“Lilly’s Christmas” from ZiggyGTS

Welcome back to the size holiday at There She Grows!

Today, we’re looking at a CGI comic from ZiggyGTS, a now-dormant creator. ZiggyGTS first joined DeviantArt in November 2017 and produced a number of illustrated stories such as “Alex in Wonderland,” “Size Matters” (not to be confused with Jyminish’s “Size Matters” CGI comic series), and “The Shrinker’s Club.”

Ziggy’s most recent DeviantArt post was made on May 5th, 2019. Since then, there have been no further updates. To the best of my knowledge, there was no farewell message. Ziggy’s E-junkie store and Patreon have been discontinued. (NOTE: A May 28th, 2019, DeviantArt post stated that the Patreon page was temporarily suspended. Maybe that temporary suspension became permanent.) That’s unfortunate, because Ziggy’s size-themed computer renderings were quite enjoyable. So, let’s turn back the clock and look at a comic from this inactive artist. Let’s dive into “Lilly’s Christmas”!

Lilly’s Christmas was first released via Patreon in December 2017, and later was made available via E-junkie.

It features two elves, the voluptuous female Lilly and her male co-worker Lucas, and Mrs. Claus herself. The action begins with Lilly and Lucas decorating the Redhouse Sweet Shoppe and placing presents under a tree. Lilly has a size-changing gun and, after using its enlarging power on a wrapped gift, uses that miraculous device to shrink Lucas.

Dear Santa, Can I could get one of these ray guns for Christmas? Please and thank you! 🙂

After diminishing her male partner to about an inch or so in height, she has some fun with the tiny lad.

It was difficult to spot small Lucas standing on the floor due to its busy design. Although, the robust theming was greatly appreciated and certainly grounded this tale as unmistakably Christmas!

She disrobes and proceeds to share her bountiful bosom with the tiny elf.

That bosomy bounty was made even more impressive when the well-proportioned lady turned the size-changing gun on herself, but this time the setting was on grow!

An odd choice perhaps to show Lilly pointing the gun at her head. Pointing something which resembles a lethal weapon at one’s own head made me think more about self-harm than changing size. Although, that might just be my own perspective and no one else’s.

After a quick up-sizing, unfortunately without any clothing destruction, there was a bit of foot play and Lilly channeled “Fee-fi-fo-fum” giant energy and stomped about.

Alas, Mrs. Claus played the part of “funsucker” and the frolicking giant-woman-with-tiny-man festivities (and this comic) ended with Mrs. Claus’ arrival.

Mrs. Claus had a curvy figure as well 😎 We need a “Part 2” in which Mrs. Claus and Lilly get freaky!

Overall, this was a good read. It wasn’t perfect, with the most glaring problem being the fact that little actually happened. No nudity was shown, no sex was had, and the interaction between the tiny Lucas and the comparatively huge Lilly was somewhat minimal. Nonetheless, I liked it.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any legitimate channel to purchase Lilly’s Christmas. Some of Ziggy’s comics are still be available as “Premium Downloads” here: https://www.deviantart.com/ziggygts/shop/premium_content

But Lilly’s Christmas is not one of those premium downloads and presumably has been abandoned. That said, a quick online search will more than likely return links, within the first ten results, to illicit copies. It’s exceedingly unfortunate that Lilly’s Christmas is now only available from pirates. Instead of Ziggy earning some money from this comic nowadays Lilly’s Christmas just generates ad revenue for disreputable sites. Bottom line, I’d much prefer it if Ziggy was still getting paid for this creation. Ziggy may return to creating new content someday or may not. Either way, I wish them well.

That’s it for today. In the spirit of charity and generosity, Thursday’s review will discuss a free breast expansion and penis enlargement story. Until then, keep growing!

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