“Nerd’s GROWING Revenge” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures


“Nerd’s GROWING Revenge” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures is a 17-minute clip first released in mid-February 2018. Ludella plays a pretty redheaded nerd, as seen below:


The story begins with Ludella being bullied for her short stature by some unseen mute and unnamed person. (NOTE: Of course, the character is not actually meant to be perceived as mute. It’s just that no other performer was hired to appear opposite of Ludella, and thus she is the only person speaking.)

Ludella wishes to appear taller and therefore had earlier acquired a pair of bright red high heels. (A color-matched accessory to go with her wig.) The saleswoman reportedly claimed that the shoes would be a “magic remedy.”


Now, I want to pause a moment, and make an observation. Not a critique of this video per se, but a simple observation. Is it just me, or is the stereotype of someone wearing glasses automatically being a nerd no longer applicable to modern college students? (Or to life in general.) Additionally, how many guys and gals see a woman like this:

2 out of 10 for sure. Those glasses, so ew! 😉 Hopefully, my sarcasm is obvious.

And think, “Her glasses make her totally unappealing and thus I should not treat her well. I could treat her nicely and potentially win the romantic interest of a sexy co-ed, but instead I will bully her.

Obviously, “glasses equal nerd” is a well-worn trope, but I feel that it has run its course. Like I previously stated, this is not a negative comment about this video. Rather, this is Solomon making a statement about tropes in general that are no longer relevant. Yet, their usage is understandable as to create a nerd-themed video without the “four-eyed freak” look would probably turn off potential customers. <sigh> Long rant made short, I’d like to see new creative approaches to portraying the nerd stereotype.

Back to the story, putting the new heels on she taps them together three times. (In an apparent reference to 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz.”) This initiates a magical spell which causes her to grow! ❤ This new found size changes the power dynamic between her and her bully as she becomes the dominant one. That’s the gist of the narrative.

This clip featured a brief, yet enjoyable, growth sequence.

Now, I’d like to call for a curse on the head of the undergarment manufacturer who built such a durable bra that steadfastly refused to yield to the young lady’s enlarging bosom!(Whatever happened to planned obsolescence and dishonest clothiers making shabby garments? Why must she buy brassieres from dedicated and honest tailors? 😥 )

All that is to say, there is no nudity. In several of her other clips, Ludella performs au naturale, but not in this one.

I enjoyed Ludella turning the tables on her tormentor. That said, it takes non-trivial suspension of disbelief to accept that Ludella is now a giantess and not just someone who removed their glasses and shirt 😉

Also, for some reason at one point the watermark fades out on the bottom left side and fades into the right. Then it moves to the top right. Then to the top left. Now back down to the bottom left. The cycle continues from there. Not sure what the point was. Bottom line, watermarks are best used when they’re not used at all.

Ludella puts her new slave to work tending her feet.

Clothing destruction and subsequent nudity, as well as using another performer to play the bully, would have been a benefit. Yet, those aspects noted, overall this was an enjoyable giantess clip. Therefore, I recommend Nerd’s Growing Revenge to growing giantess fans and those who love strong women. It can be purchased for $14.99 here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36032/19154117/nerds-growing-revenge-giantess-goddess-growth-transformation-hd-mp4-1080p

Ludella threatens to swallow her bully. Just how big are we to perceive her as? Is she capable of swallowing a person whole while still fitting comfortably inside the room ❓

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