“The Librarian’s GIANTESS Transformation” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures

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Today, we’ll examine a growing giantess video produced by Ludella Hahn. There She Grows has already reviewed a few of Ludella’s other productions. Most recently, we looked at “Ivy’s EXPANDING Power – Draining You to GROW into a Giantess” in early May of this year. Now, let’s discuss “The Librarian’s GIANTESS Transformation.” This 25-minute clip was released in mid-July 2021 and showcases a conservatively-dressed professional woman becoming a naked and free-spirited giantess!

Watching someone meek become mighty is fun. Even more fun is watching an attractive lady play a shy and withdrawn bespectacled woman changing into the mightiest and most powerful of all! That’s to say, the theme was right up my alley 🙂

The action starts out in a surprisingly dark fashion with a terminally ill Ludella speaking to a mute and unseen benefactor who has provided an untested cure. (NOTE: No idea what disease her character had, but she coughed a lot which is a clichéd way to indicate that a character is sick!) The side effects of this potential cure are unknown, but Ludella is desperate and willing to try anything.

I loved the many instances of clothing destruction! Also, note that a rapid growth spurt includes a complimentary new hairstyle! ❤

Given the title Librarian’s GIANTESS Transformation, I will take it as a given that readers can successfully guess the side effects. Right off the bat, I will tell you that I enjoyed this work and recommend it to growth and giantess fans. The production quality is a step up from many of Ludella’s peers and I appreciate the effort. The sound effects and enthusiasm put into the dialogue were excellent. For example, in giantess form she swings her hips and the motion was followed by a delightful boom! Cartoonish perhaps, but in keeping with the tone.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some aspects that could be improved. For one, I wouldn’t have selected the forest background used for the second half. It’s not that the forest scene didn’t fit the narrative. The metamorphosing librarian arranged to met her unseen benefactor in the woods, as seen below:

She experiences several height increases over time.

However, given that she was a librarian, I wanted to see Ludella outgrow the library itself. Something similar to the following screenshot from Giantess Zone’s “Attack of the 70ft Woman”:

Maybe Ludella could partner with another creator to produce a scene like this?

Also, it was unclear how tall Ludella became. At one point, she claimed that the only thing that could pleasure her was a skyscraper because nothing else was large enough. At the same time, she was still wearing panties. So, apparently, a skyscraper could fit inside her pussy, but her original undergarments still fit? O_o How could she be taller than a skyscraper yet still be wearing panties designed for a normal woman? That might have been due to a sense of modesty on Ludella’s part, but the panties were eventually destroyed and tossed aside during the final growth spurt. So, she was completely nude for the last 30 seconds or so.

The backdrop was unhelpful for size comparisons.

Also, of note the story includes a threat of violence, but bloodshed was never shown. Ludella will crush the viewer underneath her curves after they masturbate; hence, her jerk-off instructions (JOI) are a gift of sorts to allow the viewer to pleasure themself one last time before Ludella, now a “Goddess,” kills them. To be clear, there were no scenes of a person being hurt. I just mention this so fans who only watch gentle giantesses are aware and can avoid this.

That noted, I think most size fans will appreciate this video. The Librarian’s GIANTESS Transformation can be purchased for $16.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36032/25100283/the-librarians-giantess-transformation-feeble-librarian-grows-into-a-towering-curvaceous-goddess-with-experimental-formula-pov-with-joi-clothing-destruction-multiple-growths-hd-mp4-1080p

(NOTE: The $16.99 price is a limited time offer. However, to put it into context, other Ludella Clips have had “limited time” prices which have lasted for well over a year! “Nerd’s GROWING Revenge” has had a discounted price since May 2020. A year is much longer than what I consider a limited time offer. So, limited time seems to just be a sales gimmick. Although, technically speaking, a limited time is any amount of time with set beginning and end points. So, on sale for a period of a year or more still fits under the definition of limited, in the most pedantic manner 😉 )

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s post will cover BustArtist’s grOw/cinema 2, Episode 2. Until then, keep growing!

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