Shrink Fan’s “Survival of the Smallest,” Issues 1 and 2


Shrink Fan’s “Survival of the Smallest” currently consists of two issues. The first was published on July 1, 2017, and the second on May 1, 2018. Both were drawn by Octo and written by a0040pc. The first was edited by Mac Rome, while the second was edited by Cezar Nix. Studio GFX created the cover logo and Geanne Clavio served as the layout artist for the second issue.

This appears to be the only series drawn by Octo for Shrink Fan. However, Octo drew several for Giantess Fan such as “Allergens,” “Darlsborough University,” and “Growing The Franchise” (the last example I placed on my “Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories“). Author a0040pc also wrote “One Extreme to Another” and “Watch Your Tongue!” for Shrink Fan, as well as “Giantess RPG” and “Girls on the Grow” for Giantess Fan.

Initially, Jane (on the right) was taller than Katherine (on the left)

The story begins with our protagonists, lovers Jane and Katherine, trekking through the woods. A shrinking MacGuffin (in the form of strange liquid) appears out of nowhere, and explodes after Jane picks it up! (NOTE: The shrinking catalyst’s reason for being left in the woods, mechanism of operation, etc. is never explained in these initial issues.) The formula miniaturizes the lovely pair of ladies, but Jane becomes much smaller than her companion.

I enjoyed the switch of Jane becoming the smallest.

There’s some action when a fox chases the protagonists, but tension was non-existent as I never believed that any harm would come to our characters. (NOTE: I don’t expect a sex comic to feature gory dismemberment, but perhaps Jane or Katherine could have suffered a scratch or minor wound to make the readers believe that they were in real danger.)

Then there’s an enjoyable sex scene between the very small Jane and small (but not as small) Katherine. The second issue takes place a week after the first, and begins with another sex scene. Then the two tiny people encounter a normal-sized woman named Gwen and the issue ends with the trio preparing to walk to Gwen’s car in order to seek assistance from Gwen’s advanced chemistry professor.

Dreaming about being “in” her breasts? Like “inside” the flesh that constitutes her bosom? O_o

One complaint about the characters is that Jane was portrayed as an complainer. Now, I’m not claiming that unscheduled shrinkage is not a reasonable cause for alarm. (Lord knows that Solomon G would become despondent in such circumstances.) But, it’s a bit annoying that Jane’s only personality trait is constant worrying.

For example, in the first issue Jane complains that she doesn’t like being tiny, that they can’t be stuck out here, that it’s no fun when you’re her size, etc. She cries in the second issue and worries that they’ll never be normal again. Conversely, Katherine delights in their experiencing something that no other human has ever experienced, and Katherine repeatedly tells Jane to calm down.

I wonder if Jane always had a negative attitude even at normal size? Perhaps, and I’m just speculating, she offended a mad scientist. Let’s call this scientist Carl. And let’s assume that Jane and Katherine were at a cocktail party. Carl is new in town and trying to make a good impression. He makes a seven-layer bean dip for the party, but Jane just doesn’t like it. She complains incessantly that the refried beans were incorrectly prepared, and thus ruined the entire dish. This makes Carl mad. The mad (because she criticized his dip) scientist plots revenge and surreptitiously plants his experimental shrinking formula in the woods where he *knows* Jane and Katherine often hike. And, shocking twist, Carl IS Gwen’s advanced chemistry professor! (NOTE: Imagine dramatic drum roll when you read that last sentence.)

(ALSO NOTE: I’m willing to sell the story rights to Shrink Fan for my mad scientist with a penchant for making incorrectly prepared seven-layer bean dip for the low, low cost of 12 maple donuts and 500円 (¥500). )


But I digress. Back to the review!

Despite Jane’s pessimism, I enjoyed the story. The plot was thin. Basically, a mysterious vial of formula shrinks two women. Then they are endangered by a wild animal, have sex twice, and at the end of issue two appeared to have found help. (Jane is suspicious of Gwen’s motivations, but we were shown no reason to doubt Gwen’s sincerity.)

Regarding the art, overall I enjoyed it. However, in the second issue the scene with Gwen has many panels with no background, except a simple color gradient. I understand that artists may found it tiresome to always draw surrounding environments, but there were too many pages with exceedingly simple backdrops.

The event depicted in this panel takes place in the forest. Yet, there was no fauna or flora to indicate where this is happening.

Despite its flaws, I enjoyed and would recommend this. You can read Survival of the Smallest with a membership at the Shrink Fan site:

(Unfortunately, it has been well over a year since issue two was released with “To be continued” on the final page. Furthermore, the Shrink Fan preview covering the next three months didn’t mention a continuation to Survival of the Smallest. So, don’t expect that anytime soon.)


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