“Tiny Stocking Stuffer for your Giantess Ex-GF” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures

Good morning everyone,

Today, we’re turning our size-hunting eyes away from unnatural growth to its opposite, super-natural shrinkage. (Please note: In this case, male shrinkage is not a problem because the lady requested it.) Specifically, let’s dive into “Tiny Stocking Stuffer for your Giantess Ex-GF” from Ludella Hahn. (NOTE: There She Grows has already covered several of Ludella’s videos such as “Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH,” “Pump It Up!”, and “The Librarian’s GIANTESS Transformation.”)

Tiny Stocking Stuffer for your Giantess Ex-GF was released last week, on December 2nd, 2021. This 16-minute long video stars Ludella as a woman who asks Santa to shrink down her ex-boyfriend so that she may tease and taunt him. Santa Claus apparently had no issues obliging her unusual wish so Ludella finds her former lover in a stocking, just like she wanted!

This has been discussed before, but it bears repeating. The line which says “On SALE for just $14.99 for a LIMITED TIME!” should be put in context with the fact that other Ludella videos, like Nerd’s GROWING Revenge, had been on sale for well over a year! The price for Nerd’s GROWING Revenge has been discounted from at least May 2020 until the time of this writing.

Once discovered, Ludella teases the former lover with her ass and breasts:

Hmm.. what’s up with the darkened corner? Was something partially blocking the camera?

She eventually strips off all of her clothes while berating the minuscule man for his lackluster lovemaking skills. There was full nudity on display here and, as is typical, Ludella provided a solid performance with enthusiastic line delivery. (NOTE: Although, her warm winter cap was never removed. Maybe, just like with cowboy boots, sex is better when wearing winter caps! 😉 )

In general, fans of shrunken men with normal-sized women should enjoy this clip. (SIDE NOTE: I can’t bring myself to use the grossly inaccurate “giantess” descriptor when the woman in question is in fact, normal size. Many an Internet search has been ruined by the erroneous use of “giantess.”)

That noted, the most significant problem with this production was the lack of a performer to portray the tiny boyfriend. No one voiced that character and not even a toy prop stood in to represent the diminutive fellow. Instead, there was only Ludella and a handheld camera representing the little man’s POV. Ludella did the best she could given the limitations of being a “… one-woman-company …” as it says in the end credits. Nonetheless, as a customer, I’d love to see her partner with a post-production artist to add special effects and a second performer. There’s only so much a person can do by themselves.

Of course, if a performer makes plenty of money on their own then they have no incentive to deal with the complications of working with other people. For instance, in a video produced by Lovely Lilith entitled “Q&A Plus Measurements,” Lilith noted that it was easier for her to perform as a solo performer. When performing alone she didn’t have to worry about the other person making a mistake or “making the energy weird” if they didn’t understand a particular fetish. Presumably, Ludella Hahn has also found it easier to work solo.

Although, in contrast to Lovely Lilith, Ludella Hahn has previously worked for many adult entertainment companies including appearing on magazines covers for Bachelor Pad and Leg Show. (NOTE: Those are just two out of the many magazines in which Ludella appeared. For a complete list, see her resume here: http://ludellahahn.com/resume.html) Therefore, Ludella has prior experience working with other creators.

Bottom line, I believe her productions would greatly benefit from the assistance of additional staff. It means little to hear Ludella threaten a tiny man with being crushed when that man is eerily quiet when faced with great pleasure or immense pain. However, if that tiny man actually had a voice then it would have more impact. That tiny man could voice his joy at exploring her curves or alternatively express his dismay at the possibility of being crushed. Instead, fans only hear Ludella talking to herself. Further, a stand-in, even if just an immobile action figure, for the minuscule ex-boyfriend would have been appreciated.

However, mine may be a minority opinion and Ludella will probably continue to function as a one-person company indefinitely. Still, I’d love a return to high-production value erotic films, like what was seen in the so-called “Golden Age of Porn.” Let’s put more money and personnel towards improving size-fetish productions!

That’s it for now folks. Next Tuesday’s post will continue the shrinking person theme with a seasonal comic from Shrink Fan. Until then, keep shrinking!

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