worth the expense. The quality is unmatched in this erotic sub-genre. Gary mentioned that he would love to do a “Village of the Giants” remake and I hope to see that some day!

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