“A Christmas Wish,” a free BE and PE story by BB47

Good morning everyone,

Today’s review of the transformation-filled erotic story “A Christmas Wish” by BB47 is more straight forward than most. Right off the bat, I will tell you that this is recommended! A part of that endorsement is because this breast expansion (BE) and penis enlargement (PE) tale is completely free. However, more significant than its cost-free availability, is the fact that A Christmas Wish is a rewarding read and its theme of two people coming together due to the power of a magical coat is well-suited to conclude the holiday reviews.

But before we dive into A Christmas Wish, I want to take a moment and thank those folks who purchased my stories over the last year, as well as those who commented on blog posts, suggested new media for analysis, and donated. My sincere gratitude to all those who contributed and to those who took the time to read posts here at There She Grows. The number of blog visitors in 2021 more than doubled the number of visitors in 2020! From early January until late December, 2021, over 160,000 people perused articles at There She Grows. It’s very exciting to consider the bright future still to come!

(SPOILER ALERT: In addition to more insightful reviews, stimulating editorials, and interviews with fascinating creators, stay tuned for an upcoming Giantess Fan comic written by yours truly! That comic has already been drawn and is due out in 2022.)

Now, back to A Christmas Wish! This fantastic erotica features swelling boobs and a throbbing growing cock. These wondrous changes are all made possible when help-desk clerk Marvin is forced to don a Santa Claus costume on Christmas Eve after the regular performer suddenly became unavailable. The Yuletide apparel has strange powers and may just be able to make people’s deepest desires come true! Although, in keeping with Kris Kringle’s Naughty or Nice principle, only those who are judged worthy and were good got the gifts. This comes into play when Marvin’s co-worker Mindy is found to be deserving and admits that what she wants for Christmas is a “HUGE set of boobies!” and apparently a well-endowed boyfriend.

This is short, only clocking in at a little less than seven thousand words and therefore makes for a quick read. It’s a simple narrative of dreams coming true and was devoid of any real conflict or tension. Also important to report, it does get surreal with such additions as peppermint-flavored cum and hot chocolate-flavored breast milk! (NOTE: Unless those are routine phenomenon and I missed a memo 😉 ) However, size fans who don’t mind those bizarre aspects in addition to the already incredible BE and PE will find this to be a sweet treat.

A Christmas Wish can be read for free at the following link: https://www.literotica.com/s/a-christmas-wish-10 (NOTE: Additionally, BB47 created other BE and PE-themed erotica like “STX,” “The Curse,” and “The Touch – Mike’s Story.”)

Normally, I would be right there with Marvin and Mindy and I’d wish for amazing body modification of a sexual nature! But right now it is my personal desire that everyone has a relaxing break from work and a vacation from the daily grind. Christmas is only a few days away. Afterwards, New Year celebrations will be just around the corner. Whether you recognize those occasions or not, I hope that the end of this year is a time of charity, fellowship, and renewal.

May all the tinies out there get favorable contracts just like these elves did! (NOTE: This lovely artwork was drawn by African-American artist Robert “Buck” Brown and first appeared in the pages of Playboy magazine.)

That’s it for today and that’s also it for the long list of 2021’s size reviews! The next There She Grows review won’t come out until 2022. The New Year’s first posts will begin with the Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2021 on January 4th and then the annual recap along with hopes for the future on January 6th. Until then, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

P.S. Growth fans should check out the “25 days of Growthmas” Twitter account! Click here for that.

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