Have Yourself A Merry KING-SIZE Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays size fans!

This year I commissioned Aborigen for the superb artwork above and DiDi Star for the outstanding story below. Today, I give these two commissions as a free gift to my readers, please enjoy! Furthermore, do yourself a favor and follow Aborigen and DiDi Star to stay abreast of the latest work from these talented creators.

CONTENT WARNING: The following includes graphic depictions of sex between consenting adult giantesses who wreck havoc on a few buildings, but don’t intend serious harm to the tiny people below them.

And now, without further ado, here is DiDi’s erotic tale inspired by the classic “KING-SIZE Canary” cartoon:


It wasn’t difficult to get in. While the perimeter gate was locked after hours, the front door was usually left open by the property’s sole security guard. All Cat had to do was scale the fence and avoid the scant few cameras that lazily surveyed the area, ducking in and out of their blind spots until she arrived at the entrance. Clad in an apt black catsuit that hugged her generous curves tightly, the beautiful burglar quietly opened the door, spotting her next obstacle. There, the aforementioned security guard, Bulldog, sat in her chair behind the front desk, enjoying a quick nap. With the guile of a master thief, the intrepid intruder gracefully snuck past the snoozing security guard and made her way to the heart of the studios where she was sure to find her prize.

She knew the halls of the building like the back of her hand. During the daylight hours, this was her place of employ, Hot Canaries – Modelling For Distinguished Clientele. Being one of the many models in the agency’s considerable stable, it was a fast-paced, competitive business, one that Cat was desperate to stay on top of at any cost, hence her little after-hours excursion. Besides, that little hussy, Mouse, had been gaining a lot of favour with the higher-ups within the company, encroaching on the limelight Cat so desperately craved for herself. This slight against her couldn’t stand, so the seductive sneak took matters into her own hands.

She had received a tip, more of a rumour, really, but the info seemed too good to ignore. Somewhere within Hot Canaries was some sort of miracle formula, some kind of cosmetic enhancer so potent that anyone who got their hands on even a drop of this alleged substance would rise to levels of stardom unimaginable. Even if this rumour had a shred of credibility, Cat knew she needed it all to herself, keeping it out of the hands of any would-be challengers to her throne, like that little thorn in her side, Mouse.

From the dressing rooms to the studio spaces, Cat searched every inch of the premises, cursing her luck as she climbed the stairs to the offices on the upper levels. The offices meant locked doors and while Cat was certainly stealthy, she was no locksmith. If her prize hid behind a locked door somewhere, her search was as good as over.

Or so she thought.

As the sly seductress slinked around a corner, she noticed something odd down the hallway, an open door with a light shining erratically through it. Cautiously, Cat crept closer, hearing a quiet commotion come from the open room, sounding as if someone else was inside, being careful not to make too much noise themselves. Realizing that she was not alone, a cold sweat came over her. The only other person that was supposed to be here was Bulldog who couldn’t have gotten up here without running into Cat. Mild panic setting in, the beautiful rogue felt the urge to flee, but at the same time, her latent curiosity began to take over. Someone was clearly robbing the place, it would be irresponsible to leave without seeing who, right? Hell, Cat thought, maybe if she helped catch whoever this was, she’d boost her standing considerably with the company’s higher-ups, as long as they didn’t ask why she herself was there, of course.

“Dammit.” She whispered, unsure of herself as she began to approach the open door. Slowly, carefully, Cat inched forward, stepping softly down the carpeted hall. Taking one final steadying breath, she prepared to assess the room when suddenly, the suspect emerged, shining a flashlight carelessly down the hall in her direction.

“Oh!” The shadowy figure yelped, their voice demure and soft, but startled by Cat’s presence nonetheless. Cat couldn’t make out who was standing there past the blinding flashlight, but she could recognize that voice anywhere.

“Mouse? Is that you?” Cat asked, annoyed, squinting as she held a hand up to block the glare of the light. There was a click, and the flashlight faded, leaving only the ambient light of the moon to illuminate the scene. There, enveloped in the soft lunar glow, they saw each other. Cat and Mouse.“O-oh, Cat. Hi.” Mouse said, forcing out an awkward smile as she attempted to act casual. Raising a skeptical eyebrow, Cat folded her arms, gently squeezing her ample chest as she looked at the peer she had caught red handed. Nervously, Mouse continued.

“I was, uh. I was just here, um, looking for my car keys. Yes, my car keys.” The younger woman clad in similarly stealthy attire explained sheepishly, fishing out a ring of keys from her pocket and jingling them meagerly as she let out an uncomfortable, unconvincing chuckle.

“Uh huh.” Said Cat, staring with bemused disbelief. “You’re here, after hours, looking in the locked offices for your car keys keys to your car that I saw you drive home in earlier today. You’re certain there’s nothing else going on here?”

“Scout’s honour! Promise!” The younger woman blurted, throwing up her hands as if to profess her innocence, car keys and a flashlight rattling in one hand, and a strange bottle of liquid sloshing in the other. Realizing her mistake a moment too late, Mouse quickly hid the bottle behind her back and laughed another uncomfortable laugh. 

“Of course, dear. Makes perfect sense to me.” Cat purred with a wide and smug Cheshire grin. Taking a step forward, she sidled up to her younger colleague, coiling an arm around the nervous girl’s shoulders as she beamed at her with that same smug smile. Mouse was unsure of what was happening, having trouble discerning if Cat was being genuine. In their work life, Mouse found her older peer to be difficult at times, cold, self-obsessed, even outwardly adversarial to the other girls that worked at Hot Canaries. That didn’t stop mouse from trying to be polite and professional whenever the two worked together, but every interaction with Cat left the demure girl scratching her head. As Cat’s arm fell upon her shoulders, she found the warmth disarming, comforting almost. Cat pulled herself in tight, pressing her shapely hips against Mouse’s as she began to walk down the hall, moving the confused-yet-enchanted girl along in tow. The two had worked before, finding themselves in much closer contact than this, but something felt different to Mouse now. They weren’t on the clock, they weren’t under the lens of a camera, this felt dangerous, personal. As the two walked in tandem down the hall, Cat’s gentle fingers traced a delicate path along Mouse’s chest to her neck, softly grazing the nervous girl’s chin.

“You know.” Said Cat, her tone hushed and serious. “It’s really good that I found you up here and not Bulldog. Can you imagine what kind of trouble you’d be in if the bigwigs found out about this?”

As the two reached the stairs and began to descend, Mouse had only an instant to consider what Cat was saying as she continued without giving the young girl a chance to speak.

“I mean trespassing, breaking and entering …” Cat trailed off, her arm leaving Mouse’s shoulder with startling quickness as she snatched the bizarre bottle the diminutive delinquent did such a poor job to conceal. Mouse yipped, surprised by the sudden action, unable to stop Cat as she held the bottle in front of her face, shaking it tauntingly.

“… theft.” The older model said with smug satisfaction.

“Cat, no! Give me that back!” Mouse protested, trying and failing to retrieve the bottle as Cat pulled it away and made down the stairs in a hurry.

“If you want it so bad, then I KNOW I need to have it!” Cat said with a huff, already rounding the corner at the bottom of the stairs when she paused for a moment, all her momentum and triumph fizzling out as she saw what stood before her.

“Cat, so good to see you at work early for a change. 11 hours early if I’m not mistaken.” There, at the end of the corridor abutting the stairs stood Bulldog, a veritable mountain of a woman, wide and tall with a beautiful-yet-intimidating stone-cold stare that stopped anyone in their tracks. She had been the sole security for Hot Canaries since day one, someone that got the job done no matter what, barring a few instances of sleeping on the job.

Unaware of the situation at the bottom of the stairs, Mouse barrelled down the steps and around the corner, seeing the scene unfolding before her as she was unable to escape. Everything within her being told her to turn around and flee, but the second she locked eyes with the glowering security guard, Mouse knew it was over.

“Is that little Mouse?” The stern security guard asked incredulously. “I would have expected this kind of behaviour from Cat here, but never from you, young lady.”

Mouse dipped her head in shame, shuffling reluctantly towards Bulldog’s commanding presence. Though she may have been caught too, Cat smirked a smug, satisfied grin at seeing her pesky peer chastised. Bulldog placed a gentle grip on Mouse’s shoulder and pulled her along, doing the same to Cat but with much more force, clamping firmly on the older model’s arm with ironclad strength.

“Now then, ladies.” Bulldog said as the trio began to walk back through the halls of the agency. “Why don’t you both tell me what the hell is goin’ on.”

“I was just doing my due diligence. I caught our curious little friend here sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.” Cat explained with a forced bravado. “You should be thanking me Bulldog. Otherwise Mousy here would’ve slipped past you with whatever THIS is.”

Cat held the mysterious bottle up, letting Bulldog get a good look at it as they passed under the dim lights of the studio space. It seemed innocuous enough, a green glass bottle with a simple label that read ‘Jumbo Gro’ adorned with a bright picture of a rather wimpy looking sunflower marked ‘Before’ next to a monstrous sunflower marked ‘After.’ Bulldog inspected the strange bottle, turning to Mouse, confused.

“You broke in here… for plant food?” The security guard asked, dumbfounded. Mouse sheepishly turned away, embarrassed.

“I don’t know, maybe. I’m not even sure if that’s what I was supposed to look for.” The younger girl admitted, ashamed.

“Let me guess.” Cat interrupted. “You got a tip about something here at the agency that would give you an edge against the rest of us, right?”

“Y-yea.” Mouse replied, her eyes lighting up with surprise.“how did you know-”

“I got the same tip.” The older model interrupted yet again. “But I should’ve known it was nothing but hot air. I never would have come here over a bottle of gardening supplies.”

As the trio reached the centre of the large studio space, Cat dropped the bottle without care, the loud glassy clink of it’s impact with the floor echoing throughout the spacious room, but the bottle remained intact. There was silence for a moment as Bulldog took in what she had heard, processing the absurdity of it all.

“So, you’re tellin’ me you BOTH broke in here for nothin’?” She asked, taking a moment to scratch her head, letting go of Mouse’s shoulder. “Who the heck gave you this so-called tip, anyway?”

The two compromised girls looked at each other, saying nothing for a moment as Bulldog continued to ponder. In truth, neither Cat nor Mouse knew who informed them of the potential score hiding in Hot Canaries, the tip was left anonymously. As Cat felt her shoulder begin to go numb from her captor’s unyielding grip, she couldn’t help but chuckle. It had to have been a hoax, something sent to all the models at the agency, and only her and Mouse were foolish enough to take the bait.

“I think we’ve been scammed, kiddo.” Cat said, a hint of remorse permeating through her haughty attitude. Mouse locked eyes with Cat, then looked to the bottle, left unguarded on the floor and shrugged.

“Only one way to know for sure!”

With nimble deftness, the reserved beauty dove for the bottle of Jumbo Grow, pulling the cork loose. Cat tried to jerk free from Bulldog’s grip as the pungent chemical smell wafted from the neck of the bottle and the surprised security guard tried to regain control.

“Mouse, come on. Whatever’s goin’ on here, it’s definitely not worth whatever that is.” Bulldog reasoned, watching the wide-eyed girl raise the bottle to her lips. Cat stared intently, watching her younger rival with rapt attention. She was certain this was all a ruse. It had to be, right? There was nothing in that bottle but plant food, a cocktail of fertilizers and formulas that, at worst, had no effect on Mouse, and at best, made her too sick to be a threat. Releasing her vice-like grip on Cat’s shoulder, Bulldog stepped towards Mouse cautiously. The younger model paused, assessing the threat of capture, and then took a hearty swig from the bottle and set it down.

“Aww, come ON, Mouse! Seriously?!” Bulldog exclaimed as Mouse swallowed the supposed elixir and retched, struggling to keep it down. Cat squealed with delight, watching her colleague hack and cough and sputter, seemingly all for nothing.

“Well, I guess that’s that.” Cat said smugly, turning to head for the exit.

“Wait.” Mouse said gravely, holding herself tightly as she began to shudder. Cat paid her no mind, continue her stride as Bulldog knelt beside the quaking girl to get a better look.

“Hey. Come on, kid. Are you ok?” Bulldog asked, carefully looking Mouse over with worry. “Cat, call 911, or poison control, or somethin’.”

“Oh please.” Cat retorted, turning around. “How do we know she’s not faking it? A last-ditch attempt to garner sympathy, how pathetic.”

As Cat spun to leave, the normally quiet Mouse let out an sharp gasp of pain, surprising the two other women. Her shuddering continued, faster, into full-fledged tremors and spasms that Bulldog tried and failed to keep still. If it was a performance, it was certainly convincing, and as much as Cat hated to be wrong, if Mouse actually was in mortal danger, she knew she needed to do something. Turning away from the bizarre scene, so to not let Bulldog or Mouse see her genuine concern, Cat retrieved her phone and dialed.

“911, what is your emergency?” A tinny voice asked through the phone.

“It’s my friend, she drank something and now she’s sick.” Cat explained, calmly, trying her hardest to mask a sudden feeling of responsibility. Behind her, Mouse continued to convulse as Bulldog tried to hold her still and comfort her. Something strong was taking hold of her, something that began to bubble deep within her and expand outward. Underneath the dark, tight athletic wear Mouse chose to keep a low profile, her skin felt like it was ready to catch fire. She gasped, panted, and groaned, hoping that the feeling would pass when suddenly, she felt the tension release.

“Ok, ma’am. What is your location?” The emergency responder asked as the sound of elastic knit and spandex burst and tore. Cat, confused, turned around to face the group as she answered the question.

“We’re at 35th and 112 Northwest, Hot Canaries…” Cat trailed off, now laying eyes on her younger peer again. “Can I call you back?”

Without waiting for a response, Cat let her phone fall to the floor. In front of the older girl, Mouse still knelt, but her clothes were in tatters, her pale, delicate skin was showing through in the rips and holes of her now strained clothing. Bulldog watched too, mouth agape at what she and Cat were seeing unfold before their eyes as Mouse panted heavily, gasping for breath.

“Ahh.. ahh… AHHHH!” The younger model exclaimed, the sound of her clothes tearing punctuating the pauses between her sharp exhalations. Heavy beads of sweat dropped from her beautiful face as she continued to convulse, feeling the steady, almost electric rhythm of these strange pulses hit again and again as she continued to expand outward on all sides, her curves swelling and growing, reaching their crescendo when finally.

“AHHHHH” Mouse cried, not in pain, but in relief. The shredded remnants of her clothes, the tightly fitting athletic garb that she chose to commit her break-in, fell away as the last few threads snapped and the convulsions stopped. All the was left was Mouse, now noticeably larger than before, almost completely naked, and the two other woman that watched the scene unfold.

“S-so…” Mouse panted, an amused grin on her face. “I’m your friend now?

“Well, I needed to tell them SOMETHING!” Cat retorted, in shock as she sized up her now much-larger colleague. Splaying her hands out before her, Mouse stretched, arching herself forward as the last few clinging threads of her outfit popped loose. Neither Cat nor Bulldog knew what to say next, the both of them unsure of what they were seeing. Mouse simply grinned towards the two normal-sized women until Cat broke the awkward silence, laughing hysterically.

“This, this is just too rich!” She howled, doubling over in a fit of laughter. “All that trouble and for what? Look at you, girl! You’re halfway to becoming a Macy’s Day parade balloon!”

Cat spun around, her uproariously laughter echoing through the large studio space as she wiped away tears, clearly pleased by the bizarre outcome on display. Mouse and Bulldog shared a look of incredulity before the security guard, again becoming aware of the situation at hand after Cat’s outburst, tried to regain control.

“Mouse, how are you feelin’? Are you hurt?” Bulldog asked, reaching out and laying a hand on the younger girl’s oversized shoulder. Bulldog wasn’t a particularly tall woman, but at 5’9’’, she was the tallest in the room, at least, she was before whatever happens to Mouse happened. Now, as the newly-expanded model knelt on the studio floor, her and the security guard were at eye-level with each other, a detail that perturbed Bulldog.

“No. I feel fine.” Mouse said, looking herself over. “Like, I think I feel better than fine.”

Carefully, Mouse began to stand, rising to her full height of 10ft. Bulldog took a step back, watching as the monolithic girl towered over her and Cat, who had now turned around to see it for herself.

“We need to get you to a hospital, kid.” Bulldog said in a grave, almost hushed whisper.

“While she can still fit in the ambulance.” Cat added, snidely.

“Guys, I’m fine! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good, I mean, just look at me!” Mouse replied confidently, stretching again, this time raising her arms upward to give her two smaller colleagues an eyeful of her curvaceous form, her long brown hair cascading over her beautiful body.

“Blech” Cat mocked. “I’m all for body positivity hun, but this is a step too far, don’t you think? You’re supersized, a freak! How on earth is anybody going to take you seriously when you’re the size of a whale?”

“That’s enough, Cat!” Bulldog barked, turning her attention back to mouse as she adopted a softer tone. “Regardless, I still think it’s a good idea to get you looked over. We don’t know what happened, if this is permanent or not.”

“Actually, I think this is a change for the better.” Mouse announced, brimming with confidence as she sauntered over to her older colleague, peering down past the expanse of her significant bust. “What’s the matter, Pussycat? Scared of a little ‘steep’ competition?”

“You are playing with fire, kiddo.” Cat warned, glowering up at the much larger girl as venom dripped from every word. Even though the physical tables had turned, Cat was not one to back down when challenged. Her demeanour stayed the same, her usual haughty “better than you and I know it” attitude shone through and through as she tried to condescend, but behind the facade, Cat was furious and Mouse knew just how to push her buttons.

“Please, what are you gonna do about it, shorty?” Mouse retorted, placing a triumphant hand on her shapely hip. The audacity of this oversized brat, this freak of an upstart. Did she know who she was talking to? Did she know who she was pissing off? As Cat stood there, silently steaming with quiet fury, Mouse simply cocked her hips and continued to grin, knowing full well that she had her smaller rival right where she wanted her. Cat ruled this roost for too long, it was time someone brought her down several pegs and in that moment, Mouse was extremely grateful that she was the one to do it. It was so easy to manipulate Cat’s pride, her arrogance. She was a bully, all Mouse needed to do was stand her ground and Cat would fold like a house of cards.

Or so she thought.

“Fine, you wanna play like that?” Cat hissed, her seething rage reaching a boiling point. Bulldog watched the two closely, Mouse simply folded her arms, wondering what, if anything, her little rival could do. But there was a move she hadn’t considered, one that seemed obvious in hindsight but in the moment, slipped the mind of everyone but Cat. With a deft swiftness, the older model juked to the side and sprinted past the towering Beauty with ease into a slide, skidding across the studio floor to scoop up the unguarded bottle of Jumbo Gro.

“Cat! Do NOT do that!” Bulldog growled, taking a cautious step towards Cat.

“Yea, Pussycat. ‘How is anyone gonna take you seriously when you’re the size of a whale?’.” Mouse mocked, certain that her vain older colleague wouldn’t dare drink from the bottle. And indeed, Cat did hesitate, she loathed the idea of taking a sip from the bottle, becoming a freak like Mouse. But if it helped put that runt of a rival in her place, Cat knew she had to.

In that instant, she raised the strange bottle to her lips, hearing the desperate warnings from Bulldog and the amazed laughter from Mouse fade into nothingness as her senses shut off. The liquid hit her tongue, it was vile, waxy, tasting of unpleasant chemicals, but she held the bottle aloft and took a hearty swig, one bigger than Mouse took.

At least, that’s how it went in her head. As Cat tasted the Jumbo Gro formula, she instantly began to choke on the repugnant liquid, struggling to swallow any of the strange chemical she poured into her mouth. For what felt like a grueling eternity, she tried to drink until Bulldog took the bottle from her.

“Cat, are you crazy?!” The shocked security guard asked, placing that ironclad grip upon Cat’s shoulder once again. The mischievous model didn’t flinch, hardly feeling the touch as her senses flooded in a cacophony of noise and light, the whole world spinning around her until.

“Fuck!” Cat gasped, clutching her chest as bursts of heat shot through her nervous system. Every cell, every fibre of her being flared to life in a single moment, as though they had activated for one particular purpose, to change.

“God dammit, not you too!” Bulldog shouted, leery of what came next. Mouse simply stood with rapt fascination, now privy to her transformation from an outside perspective as Cat’s metamorphosis began.

“God, I’m burning up!” Cat cried as surges of energy pulsed to the beat of her rapidly pumping heart. The stretchy material of her stealthy catsuit offered some give as her body quickly began to expand, but the elastic soon dug into her ample curves as the suit was pushed to its limits. Digging a manicured hand into the fabric of her straining top, Cat sought to alleviate some of the tension, accidentally tearing the garment outright, freeing her steadily swelling breasts from their constricting hold. Mouse and Bulldog watched, the large model rapt with anxious awe, the security guard wracked with fear, her control of the situation dwindling as fast as Cat was growing. With a few more frenzied gasps, the expanding girl surged outward, splitting the seams of her outfit entirely as the valiant material conceded to her growing form. Shakily, without care, Cat stood up, letting the rest of the rags fall to the ground as she held her head in discomfort.

“Sweet Christmas.” Bulldog gasped, watching in horror as the new titan rose to her full height.

“No way! This is so unfair!” Mouse exclaimed with a pout, approaching Cat with an accusatory finger extended.

“Wh-what?” Cat asked, her dazed head spinning too fast to realize that not only was she taller like she had planned, she was now looking down upon Mouse with about a head’s height of difference.

“You conniving hussy! I was enjoying the show, but you just had to one-up me, didn’t you!?” Mouse cried, thrusting an accusatory finger directly into the soft plush of Cat’s hefty bosom. “You just couldn’t let me have this, could you?!”

“Mouse, come on!“ Bulldog barked. “You egged her on, this is your own fault.”

“Yea, Mouse.” Cat said with icy satisfaction, her lucidity rejoining her as she peered down on her formerly taller rival. Mouse folded her arms with another pout, clearly displeased but Cat paid her no mind. While she wasn’t 100% sold on the idea, and the transformation was certainly harrowing, Cat felt different coming out the other end, revitalized, rejuvenated, sexier than she had ever felt before. At her new height of 13ft tall, her glorious dark skin was supple and soft, her curves had swollen and expanded in flattering ways, she felt strong, powerful. Raising her arms above her head, Cat let out a triumphant stretch, lording her height over the other two girls as if to challenge the studio’s 40ft ceiling. There was silence for a moment, nobody knowing what to say until Bulldog decided to act, snatching the bottle of Jumbo Gro aggressively.

“Ok, I think this nightmare has gone on long enough, it’s time we get to pourin’ this crap down the drain.” The stern security guard announced, turning to head for a bathroom.

“Woah there, BD, let’s not do anything hasty!” Mouse said, taking a few steps to catch up with the smaller woman, now placing her hand on Bulldog’s shoulder, a reversal the guard did not care for. “We can’t just dump that down the drain, think of all the nasties down in the sewers that might get at it!”

Bulldog paused, considering the surprisingly rational stance the larger girl took. Mouse beamed down at her with a warm, innocent smile.

“I suppose we should find a way to safely dispose of this.” Bulldog said, scratching her head with her free hand.

“Exactly!” Mouse exuberantly exclaimed. “Right after I take one more sip.”

With sudden and surprising dexterity for her size, Mouse lunged for the bottle in Bulldog’s hand, but the astute security guard smelled the ploy coming and safely dodged the attempt, hiding the bottle behind her back as she snot the larger girl a fierce look.

“Oh no! You both have had more than enough!” She announced with all the authority she could muster. “No more funny business. I’m getting rid of this and then you’re both going to see a doctor.”

Turning to continue her crusade, Bulldog once again felt Mouse’s hand rest upon her shoulder, this time gripping tightly. At her increased size, the younger model was strong, perhaps stronger than she was even aware of, and her grip locked on the security guard’s shoulder so firmly that it hurt. Bulldog winced, but continued to stare Mouse down with determination.

“Bulldog, pretty please?” Mouse asked, fluttering her lashes with a coy innocence.

“Absolutely not! This won’t continue.” Bulldog said sternly, trying to break free from the gargantuan girl’s hold, refusing to listen to any persuading attempts by Mouse.

“Ugh, fine, I’ll just take it from you then.” The younger model said with an annoyed sigh, pulling Bulldog close with her immense strength. Cat watched, silently contemplating whether or not to step in. As much as she liked seeing Bulldog put in her place, the thought of Mouse getting a leg up on her again was something she couldn’t stand. It was bad enough to at she already had to stoop to the brat’s level, she couldn’t let it get any worse.

“Come on, Mouse, that’s enough. Leave the little puppy alone.” Cat called out, momentarily bringing a halt to the action as the two quarreling women turned to face her.

“That’s easy for you to say when you’re the tallest in the room.” Mouse said, her grip unrelenting as Bulldog fought against her immense strength. “You want me to stop? Come stop me then.”  

“I thought you’d never ask.” Cat purred, descending upon the scuffle with a few brief steps. Placing her arms between them like a wedge, Cat spread her powerful limbs and forced Mouse and Bulldog apart, the latter stumbling onto the floor, still carefully cradling the bottle of Jumbo Gro. Seeing an opportunity, Mouse ducked under Cat’s arm, pouncing on the prone security guard with a single, swift motion, snatching the bottle from the smaller woman. Cat followed, hooking her arm around Mouse’s midriff, pulling the slightly-smaller girl right against her curvaceous body as she reached for the bottle with the other. But Mouse was clever, and with surprising slight of hand, managed to pass the bottle off to her other hand and raise it to her lips before Cat could notice. There was a hearty GLUG as the larger model realized her error. Mouse drank, letting more of the profane chemical into her body, still struggling with the taste.

“You slimy little skank!” Cat hissed, pulling the bottle away as Mouse retched again.

“It tasted better the first time.” The younger girl gasped, wiping some of the fluid away from her lips as she fell to her knees, a noticeable THUD accompanying it.

“I’ll take my chances.” Cat declared, preparing to take a second sip herself, much to Bulldog’s chagrin. Mouse, on the other hand, felt too disoriented to notice, the overwhelming sensation of her oncoming transformation returning. However, this time felt different, pleasant, no, pleasurable. The mild pain and discomfort melted away, instead leaving Mouse with warmth and euphoria as her expansion began anew. However, amidst her bout of rapturous growth, Mouse was oblivious to her rival gulping her own mouthful of the vile-tasting chemical. It wasn’t a chug, but Cat held the bottle to her mouth for a surprising duration, pulling it away only as Bulldog leapt onto her back and furiously tried to wrench the bottle of Jumbo Gro away. The effect felt instantaneous, arriving so suddenly that Cat simply let the scrambling security guard take the bottle with no resistance, her mind too busy to even consider anything but the flood of pleasure her body was experiencing.

“This can’t be happening.” Bulldog whispered, her mind reeling as she watched the two big, buxom beauties before her convulse and spasm, knowing what would come next.

“Ah.” Mouse squeaked, almost inaudibly, so quietly that Bulldog wasn’t certain if she heard it. But hot on its heels, a second gasp, then a third followed, each one soft but noticeable as the younger model began to shake and spasm. The change was starting, the sweat once again beading on her beautiful skin, Mouse simply ran her hands along the length of her growing body, savouring the feeling as every nerve fired. Bulldog watched, seeing Mouse shudder, her soft coos growing louder and quicker as the security guard realized what was going on.

“Mmmmhmm.” Cat purred, her simple, satisfied vocalization telling much the same story as Mouse’s pleasured gasps. The deep moan of the burgeoning giant filled the spacious studio hall as Cat took a knee in quiet reverie, her own senses overtake by the boiling pleasure within her. Together, Cat and Mouse grew, their bodies jutting outward again as their curves quietly thickened. As Mouse continued to explore her own body, her wandering hands teased as they drew closer to her pulsing pussy, wanting so desperately to touch herself and feel her wetness. Despite the insanity of the situation, despite her naked form literally swelling to heights too big to ignore, Mouse felt somewhat prudish and shy before her colleagues, resisting the temptation to pleasure herself in their presence.

Cat, on the other hand, had no such qualms. Cupping a hefty boob, gently caressing a fat nipple with her index finger, Cat shot Bulldog a sultry, smug look as she continued to grow. Tracing the curvature of her body, Cat’s free hand slid downward, grazing the slick wetness of her own throbbing sex. The sensation was instantaneous and electric, the contact jolting through Cat as she let out an unashamed moan of satisfaction and relief, her eyes once again falling on Bulldog as she massaged her clit.

“Gross!” Mouse exclaimed, trying desperately to minimize her own thrums of pleasure. “You’re such a-ahh pervert, Cat!”

“Please, I’m just enjoying myself.” Cat cooed as she sat down, as if to put on a show for the others present, the audible wetness of her pussy echoing throughout the massive studio space. “Nobody is stopping you from having some fun of your own, princess.”

Mouse wanted to be upset, whether at Cat’s usage of the word ‘princess’ or the fact that she was right in her assertion. Mouse DID want to indulge, her own body ached for her touch and every second that she grew, so did the carnal temptation to satisfy her lust. Blushing, Mouse sat, watching Cat enjoy herself as the two of them expanded further, a detail that gave pause to the growing girl. After the first sip, her and Cat’s growth spurts seemed relatively quick, pushing them both only 4-5 feet taller than they were. While this growth wasn’t particularly sudden, it had lasted for what felt like a much longer time than the first spurt and as Mouse took stock of the studio space around her, she estimated she must’ve been close to 21ft tall now, with Cat shooting past 24, at least 11ft taller than she was before. But the young girl’s mind didn’t have time to linger on that as the rhythmic sound of Cat’s self-pleasure and the static buzz of desire within herself swelled to a fever pitch, drowning out any attempts at rational thought. Mouse’s body demanded to be satisfied and she could no longer hold back.

“Oh fuck!” She gasped, the unearthly pleasure striking like warm lightning as she plunged several fingers into the hungry depths of her own pussy, unabashed and unafraid. Cat, coming out of her own world of hedonism, let out a mocking hoot and holler, mimicking any one of the leering patrons that gave Hot Canaries their business. Mouse blushed, but paid her no mind, continuing to take care of herself as though she were alone.

Bulldog watched in horror as the two growing women continued to expand before her eyes, spreading out to cover more and more of the studio space. As Cat crested 27ft tall, her long, luxurious legs pressed against the wall of the studio, her backside brushing up against some lights and backdrop stands that were once taller than she was. Mouse, following closely at 25ft, sat from her kneeling position, the rush of movement made by the massive girl causing the floor beneath her to crack and splinter. High above her head, the 30ft ceiling of the studio loomed over Bulldog as her two colleagues lurched ever closer to it. She considered herself lucky that both Cat and Mouse were sitting for this, as if they were standing at their full heights, they’d make quick work of the ceiling. Still, their growth continued and showed no signs of slowing down, and every new inch Cat and Mouse gained made the situation more and more dire. Bulldog had to act, now, while they were both preoccupied. She needed to do something to regain control, something drastic.

As the pleasured moans of the two gigantic models saturated the air of the studio space, Bulldog looked to the mysterious bottle in her hands, giving the contents a shake. Strangely, it still felt quite full, no less heavier than when the security guard picked it up, despite the multiple swigs Cat and Mouse had taken. Everything about the bottle of Jumbo Gro was strange, but as hesitant as she was, Bulldog knew it was the only way to reign her two growing colleagues in. Preparing for the awful taste both Cat and Mouse mentioned, she pinched her nose and took a hearty, deep sip. The chemical flowed and Bulldog swallowed, letting the contents pour for a lengthy amount of time, an easy feat with no one else clamouring for the bottle.

“I’ve had stronger mezcal!” She declared defiantly, finding the taste to be, overall, palatable as she dropped the bottle to the floor. Cat and Mouse seemed to ignore the outburst, too caught up in their own business to pay the smaller woman any mind. Good, she thought, the element of surprise would certainly help her manage the both of them once her growth was complete. But as she continued to plan, her train of though was cut short as Bulldog doubled over, her own transformation no doubt beginning.

“Ok. Ok. Just let it happen.” Bulldog breathed through grit teeth, feeling the waves hit her. Her wide, strong frame strained her guard uniform on the best of days, but even she was surprised at how quickly the garment became constricting, the sudden burst of heat coming from within as the seams of her shirt began to tear.

“The boss won’t be happy about this.” Bulldog grumbled, ripping the shirt, company properly clean off her torso with one quick pull, freeing herself from its tight embrace. Below, her slacks fought against the swelling girth of her powerful thighs as they continued to swell with each passing second until the side seams gave way, ripping open completely.

“Ah hell, I never liked this uniform anyway.” The struggling security guard groaned as her pants fell away at the waist, leaving nothing left but woke straining underwear and her lacy, custom bra. Despite curating a rather intimidating appearance, Bulldog herself was no slouch in the looks department, opting to disguise her rather ample bosom in her specifically-tailored bras. Even for a more petite woman, a decent off-the-rack bra was expensive, so a custom-made garment, especially one in her cup size, was a treasure the growing guard was unwilling to give up. The straps, already tight on her normal-sized frame, began to dig in deeper. The increasing tension alone was enough to practically slice a smaller person in half but carefully, Bulldog fiddled with the dwindling hooks, trying gingerly to free herself without damaging her bra.

“Come on!” She groaned, struggling to find the dexterity with her enlarged hands when she managed to unhook the bra, practically snapping off as her generous chest popped free and the last of her clothing fell to the ground. But her growth was far from over, just as she had calculated. Bulldog had taken a large sip from the bottle, easily more than both of the growing girls before her. Cat and Mouse continued to expand upward still, but whatever height they stalled out at, Bulldog was confident she’d be taller than both of them, ready to take back control. She had to.

As she pumped her fingers in and out of her enormous snatch, Cat drifted on the waves of bliss and pleasure, not noticing her feet slowly pressing through the wall of the studio they rested against. Mouse, wrapped up in her own pleasure trip, attempted to stand as she approached her climax, her head knocking some hanging lights free from the ceiling. The girls were big, each of them too big to stand up fully in the now-cramped studio space. Stumbling, dazed from the surprise of her head connecting with, well, anything, Mouse fell forward onto Cat, the two finding themselves in an odd embrace. The younger girl expected her older peer to snap, to chide her for interrupting when she was so close to climax herself, but instead, Cat simply gazed into Mouse’s eyes lustfully as the room dwindled around them.

Bulldog, meanwhile, was having a less pleasant experience with her initial growth, feeling as though her skin was going to burst into flames. As she crossed the 18ft mark, she looked up to see the two big beauties before her lock eyes with passion. They were huge, both of them. Cat must’ve been 40ft spread out across the studio, Mouse wasn’t fare behind. Together they threatened to bust right through the building, but they just sat and stared at each other, motionless until Cat brought herself forward and planted her lips upon Mouse’s. Mouse did not pull away, letting the embrace continue as the pair shared a heated kiss, stopping only to gauge the interest of each other and then continue, both certain of the other’s enjoyment.

“Sweet Christmas.” Bulldog gasped, unable to look away from the super-sized sapphic display until suddenly, from down towards the entrance of the studio, a large SLAM was heard. The door swung open, and into the studio ran two EMT’s with a stretcher.

“Emergency responders on scene! got a call about a poisoning happening here!” One of the EMT’s shouted, looking around at the strange scene. Mouse and Cat were too big to even be recognized as people to them, as the two emergency responders cautiously walked into the cramped room, they stared at the massive pile of the writhing lovers with confusion until Bulldog emerged from the shadows.

“Get out of here! Get away!” The now 20ft woman barked, charging at the two EMT’s with alarm. Her shape was more easily recognizable, but the sight of a giant woman running towards the pair of normal-sized emergency responders was not what they were expecting to find.

“M-ma’am, do you need medical assistance?” One of them asked, mustering the courage. Bulldog stomped up to the smaller person, her anxious face not doing anything to calm the pair down as they backed away. Bulldog was disheartened by their reaction, but before she could explain the situation further, a loud cracking noise shot through the studio and dust rained down from above. Still locked in a lover’s embrace, Cat now began to press against the ceiling with a free hand, using the other to pinch Mouse’s tender nipple. As the giant pair rollicked and writhed in pleasure, the walls of Hot Canaries was simply no match for their increasing strength and size. The ceiling bowed, trying desperately to hold Cat’s arm back before breaking in defeat. Like a bird breaking free from it’s egg, Cat’s glorious arm shot into the cold night air triumphantly, as her legs broke through the studio wall. Mouse’s head and back soon followed through the roof as the giant pair continued to grow, still passionately enjoying each other’s company.

Down below, however, the situation was much more dire. Bits and pieces of the ceiling crashed to the ground around Bulldog and the EMT’s, and the sweeping legs of the gigantic lovers demolished the entrance the responders came in through.

“We have to go, NOW!” Bulldog barked, approaching the frightened EMT’s.

“But..” one tried to say, stopping as Bulldog wrapped a massive arm around their body.

“No time for buts, hold on.” The (relatively) larger woman exclaimed, hoisting both of the emergency responders under her arm as she charged head first towards a wall, the rest of the studio coming down behind them.

“Wait, wait! That’s a wall!” One of the EMT’s protested, covering their face in fear.

“Trust me!” Bulldog shouted, her pace quickening. Having worked at Hot Canaries for as long as she did, the sizeable security guard knew that the building wasn’t exactly an engineering marvel. Costs were cut, maintenance was scarce, and the walls were thin. With the ease of someone tearing through paper, the gigantic guard smashed through the wall of the studio, not slowing down as she sprinted to the exit, past her security desk, the EMT’s still safely under her arms. It sounded like the sky was falling behind them, but Bulldog did not dare look back, not until these two were safe.

The chill of the night swept it’s way across the sweat-soaked skin of the entangled lovers, still growing as they rose higher and higher into the darkness. Neither girl seemed to notice or care, too preoccupied with mutually getting off to take in the outlandish situation the pair found themselves in. Mouse moved to straddle Cat, sloughing off the remainder of Hot Canaries’ roof as she mounted her older colleague. Cat slid her hand along the sensational sexpot’s thigh, grazing the soft tufts of pubic hair that led to her her warm, wet clit. With a coy grin, Cat gently stroked her younger partner’s pulsing pleasure spot, causing Mouse to buck and shake with delectable pleasure, but she has to return the favour. While Cat worked on her, Mouse plunged a finger into the vivacious vixen’s pussy, her thumb resting on the older model’s clit. Cat practically howled at the touch, her massive body gyrating amidst the rubble of the building they both used to work at, sending shockwaves of force throughout the ground below. Together, the titanic twosome pumped and stroked and licked and sucked and kiss, still growing as they worked each other up to their sexual limit, a limit no human being had ever come close to until now. They panted, they moaned, they gasped, faster and faster until.

They arrived.

In unison, the two gigantic girls cried desperate cries of pleasured relief, their massive bodies going limp as Mouse fell atop Cat, exhausted. For a moment there was silence, nothing heard but their deep laboured breaths and the alarms of cars several blocks away, triggered by the seismic activity of their late-night lovemaking.

“Are they… still growing?” One of the EMT’s asked, floored by what they had witnessed.

“I don’t think so.” Bulldog affirmed, feeling her own growth coming to a halt. It didn’t make any sense, she had drank more Jumbo Gro than either of the enormous girls that had splayed out on the Hot Canaries property, why was she still so much smaller? Perhaps the effect was cumulative based on size, and Cat and Mouse had grown so much because they had a spurt between their first and second shots of the formula? These questions plagued Bulldog’s mind. By her own estimate, she must’ve capped out at around 40ft while her two colleagues were pushing the limits of 80, maybe even 90ft. She needed to take hold of the reigns, she needed to control the situation.

She needed the bottle.

“There’s no way it survived that.” Bulldog thought out loud, stepping over the rubble towards Cat and Mouse. Indeed, in the commotion and destruction, it seemed unlikely that a tiny glass bottle would make it through the ordeal unscathed. but as Bulldog took a few steps into what was previously the studio space, under the shadow of Cat and Mouse’s curves, there she spied the bottle of Jumbo Gro standing upright, perfectly pristine and no worse for wear.

“No way.” She said aloud, taking a few steps towards her prize when the earth began to quake, tremors knocking the security guard to her knees. Above, Mouse began to stir, pulling away from the warmth of Cat’s soft body, the afterglow of their passionate encounter ebbing.

“Was it good for you too?” Cat asked, her honey-dipped tone sweet, yet smug as she grinned up at her giant companion. Mouse wanted to lie, to say that she’d had better, but in truth, the younger model had never felt an orgasm as powerful as the one she just shared with her rival. But as she looked around at the ruined grounds of the company she used to work, the tiny world that seemed so surreal, and the woman that laid on top of it all below her, Mouse didn’t feel ok.

“Cat, I think we took this too far, don’t you? Look at us, look at how big we are.” The younger girl asked, a sullen tone to her voice.

“This whole thing was your idea, wasn’t it?” Cat asked indignantly, wiping some rubble from her chest. Mouse was taken aback by the question for a moment, unsure of what to say as she looked at the destruction again for an answer, this time spotting her colleague.

“Oh my god, Bulldog!” The younger model cried, kneeling down to get on the level of the beleaguered security guard, now noticing the two EMT’s standing behind her. Sheepishly, Mouse covered her chest and privates, hoping to maintain her modesty in front of these strangers.

“Oh ho, this is just too rich.” Cat chuckled, turning over to see for herself, her impressive bust further flattening the ruins beneath her. “Hello down there, little Puppydog. How’s the view?”

“Shut up, Cat.” Mouse interrupted, tired of the older model’s antics as she turned to face the much smaller woman. “Are you ok, Bulldog? Was anybody hurt?”

“I’m fine, kiddo.” Bulldog wearily sighed. “Nobody else was in there except these two paramedic types and I got them out in time. Say hi, gang.”

Meagerly, the two emergency responders waved up to the titanesses that towered above them, letting out inaudible hellos as Mouse waved back. Cat merely watched them with her silent gaze, resting her head atop her hand as though these banalities bored her.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna tell the boss, or anybody, really.” Bulldog shrugged, looking around at the destruction the trio had caused, looking to offer some consolation when she saw the office section was relatively unharmed. “At least the office annex is still standin’.”

“So it is.” Cat said with a dryly, dragging a sharp nail along the two-storey building’s facade, gashing it deeply.

“So, we’re done now, right? Your pissing contest is over, no more growin’, right?” Bulldog asked, anxiously.

“I guess so.” Mouse replied with a shrug, uncertain of whether or not the chemicals in her and Cat’s system had truly run their course. “I guess we just wait to see if this is permanent.”

“I’ve got a better idea.” Cat said, stretching as she stood up, the earth shaking with every movement. “One of my boytoys lives pretty close and I’d love to pay him a little visit. You can all wait here, I’m going to go have some fun.”

“Wait, you can’t be serious.” Mouse balked, grabbing Cat by the wrist. “Twenty minutes ago you called me a whale and now you’re suddenly ok with this?!”

“For your information, little girl, I’m NOT ok with this.” Cat replied, swatting Mouse’s hand away. “I only stooped to your level because I couldn’t have you getting a leg up on me. You just had to be the big shot, just had to get that edge over me, didn’t you?”

“We were both here for the same reason!” Mouse screamed with unbelievable frustration, her accusatory finger making a return. “What would’ve happened if I hadn’t shown up tonight?! You would’ve found the bottle all by yourself and then what?!”

“I would have chucked it in the trash and went home, Mouse! I only wanted it because you had it. If you weren’t here, I never would’ve even picked it up.” Cat explained coldly, her steely stare seeming to pierce through Mouse’s. The younger girl believed what she had heard, but she refused to believe this was her fault. Sure, she may have found the bottle on her own, but she never would’ve gone this far without Cat pushing her to go further.

“Unbelievable.” Mouse said, shaking her head in disgust. “Was I really so threatening to you that you took things this far?”

“Yes.” Cat replied, without a hint of regret.

“Shouldn’t you do something?” One of the EMT’s asked up at Bulldog, nervously watching the action unfold. The sizeable security guard said nothing, her eyes fixed on the bottle of Jumbo Gro, knowing that if things broke bad here, she’d need to get that bottle and keep it safe. As the towering twosome continued to bicker, Bulldog thanked her lucky stars that neither seemed to be aware of the bottle themselves and slyly made her move. However, back on high, Cat and Mouse’s argument continued to escalate.

“You skank! I can’t believe you’re this petty.” Mouse shrieked, giving Cat a slight shove, disrupting the older model’s balance. As she tried to regain her footing, Cat took a massive step towards Bulldog and the bottle of Jumbo Gro, forcing the smaller woman to jump out of the way.

“I don’t know what, in our entire time working together, would give you the impression that I’m NOT petty, Mouse. This is a competitive world, excuse me for trying to stay on top.” Cat explained, shooting daggers at her rival. She didn’t appreciate the shove, and certainly didn’t appreciate having to rationalize herself to Mouse of all people. Pretending to stumble on some debris, Cat lurched forward, gathering momentum to retaliate with a full body push directed at the younger model.

“Hey!” Mouse cried, finding herself tumbling backwards, unable to save herself as she fell like a cut tree into the Hot Canaries parking lot. With a loud, ruinous CRASH, the younger model landed on not just her car, but the ambulance the EMT’s had arrived in, both thankfully empty as they flattened beneath her incalculable mass.

“Dammit, Cat!” She shouted. “Look what you did to my car!”

“Don’t blame me, girl! Blame that wrecking ball of a fat ass you’re carrying around! No wonder, your centre of gravity must be wack!” Cat laughed, pleased with her handiwork as she turned to walk away. Perhaps an unwise decision, as once her back was turned, Mouse was poised to strike back, leaping to her feet with surprising quickness as she tackled cat straight into the office annex, demolishing the south wall of the building as the two fell into it.

“Aww come ON!” Bulldog shouted, watching the chaos unfold. As the two titanic girls tussled, further leveling the offices, Bulldog knew that she couldn’t let this fight spill onto the street, but the disparity between her height and the two veritable goddesses didn’t tilt the odds in her favour. She needed the edge, she needed to take another sip.

“Wait, miss!” An EMT shouted as Bulldog broke off in a full sprint towards the enormous battle, her heavy footsteps felt through the pavement even as Cat and Mouse continued to wrestle. “What should we do?”

“Get back to a safe area for now, call the cops, I don’t know!” Bulldog shouted back, hurdling over crumbled walls and structures that used to be her place of employ. The gigantic girls were on their feet again, and Mouse grabbed Cat by the arm and swung her with all the strength she could muster, flinging the 90ft model onto the rough terrain right in front of Bulldog as she made it to the bottle of Jumbo Gro.

“At least the landings are a little softer.” Cat groaned, preparing to get up when she locked eyes with the smaller security guard, taking notice of the tiny bottle Bulldog pinched between her fingers.

“Talk about a lucky break.” Cat smirked, grabbing Bulldog by the arm. The half-sized security guard held her ground, trying her best to resist but Cat’s size and strength was simply too much to overcome.

“Come on, Cat! Don’t do this!” Bulldog grunted, trying desperately to keep the bottle away from the model twice her size.

“Bad dogs should know when to heel!” Cat hissed, twisting Bulldog’s arm with a casual motion. The security guard winced in pain, falling to a knee as the giant woman before snatched the bottle, to her, no larger than a tic tac.

“Bottoms up.” Cat purred, dumping the contents of the minuscule bottle onto her massive tongue with glee.

“No, no, no!” Mouse shouted, scurrying up too late to stop her rival from taking her next sip. Bulldog simply stared, defeated, knowing what would come next. She expected a pause, a moment for the effects to kick in, but to the surprise of everyone present, Cat’s third growth spurt seemed to trigger instantaneously.

“Ooohhh I’ve missed this feeling.” The growing model cooed, her body jutting outwards rapidly in all directions. The earth shook, the remains of the Hot Canaries property further swept to dust beneath Cat’s massive curves as she let out an insidious, satisfied cackle.

“Bulldog, we need to get that bottle back!” Mouse shouted down to her smaller colleague.

“But how?! How big is Cat gonna get?!” Bulldog replied, fearfully watching the growing model swell and stretch skyward.

“I don’t know, but without that bottle, we won’t be able to stop her. Come on!” Mouse exclaimed, charging towards Cat. Bulldog followed close behind, trying to match the pace of her larger colleague. By now, Cat had grown past 130ft, her long, shapely legs spilling into the side-street that lead to Hot Canaries. Even during rush-hour, these side roads were far from busy, and Bulldog considered how lucky it was that this chaotic situation was playing out in such a sparsely-populated side of town.

“What do we do?!” Mouse asked, the two reaching the encroaching tide of Cat’s expanding curves. The enormous model seemed too preoccupied with her new growth spurt to notice the smaller girls at her side, but the odd pair didn’t want to waste any time.

“You hold her arm steady and I’ll get the bottle.” Bulldog barked, giving a nod to her larger colleague.

“Ok. Ok.” Mouse said, reassuring herself as the two broke for the massive arm. Cat was growing fast, lost to her own world of bliss and euphoria as her hands caressed and explores her expanding form, unaware of the emerging plot her smaller colleagues had planned. Cresting past 150ft, the immense model’s head smashed through the rest of the office annex, her dark hair catching dust and debris as the meagre structure fell to her might. Mouse’s mind reeled as their height disparity grew and grew, but nevertheless, the younger model leapt at Cat’s arm in the hopes of pinning it down. From behind, Bulldog charged towards Cat’s grounded hand, leaping towards the large extremity to pry the bottle of Jumbo Gro loose.

“Uh uh.” Cat tutted, some lucidity coming to her as she shrugged off her attackers with ease, flinging Mouse and Bulldog back onto the rubble as she began to rise. She lumbered, slowly, deliberately, as if to truly exemplify the scale of her massive 200ft body that seemed too impossibly large to move. She planted one foot upon the earth, then another, and stood up to her full height, silhouetted by the pale glow of the moon.

“Sweet Christmas.” Bulldog exclaimed as her and Mouse looked up in awe, awe that turned to fear as the still-growing Cat looked down, her eyes trained on her tiny colleagues.

“Sorry, suckers!” She boomed with a villainous chuckle. “It’s been fun, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

With peals of laughter, Cat turned on the ball of her heel and took a mighty step, a massive THOOM reverberating through the neighbourhood as her enormous step pounded the earth. Another followed, then another, and then just like that, Cat had moved on.

“Dammit! What the hell do we do now?!” Mouse pouted, overwhelmed and tired. “We’re no match for that monster now! If we can’t stop her, who can?”

“Well, we do have this.” Bulldog winked, opening a tightly-clenched fist she has kept closed since their ‘failed’ altercation with Cat. In her palm sat the familiar bottle of Jumbo Gro, still in one piece. A surprised smile lit up Mouse’s face, Bulldog merely chuckled. “I don’t think Cat knows I swiped this. Frankly I have no idea how she even held it without breaking it.”

“Is there any left?” Mouse asked, taking the bottle from the smaller woman and giving it a slight shake.

“Seems like it. It’s a surprisingly spacious lil’ jug.” Bulldog replied with a shrug. Mouse smiled again, looking the bottle over, contemplating what she held. This night, everything that had happened, it all seemed so crazy, so out of hand. Delicately holding the bottle, the younger model knew what she needed to do, but dreaded it all the same.

“What’s wrong, kiddo?” Bulldog asked, placing a reassuring hand on Mouse’s much larger knee.

“Nothing, just psyching myself up, I guess.” She replied, giving the tiny bottle a swish.

“I believe in you, Mouse. You’re a good kid, always have been. If there’s anyone that deserves to put that big bitch in her place, it’s you.” Bulldog said, something resembling a heartfelt smile stretching across her face, an expression Mouse had never seen Bulldog make before.

“Then let’s not waste any more time.” Mouse said, standing, ready. Carefully, she held the bottle of Jumbo Gro up and poured, letting the chemical splash down her throat. Instantly, she felt the change, wincing slightly as she looked down to Bulldog and carefully tossed the tiny bottle to her.

“It’s starting, BD. Take this, just in case I need the backup.” Mouse said, her body buzzing with energy.

“Can do.” Bulldog nodded. With that, Mouse set off, her growth fueling her will and resolve with each step she took, following Cat’s massive footsteps towards downtown.

“Kick her ass, kiddo.” Bulldog said quietly, an earnest grin adorning her usually cold exterior.

Officers Brannick and Parker sat in their squad car, lazily sipping their coffees as the nightlife of downtown played out in front of them. Brannick flipped through a newspaper as Parker scanned the crowds and traffic, when she felt an odd rumble. Nobody on the street seemed to notice, things carried on as usual, but officer Parker felt it again, sensing a rhythm as the rumble seemed to increase.

“Hey, do you feel that?” Parker asked her partner who gave little thought to the question.

“No.” Officer Brannick answered bluntly, taking another sip. Still, the strange quaking persisted, and Parker noticed faces in the crowded streets taking note of the phenomenon as well, some pointing at something further down the street, out of view, before hurriedly running away. The rumbling continued strengthen, the tremors lasting longer and longer, the people on the streets turned to panic and as officer Parker stepped out of the car to assess the situation, a giant foot, belonging to Cat, smashed into the street. Parker stared, slack jawed as the massive foot narrowly missed person and vehicle alike, another step following as this strange giant woman went about her business without a care. And just as quickly as she came, she vanished down the street, leaving a trail of ruined pavement and confused onlookers in her wake.

“What do we do, Brannick?! Do we pursue?!” Parker asked, getting back into the squad car.

“Were they speeding?” The older officer asked, not looking up from his newspaper.

“Well… no, not technically.” Parker responded, dumbfounded as she slunk into the seat, feeling delirious over what she had witnessed.

“Then it’s not our problem.” Brannick replied, taking another sip of his coffee.

As Cat cheerfully made her way down the street, she made a game out of watching where she stepped, nimbly taking advantage of the gaps in traffic and the vacant spots on the road for traversal. Sure, she clipped a few parked cars and accidentally tipped an out-of-service bus, but as far as she could tell, no one was hurt and she intended to keep it that way. Cat had plans for the people of this city, depraved ideas of fun she could share with the miniature inhabitants she shared the streets with, but at the moment, none of those plans were to harm anybody, not if she didn’t have to. Besides, as much as Cat enjoyed disrupting the busy nightlife beneath her, the true goal of the megalithic minx was almost within her grasp.

Overlooking the busy thoroughfare, rows of high-rise apartments and office buildings jutted skyward like spires of concrete and glass. Having plateaued at a height of 250ft, Cat rivaled the metropolitan skyline, standing head and shoulders over much of the city’s infrastructure, truly dwarfed only by the pesky skyscrapers of the business district. Nevertheless, her height was perfect for the rendezvous she had planned. Sidling up to a particular apartment tower, Cat scanned the rows of windows and balconies, silently calculating which floor, which apartment, she wanted to ‘visit’. While most were empty, a courageous few made their way out onto their balconies to get a better look at the commotion that had thundered their way, now getting an eyeful of the gigantic babe looking back at them with a mischievous Cheshire grin.

“I think it’s this one.” Cat said aloud, reaching out to gently tap upon the sliding glass door that separated the chosen apartment from its balcony. Not realizing her own strength, Cat’s finger plowed through the flimsy glass barrier as though it were made of paper, sending misshapen metal and a torrent of glass flying into the apartment.

“Oops! Knock knock!” Cat chuckled, unbothered by the property damage she’d caused. Ultimately, her goal was achieved just the same as, sure enough, the owner of the apartment emerged to inspect the sudden intrusion.

“Hey, babe. Like the makeover?” Cat called down with a sultry purr, smiling as a man cautiously walked out onto the balcony. Clad in a tight black muscle shirt and jeans, Tex, an on-and-off paramour of Cat’s looked up with wide eyes, seeing more of his lover than ever before.

“Kitten, what the hell happened?! What did you do to my pad?!” The little man screamed, flailing his arms in frustration as Cat watched, saying nothing with silent amusement. She always hated that pet name, it felt childish, diminishing, one that definitely didn’t fit. Tex turned, surveying the damage done to his home when he felt a powerful grip wrap around his waist and before he could protest, he was pulled from his balcony. Shouting and screaming obscenities, the tiny man watched as his body hung hundreds of feet above streets below before Cat deposited him into her palm, safe and sound.

“You’re so cute when you’re mad.” The playful giantess said, enjoying the slight modicum of suffering she was inflicting on her tiny beau. Before Tex could stand, Cat began to walk, carefully holding her open palm in front of her as she navigated the right streets, having claimed her prize.

“What are you doing? Where are we going Kitten!?” The tiny man cried in a panic, watching the buildings zoom past as Cat walked with purpose. Turning back, Tex looked up, having difficulty seeing his old flame’s face past her bountiful chest. Each step caused Cat’s enormous boobs to wobble and sway, something the towering troublemaker was proud of as she paraded through town, her breasts thrust outward for everyone to see. But past the massive upswell of her chest, Tex caught an occasional glimpse of his giant captor’s attention flicking to him, then back to the world below them both.

“Babe, this is crazy. Put me down!” Tex called out, waving his hands in the air. He wasn’t certain if the massive woman could hear him, or if she just chose to ignore him. Regardless, Cat ignored the desperate pleas of the tiny man and continued to strut through town, carefully avoiding the delicate people below. As she walked, the dense traffic of the downtown nightlife thinned, the roads became more open, and the taller buildings of the metropolitan centre faded, replaced by trees and wide open space.

“Finally, some peace and quiet.” Cat said, arriving at a small park, empty in the late hours of the evening. Carefully, the gorgeous giantess sat, stretching her legs as she laid her entire, 250ft form across the verdant expanse, gently cradling her tiny boytoy. Tex was nonplussed, shooting an irate look up at the monstrous mistress that had ripped him from his home with a smile on her face.

“Kitten! What are we doing here? What happened to you?!” Tex called out with frustration. The massive model brought him close, her enormous face filling his entire view, her hot breath washing over him.

“What?” Cat said with an exaggerated pout. “I gain a little weight and all of a sudden we can’t see each other?”

“God dammit Cat! That’s not what I mean. You wrecked my house, you kidnapped me!” Tex shouted angrily, his usage of Cat’s name startling her more than the shouting. For a moment, the giant woman was stunned, taking how upset her tiny fling was to heart. But was his tone really necessary? Did he really have to yell to make the point?

“Hun, I thought you’d be happy to see me.” Cat said, her brow furrowing as her excitement faded slightly.

“Not like this, Cat! I mean, look at you! This is too crazy for me, please take me home.” Tex replied, first furious, but calming himself as he made his genuine plea, one that was met with uncomfortable silence and a narrow-eyed stare from the larger woman.

“Please, Kitten.” He asked again, softer this time. Cat merely smirked, closing her fist around the tiny man in her palm, gently, but forcefully, taking hold of her little boy toy.

“I have a better idea.” The mischievous giantess cooed, laying down, her back effortlessly splintering trees as though they were pretzels.

“What are you doing?! Put me down!” Tex demanded, frightened. Cat’s hand began to move past her abdomen and to her shapely thighs, the tiny man watching the thick mountains of silky skin ripple at the slightest movement as he was lowered into view of the giant woman’s enormous pussy, glistening against the pale light of the moon. Instantly, Tex understood what this meant, what it meant for him and, facing a moment of understandable anxiety, began to panic.

“Hey, woah, hey, can we talk about this Kitten?!” The tiny man said with a nervous laugh, trying to wriggle free from Cat’s strong-yet-soft grip. “Please, we don’t have to do this!”

“I can’t hear you!” Cat called down, playfully. With her free hand, the giantess caressed the length of her enormous vagina, feeling the latent wetness that had been brought about by her super-sized power trip. She shuddered at the touch, lazily rubbing her lips a few times before spreading them, giving her fuckbuddy a front row seat as he stared into the cavernous depths.

“Better take a deep breath!” Cat called out, preparing to do what Tex thought unthinkable. Within her hand, he began to kick and scream, unprepared for the fate he was resigned to until, as though a guardian angel descended from heaven to save him and a powerful, thunderous, voice boomed over the park.

“Let him go, Cat!” A familiar voice declared. Without turning, Cat knew who it was and rolled her eyes, unamused.

“I don’t show up and give you advice in the bedroom, Mouse. Have some decency, will ya?” Cat said snidely, shifting on the lawn of the park to face her rival again. There, the younger model stood, a comparable size to Cat herself at around 250ft, her pale skin and curves silhouetted by the streetlights and cars that passed.

“I thought I dropped that stupid bottle somewhere around 5th street. I guess you must’ve found it.” Cat said, annoyed at her colleague’s new height.

“It’s over, Cat. We’re going to figure out how to reverse this.” Mouse declared again, forcing as much courage as she could.

“Hey! Please help me!” Tex interrupted, calling out to Mouse in desperation as Cat cupped her hands together, gently muffling the shrieking man.

“Sshh babe, the adults are talking.”  She said, rising to her feet, carefully holding the traumatized man.

“This city isn’t a playground, Cat. We could get in serious trouble out here.” Mouse said, staring the older giantess down. Cat scoffed, then chuckled, doing so in such a way to maximize her condescension.

“Please, I’ve been out here for an hour, maybe two? In that time I saw exactly three cop cars and all of them went the other way. Nobody cares in this city!” Cat said, taking a step towards Mouse. “Besides, I haven’t hurt anybody, yet.”

“Is that a threat?” Mouse asked, watching her rival approach.

“Not at all!” Cat said, her smug grin returning. “I’ve been an upstanding citizen so far, barring some minor property damage and indecent exposure. If the pencil pushers at city hall have a problem, they can stuff it! I pay taxes just like every other loser In this city!”

“I… what?” Mouse responded, dumbfounded.

“It means get lost!” Cat exclaimed, turning her attention back to the muffled screaming coming from her cupped hands. “Come on, Tex. We’re leaving.”

Spinning on her heels, Cat turned to walk away. In truth, she didn’t want to fight, she just wanted to be left alone to enjoy the possibilities her new size afforded her. But, a part of Cat knew that’s not how things would go, Mouse would never let her leave that easily, especially not after the younger girl grew to match her size. She took a few steps, feeling the warm grip of Mouse’s hand fall upon her shoulder, and sighed.

“Alright, run along.” Cat said, letting Tex out onto the lawn of the park. “We’ll talk about this later.”

Without wasting any time, the miniature man scurried away, hoping to place as much distance between him and Cat as possible. She watched, waiting quietly until he disappeared around a street corner, before turning her attention back to Mouse.

“No more messing around, ok?” Mouse asked, staring her rival in the eye with earnest hope.

“Of course.” Cat replied, giving a genuine smile, or, at least, one that looked genuine. Before Mouse could act, she found herself tumbling backwards, caught off guard by a sudden shove that sent her careening violently. The 250ft beauty collided with the earth, demolishing a small fountain with her considerable backside as the ground rippled and shook.

“Good thing you’ve got such a fat ass to land on.” Cat chided, stepping towards the downed girl triumphantly. Mouse said nothing, biding her time until her foe was in range and struck, tripping Cat with a surprise attack. Cat slammed into the soft lawn of the park, having no time to act as Mouse pressed her advantage and leapt on top of the towering trouble maker. Against the dark night sky, the two gorgeous giant women pressed against each-other, their sweaty skin glistening in the moonlight as they wrestled for dominance in the middle of the quiet park. Cat tried to slip free, but Mouse acted quickly, pressing her hands atop the older model’s wrists, pinning her in place as she tried to wriggle free. With the weight of her younger rival pressing upon her, Cat knew she wouldn’t win this fight fairly and as Mouse leaned forward, her pendulous breasts hung over Cat’s head as if to taunt the trapped girl. Instinct took over, the fight or flight response kicked in and Cat leaned forward, mouth open, planting her succulent lips upon Mouse’s fat nipple. The younger girl yelped in surprise, confused by this tactic, slightly enjoying the pressure on her sensitive nipple as Cat’s mouth formed a vacuum. The pleasant moment did not last, however, as the mischievous minx clamped down, biting Mouse’s nipple, causing the younger girl to pull away with a start.

“Cat, what the fuck!?” Mouse cried, cupping her infirmed boob as she reeled back. The momentary distraction was all Cat needed to break free, rolling out from under the younger girl’s hold with ease.

“Real nice.” Mouse scoffed, stepping back as she continued to hold her sore nipple. “What’s next, gonna throw some sand in my face? Kick me right in the coochie?”

Cat didn’t waste time with a response, opting to use the tried and true ‘charge straight at them and see what happens’ technique, plowing into Mouse like a defensive linebacker at the 10-yard line. With strength that surprised even her, Cat picked the younger girl up and ran, charging blindly out of the park and into the metropolitan streets of the surrounding city, using her momentum to throw her rival into the side of an empty office building. Mouse slammed into the concrete with a daze, loosing tonnes of brick and mortar from the facade of the sturdy building. Hit, but not out, Mouse retaliated, springing from the wreckage with a flying kick, nailing Cat in the abdomen, sending the older model stumbling backwards. The people below, cautious after the news of a giant woman on the loose broke out, fled in abject terror at the sight of two colossal babes duking it out in the streets. But as the scores of frightened people ran, something stopped them dead in their tracks. Standing tall amidst the crowds was another giant woman, this one much smaller than the two that were currently brawling, but nevertheless, there she was, a 40ft mixture of curve and muscle. Bulldog had arrived. Leaping over the heads of the dazed crowds, the stalwart security guard rushed into the fray, hopeful to help Mouse turn the tides.

“Mouse!” Bulldog shouted, trying to get the larger girl’s attention.

“Kinda busy, what’s up?” Mouse winced, pushing back Cat who had taken a swipe at her long brown hair, pulling it with careless malice.

“I brought the stuff, just in case! It’s still kinda full!” The smaller security guard called up, giving the tiny bottle of Jumbo Gro a shake, feeling its liquid contents slosh within. However, as she looked from the bottle back to the colossal clash above, she saw not one, but two sets of eyes gazing down upon her. Cat had heard every word, and knowing that the enigmatic bottle was within her reach, the older giantess pounced.

“Oh no you don’t!” Mouse grunted, tackling Cat by the legs as she broke off towards Bulldog. Together, the immense pair fell to the ground in a struggle, Cat’s arms outstretched as she clawed and swiped at the tiny security guard just out of reach as Mouse fought to keep her rival contained.

“C’mere you little narc!” Cat shouted, trying her best to wriggle down the street towards Bulldog. The smaller woman ducked and dodged the titan’s errant claws, leaping to safety with the bottle cradled gently in her hand.

“Get out of here Bulldog! Run!” Mouse shouted, fighting against the flustered kick of Cat’s legs as the massive miscreant battled to break free. With each thrash and thrust, Mouse felt her hold weaken. Cat was going to break free, the hopeful young model just needed to buy time for Bulldog to take the bottle away. But as the surly security guard broke to run, Cat broke loose, scrambling down the city street after Bulldog who was woefully outpaced. With terrifying quickness, the older model snatched the tiny woman up in her hand and stood up with a mischievous grin.

“Now now, little puppy, be a good dog and give me that bottle.” Cat purred with menace, her smile unbreaking as Bulldog squirmed against her grip. Slowly, Cat began to squeeze, ratcheting up the force she applied in drawn-out increments, ensuring her handheld captive could feel every joule of pressure. Bulldog winced, putting on her usual intimidating look, but beneath the frightening facade, the guard knew she needed to act quickly. She couldn’t let Cat take the bottle of Jumbo Gro, but there was no way to safely pass it to Mouse without it being intercepted. Out of options and out of time, Bulldog sighed and held the bottle aloft.

“You want this so bad?!” She cried up to Cat, defiantly. “Well, come get it!”

Bulldog overturned the bottle, it’s sickly green contents spilling out directly onto her head. It wasn’t the most sound of plans. The way in which Cat had grabbed Bulldog made it difficult to pour the bottle out anywhere but directly above her head. As she felt the somewhat-oily liquid cascade over her hair, the security guard pondered if the formula was as potent when not ingested, if at all. Still, as long as Cat couldn’t have any, the plan was a success in her books.

“No!” Cat hissed, watching the viscous fluid pool and pour down Bulldog’s skin, her ticket to power almost literally being poured down the drain. But, as the heavy chemical sloughed off the smaller security guard’s skin and onto her hand, Cat had a devilish idea. Bulldog felt her body jerk, being pulled along at great speeds as the mischievous model hoisted the tiny woman up to her beautiful face. Bulldog had seen Cat angry, happy, sad, horny, but this was something new. A look that, amidst all the fury and chaos of the evening, stood out as particularly chilling to the grizzled guard. With wide eyes, Cat looked hungry, almost licking her chops with anticipation as she held Bulldog close to her mouth.

“Cat, what are you doing?” Mouse asked, nervously watching the bizarre play unfold before her. Cat didn’t answer, but her intent was clear. Bulldog had taunted her to come and get it and now, Cat was about to do just that.

Her maw opened wide, a blast of warm breath once again washing over the tiny security guard as she looked deep within Cat’s waiting mouth, her teeth shining against the bright lights of the city. Before she could even scream, Bulldog was plunged head first into Cat’s mouth, the towering troublemaker’s tongue working to lick and lap up as much of the Jumbo Gro off her skin as possible. Bulldog felt Cat’s tongue caress her flailing arms, snaking its way along the distressed woman’s face and chest. While uncomfortable, there was an oddly pleasurable feeling to the warm and wet sensation of the massive muscle, one that the smaller security guard didn’t outright despise. Mouse watched with disgust as Bulldog’s legs kicked and dangled from Cat’s mouth, shocked by how low her rival would stoop to gain any advantage she could. But time was running out, the younger model knew she needed to act now if she were to have any chance at saving Bulldog and stopping Cat, even if it meant growing again herself. This was her only chance, and if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

As her lower half thrashed outside Cat’s pursed lips, Bulldog felt the cold night air that kissed her chemical-soaked skin disappear, her legs becoming enveloped by the same hot, humid sensation that covered her upper body. Wasting no time, Mouse had popped the tiny woman’s legs in her mouth and began to lick WHILE Bulldog’s upper body was still inside Cat’s confused maw. The two rivals were now perilously close to each other, as though they were sharing the same succulent treat. Their lips were but a hair’s breadth apart, so close that it would be a shame if they never touched.

It was an unorthodox tactic, but as Mouse stood directly in front of Cat, the older model did not react with hostility. Instead, the towering pair’s eyes met as Bulldog writhed within their mouths and in Cat’s eyes there was no fury, only lust, as Mouse had planned. She let Cat make the first move, their gorgeous lips locking, tongues passionately dueling for Bulldog’s remaining formula bath. Within the hot, dark cave of the lover’s joined mouths, the smaller security guard felt their battling tongues graze against every inch of her body. Bulldog’s senses were shocked and delighted, her pussy and breasts were well serviced as the two giant beauties lapped up the formula wherever they could find it. Above, she could feel the soft moans of her gentle captors reverberate throughout her whole body, coming faster and louder with each passing second until.

“Fuck!” Cat gasped, breaking the seal formed by her and Mouse’s lips. Bulldog tumbled out of the older model’s mouth, slipping through Mouse’s lips, the momentary surprise of the two lovers’ reprieve sending the security guard rumbling to the ground. Swiftly, the younger model safely caught Bulldog, cradling the smaller woman beneath the heft of her own cleavage.

“Bulldog, I don’t feel anything.” Mouse said quizzically, looking down at the tiny guard in her arms. “Do you?”

“Not yet, I guess the stuff don’t act as fast on the outsi-“

Bulldog cut herself short, pausing suddenly before jolting slightly. Mouse, concerned, was about to inquire when she too felt the pulse. That familiar feeling that she had felt so many times before. Now entirely bereft of any of the pain or discomfort it carried, the warm wave of pleasure meant only one thing.

The trio was growing again.

Cat ran her hands along her impressive form, exhaling a long, drawn out breath as her fingers grazed her erect nipples. Every touch was like an overload to the sense, every bit of gentle contact exciting in ways no human had ever felt before. Cat coveted this feeling, and as fun as her solo growth spurt through town was, before her were two disparately-sized beauties with whom she could share the experience. Mouse began to shudder, the sensation of growth rapidly flooding through her nervous system when Cat’s gentle touch massaged her inner thigh, shocking the younger model’s senses as the two locked eyes.

“This may be the last ride, might as well enjoy it, right?” Cat cooed, tracing a finger along Mouse’s navel. The once demure girl looked at her rival and bit her lip, any feelings of animosity the two had melting away as the mutual rush of their next ascension took hold. Mouse cupped one of Cat’s enormous breasts in her hand, giving it a cheeky shake before lowering herself to give it a quick lick.

“That a girl.” Cat purred. Mouse carelessly fell to a knee, her immense mass slamming into the tiny street below as she placed her lips around a puffy nipple and began to suckle gently. Cat moaned a deep moan, watching with satisfaction as she stroked the younger model’s hair softly with one hand and massaged her swollen clit with the other. Mouse ran her own hands along her hips, bringing them inwards as she prepared to finger herself as well, feeling a strange obstruction she couldn’t see. Something shifted, and then Mouse felt a surge of pleasure shoot through her as Bulldog, standing on her tiptoes, craned her neck upward to lap and lick at the younger model’s fat button clit. Together, all three of the growing women shared in a tender, orgasmic moment of pure bliss as the world dwindled around them. It was not long before the highest heights of the city could not rise to challenge the trio of gargantuan lovers as they grew far faster than before.

Towering over the downtown core, Cat lowered herself, laying down carefully amidst the quickly dwindling structures. Spreading her impossibly long legs, she beckoned her younger lover closer, to which Mouse obliged. The two super-sized stunners embraced, sharing a lust-soaked kiss, their enormous breasts squeezing against each other’s, their skin glistening with sweat.

“Wanna make this kitty purr?” Cat asked, giving her pussy a playful rub. “You’d look so good  with your head between my thighs.”

“You’re right about that.” Mouse teased, climbing over Cat who lay there confused. Delicately maneuvering herself, Mouse spun around, her incredible ass now hanging over the older model’s head.

“You greedy little skank.” Cat said with a snide smirk. Mouse simply giggled, giving her delectable booty a shake before lowering its unfathomable mass onto Cat’s face as she prepared herself for the head she was about to both give and receive. Bulldog, meanwhile, watched as the largest display of sapphic lovemaking ever conceived of played out before her, desperate to get in on a piece of the action. Far below, the earth shook with violent force as Cat and Mouse began to serve each other, their passionate ouroboros being felt for untold miles, the first whimpers and moans of the largest 69 in history reverberating throughout the tiny world.

“You’re really gonna leave a girl hangin’?” Bulldog bemoaned, tweaking her own nipple to preserve some sexual momentum. Neither of the larger girls said anything, too deep in each other’s succulent sex to respond, but the tiny woman’s cries did not go unheeded. Rather clumsily, Cat splayed out an arm, searching by feel until she came upon Bulldog’s unique shape among the minuscule skyline. The smaller security guard pulled away from the wayward arm at first, uncertain of Cat’s intent until contact was made again, this time much more tender and careful. Cat’s hand, itself almost half as large as Bulldog now, gently ran along the length of her body, up and down before stopping at her crotch. It was as though Bulldog could feel Cat smirk with that devilish Cheshire grin, the predisposed model pressing an enormous finger against the guard’s delicate clitoris, rubbing softly.

“Ooohh, oh wow.” Bulldog gasped, enjoying the unexpected surprise. “This almost makes me wanna take back everything I said about you, Cat. Almost.”

The two gigantic women continued their vigorous exercise, Bulldog receiving no acknowledgment of her teasing aside from a particularly aggressive thrust of Cat’s finger. The smaller security guard moaned a carnal, insatiable moan, grinding on the giant model’s finger with gusto. Together, all three of the growing goddesses continued to expand, soon leaving the once sprawling city behind as they came to rival the nearby mountain range in scale. Cat and Mouse, locked in their primal embrace, spanned miles from end to end, the slightest movement, the smallest sound rippling deeply throughout the dwindling planet. Bulldog, immense to any normal human standard, trailed behind her two larger colleagues in size, still happily riding the digit of her delinquent friend. In harmonious unity, the trio’s pleasure blanketed the county. Cat’s low, bassy moans could be felt in the chests of people the next city over, while Bulldog’s short gasps thundered across the lands as Mouse’s blissful squeaks of relief boomed overtop. The power of their audible passion shattered windows, created waves on the ocean shore miles away, and loosed the snow from the peaks of the nearby mountains. Further, faster, the intensity and heat within the trio thrummed, a pitch rising as their moans and cries became louder and more frequent. Nobody alive had ever felt pleasure like this, the sheer strain on the synapses of a ordinary person was likely to render them brain dead. But these were no ordinary people. Dominating the landscape of the world they called home, these women were goddesses, having grown so far above any sense of normality. Together, Cat, Mouse, and Bulldog shared in their tryst to end all trysts, each growing girl feeling their climax fast approaching.

As they continued to grow, Mouse was the first to breach the cloud layer, pulling herself away from Cat’s pussy as the two entwined lovers shared a powerful orgasm. Her lustful cry of impossible pleasure pierced the sky as her head and shoulders shot above the clouds, further up into the sparkling night sky. Cat shuddered blissfully beneath her younger colleague, gently tapping Mouse’s hips as a reminder that she was still below the curvaceous girl. As Mouse dismounted her face, the older model breathed a deep, hearty breath, sputtering a little as she wiped her lover’s juices from her face. Reaching out an arm, Mouse helped Cat to her feet, the two now stood high above not just the city they once called home, but most of the state they lived in, both girls spanning countless miles, adding more by the second.

“Where the hell did you learn to eat pussy like that?” Cat laughed, giving the once demure girl a playful wrap of the shoulder.

“Guess I’m motivated.” Mouse shrugged, enamoured with the view of the quickly shrinking world below. Even in the dark of night, the landscape looked so beautiful, the lights of the cities that peppered the geography dazzling like colonies of lightning bugs. It was hard to imagine how large the two must’ve been, the sheer scope of either Cat or herself causing the younger girl’s head to spin.

“Hey.” Cat said, pulling Mouse’s attention.“Where’s Bulldog?”

“I’m down here!” The guard’s tiny voice cried out, her hands barely breaching the thick layer of clouds. Reaching down, Cat plucked Bulldog up off the planet’s surface, hoisting the little woman up against the plush warmth of her chest as the three surveyed the world around them.

“I bet we gave the ISS quite the show.” Cat said, scanning the stars in the vain hope of locating the iconic space station.

“I’m sure the boys in Houston LOVED us.” Bulldog added, nuzzling gently against Cat’s boobs. Mouse ignored the banter, deep in stern contemplation of the situation. Together, the trio still grew, the spacious county soon giving way to the greater continent of North America. Cat felt her toes slip into a body of water, the Pacific Ocean suddenly much closer than before.

“How big do you think we’re gonna get?” Mouse asked, breaking her silence. “Realistically speaking, we shouldn’t even be able to breathe right now, there’s no way there’s enough oxygen this high up.”

“And yet, here we are.” Cat smiled dryly, inhaling a big gulp of air for show.

“Nothin’ about tonight has been normal, kiddo.” Bulldog said, earnestly. “It’s probably for the best that we don’t dwell on the details too much.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Mouse relented, taking a step towards her two still-growing colleagues. “Besides, this high up, we probably wouldn’t be able to hear each-other either.”

“A few hours ago, I would’ve considered that a relief.” Cat teased, giving her younger rival a warm smile. Mouse chuckled, considering how wild the ride had been, how, prior to it all, her and Cat were at constant odds with each other and how drastically the situation had changed.

“So, what do we do now?” The younger girl asked, turning to the expanse of stars with wonder.

“I suppose we just wait and see what happens, and I can think of a few ways to pass the time.” Cat replied with a sultry wink, placing an arm around Mouse’s bountiful hip, pulling her close. The once demure young girl smiled, thinking of the possibilities. Together, arms wrapped around each other, a tiny security guard nestled gently against the largest pair of breasts the world had ever known, the trio looked out over the dwindling earth, excited for whatever would come next.


DiDi Star!

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