“Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH – A Powerful Villainess Transformation” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures


“Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures is a 21-minute production first released in mid-March 2020. (NOTE: I previously reviewed Ludella’s “Nerd’s GROWING Revenge.”) In this clip, Ludella is parodying the DC Comics supervillain Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, better known as “Poison Ivy.” Poison Ivy first appeared during the summer of 1966 in Batman #181. As her moniker suggests, Poison Ivy has plant-based abilities and often is portrayed fighting for environmental causes to protect her beloved flora.


Poison Ivy has also appeared in various media outside of comics. For example, she was one of the main antagonists in the 1997 live-action “Batman & Robin” film, in which her character was played by Uma Thurman. In that film, Ivy’s kiss could kill, and Robin was only able to survive her lethal smooch with the aid of rubber lips.

Poison Ivy has appeared in many video games and was a playable character in the 2017 “Injustice 2” fighting game. Lastly, she has appeared in many animated series, such as the currently ongoing “Harley Quinn.” In episode 12 of the first season, released in mid-February 2020, Poison Ivy drinks contaminated water and transforms into a giantess. (NOTE: Given the timing, it seems plausible that Ludella watched the Harley Quinn episode and then decided to make this clip.)

^ This was an enjoyable scene 😎

In Ludella Hahn’s Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH, Poison Ivy has been extracting the powers of unspecified heroes and heroines in Gotham, Batman’s home city. Technically speaking, most of the crime fighters in Gotham, such as Batgirl, Batman, Huntress, Nightwing, Robin, etc., do not have superpowers, but we’ll overlook that 😉

Shout out to one of my favorite Gotham characters, Man-Bat, who does have a superpower, that being his ability to transform into a humanoid bat.

Ivy speaks directly to the viewer as if we were another super-powered individual, from which she will extract the ability to grow into a giantess! (NOTE: DC Comics does have characters such as Apache Chief, Atom, Atom Smasher, Elasti-Girl, Giganta., etc., who have size-changing powers, but to the best of my knowledge none of them are based in Gotham.) The entire production is shot from the first-person perspective of a mute observer.

Unfortunately, fold lines in the backdrop were clearly visible. Also, watermarks are never welcome 😐

Ludella gives a good performance; she is enthusiastic and welcomes her transformation. Additionally, as it did in the aforementioned Batman & Robin film, Ivy’s powerful kiss plays a key role. (NOTE: In the comics, Ivy typically uses kissing to deliver mind-controlling or fatal toxins.)

Perhaps the bright red wig and lipstick will appear garish or trashy to some, but I didn’t mind. The overly saturated colors work well for a comic character.

Furthermore, Ivy’s expanding body tears apart her flimsy outfit.



Somehow all the discarded clothing lands in the same place 😉

Regarding negatives, perhaps this clip runs for too long. We listen to Ivy repeat her plans to crush us underneath her ass or tits while she shakes her bottom and adopts various poses to show off her fully nude body.

Always appreciate naked performers in fetish videos ❤

That said, while some may find this overly long, other fans will likely enjoy the drawn out tension as Ivy vocalizes her intentions over and over. She seemingly relishes the torture of teasing her prey.

While omitting the exact details, it can be stated that her victim is eventually dispatched in a non-graphic manner.

There was a bit for vore fans when she threatens to swallow the viewer 🙂

Overall, I recommend Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH. Fans of crushing threats, giantess growth sequences, and vore will each find something to enjoy. As of mid-August 2020, the clip was on sale for $16.99 at this link. (NOTE: It was not stated just how long this “limited time” discount would last. Perhaps this offer will last one more day or another week or longer, who knows?)



P. S. Ludella produced a few other Ivy-related clips such as “Ivy’s Bat Trap – Bat Hahn Bound by Vines and Gassed,” “Ivy’s Booty Brainwash – A POV PAWG Cosplay Fetish Parody,” and “Ivy Under the Mistletoe – POV Hero Seduced & Drained by Power Sucking Kisses.”

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