Shrink Fan’s “Sandy Claus’ Tiny Christmas”

Good morning all,

This holiday size train is still going strong! Thus, today’s post will continue the blog’s recent shrinking theme with a review of a comic released by Shrink Fan last year, on December 1st, 2020. We’re going to explore Sandy Claus’ Tiny Christmas from Shrink Fan.

Joe Mahan served as the writer for this one shot and Octo was the artist. Layout duties were done by Paw of Studio GFX and editing duties were done by Cezar Nix. To date, this is Joe Mahan’s sole writing credit at Shrink Fan, but Joe also wrote “Tammy Towers Takes On the World” for the sister site Giantess Fan. In contrast, Octo has drawn a lot for Interweb comics (Shrink Fan’s parent company). Octo illustrated Giantess Fan’s “Allergens” and “Growing The Franchise,” and Shrink Fan’s “Survival of the Smallest” to give just a few examples.

Fortunately, she wears her festive attire well 🙂

The action of this particular issue is focused on four individuals: Sandy Claus (as in a daughter of Santa Claus), an elf called Percy, Santa’s wife Cindy Claus, and Jack Frost (as in the mythical being). Sandy has the hots for Jack and is dismissive of the surprisingly tiny elves at the North Pole. Percy takes issue with her attitude and uses Santa’s shrink ray to reduce her to elf size. (NOTE: The ray is what enables Santa to fit down chimneys.)

Those main characters quickly pair off and have sex. Two separate couples getting frisky that is, consisting of a tiny man with a tiny woman and a normal-size man with a normal-sized woman to be specific. There was no group sex or intercourse between tinies and regular people. Overall, this satisfied the basic requirement of miniature lovers having fun in a yuletide setting.

It’s a minor issue, but Cindy Claus was called both “Ms” and “Mrs.” Normally, stories which include the wife of Santa Claus call her Mrs. Claus. For examples, see the “In popular media” section at this Wikipedia page. It could be argued that using “Ms” was a stylistic decision, but if that was the case then it should have been consistently used.

This wasn’t bad, but not great either. The story was okay, and to be honest there’s only so much plot that can fit into 15 pages. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this was simple and to the point. (NOTE: Although, it was regrettable that the female protagonist didn’t actually climax. Furthermore, without giving spoilers, the ending was not what Sandy expected or wanted.)

The art was acceptable, but the backgrounds lacked detail and the coloring was basic. For example, in the following panel it looks like there are blank pieces of paper stuck on the wall. Maybe those were meant to represent Santa Claus’ famous naughty or nice list? If so, making sure “Naughty” or “Nice” was printed on them and adding squiggly lines to represent smaller writing would have made that clear. As they are, they could be blank sticky notes stuck to a wall for no reason.

Also, the contents of the pot on the stove were drawn in such a way that it almost looked like a tentacle was coming out of the hot cocoa, or whatever was cooking. Presumably, that was just steam wafting off a hot liquid. However, the color of the steam matched the color of the liquid itself. Therefore, it reminded me a bit of the water monster “The Watcher in the Water” from Lord of the Rings. (NOTE: Only a tiny bit 😉 )

Since this is the North Pole my guess is that the pot holds hot chocolate and the elves are mixing in sugar or cinnamon or some other spice suited to that traditional beverage. And to be clear, it wasn’t explicitly stated what it was. Maybe the contents were meant to be the same color as steam because it was something magical?

Moreover, those art critiques were minor issues and it’s important not to overemphasize them.

Overall, Sandy Claus’ Tiny Christmas gets a lukewarm recommendation. This got the job done of presenting a kinky shrinking tale within Santa’s home, but while reading this it felt like minimal effort was given.

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s post will analyze a holiday-themed live-action giantess video. Until then, best to get growing!

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