Giantess Zone’s “X-Mas Mega Tara”

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Today’s review will cover a holiday-themed live-action giantess video. Specifically, we’re looking at “X-Mas Mega Tara” from Giantess Zone. Tara Bush, the sole performer in this video, has performed in numerous clips for Media Impact Productions to include “Grow On You Too FX,” “Tara in Growth Spell,” and “Two Grew Over The Cukoos Nest.” She also appeared in videos from other creators and has created fetish works since at least 2008 for her own studios, including but not limited to “Balloons by Tara Bush” and “Tara’s Foot Fetish World.” Tara is an attractive woman and a solid performer, but that’s not to say that she was given much to work with in this instance.

X-Mas Mega Tara was released in mid-March 2017. It’s only available in a relatively low-resolution of 720 x 400 pixels.

Screenshot of the clip’s page at Clips4Sale.

Of interest, X-Mas Mega Tara is $2.99 cheaper at Fetishlands, seen below, compared to Clips4Sale.

Screenshot of the clip’s page at Fetishlands.

This clip begins with Tara, who was wearing a Santa Claus cap and nightie, quickly growing to giantess dimensions for no apparent reason. She subsequently swallows a few people and stomps around. Of note, Tara only pantomimed the act of swallowing people. That’s to say, she didn’t actually swallow anything, but instead merely pretended to be putting people into her mouth. Additionally, Tara did not damage any of the neighboring skyscrapers.

Sound effects included stock background music as well as the often re-used Media Impact growing noise, booming footsteps, and screaming crowds. After the initial music finished playing there was a noise present for most of the runtime. It was like a microphone popping or low-level static, as if someone off camera was crumpling tin foil. Presumably, that was due to problems with the audio pick-up.

It was a very brief, “blink and you miss it,” moment, but Tara stepped too far off her mark at one point. When that happened she went past the green screen and her elbow disappeared, as seen above.

Tara shifted around a bit and gave a monologue about the perks of being a powerful giantess then the video ended. Throughout the performance her dialogue was delivered clearly and intelligibly, but without much excitement. (NOTE: Some fans may prefer a more subdued or “even-keeled” performance as opposed to an exuberant performance. Personally, I appreciate dramatic flair and don’t mind a little over acting. After all, becoming a giantess is a momentous event!) The only nod to Christmas was the clothing. No mention was made to the holiday and the season of giving had no bearing on her decisions. Her movements were aimless and unmotivated. She had no apparent goals and no challenge to overcome. Lastly, there was zero nudity or sex. Overall, X-Mas Mega Tara was boring and thus this is an easy pass.

It is my hope that we the fans, those who enjoy size-themed erotica, can motivate and support creators to produce higher quality content. Let’s save our hard-earned money for those creators who put in the effort to make their work shine.

That’s it for now folks, next week’s reviews will begin with a CGI Christmas comic showcasing both growing and shrinking. Until then, keep spreading the holiday cheer with the gift of size!

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  1. This Video was shot in 2003 Not 2017. The date you pulled is 2017 because that was the time the clips were moved to a new store system.

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