Giantess Fan’s “Sorority Problems” Finale (Issue 3)

Overall, I really enjoyed the art. However, in the cover’s background the width of the foot compared to the width of the toes makes it seem that she should either have six toes or an exceptionally large middle toe.

“Sorority Problems” is a three-part series written by F-Kid and illustrated by Danusko. I reviewed the previous issues here. Author F-Kid contacted me in late June, after my initial post, and pointed out that he was the one with a keen appreciation for feet and that Danusko merely kept up that motif. (I originally speculated that artist Danusko had a thing for feet.)

F-Kid hoped that I would enjoy issue three of Sorority Problems. I foolishly replied that, while I was going out of town, I could review the third issue upon my return in July. Alas, I replied without checking the release schedule first. That was a regrettable oversight as issue three was not due for release until September 7th. Thus, after I sent the e-mail I felt a little silly pledging to look it over months before its actual release. (I briefly entertained the thought of using the Power Cosmic, granted to all size-fetish reviewers, to time-travel into the future and snag the comic. However, I decided not to. Although, I couldn’t help mucking with the timeline and altered the spelling of Berenstain Bears. Sorry 😉 )

Now, a few months have passed and a review is possible!

I love the giantesses of significantly varied sizes! Like the first two issues, the finale is also a great work for fans of beautiful feminine feet.

The story of issue three begins with four male students from the “Swag Kappa Swag” fraternity bringing contaminated bottles of “Biggie Whiskey” to three sorority sisters belonging to “Too Cute Theta.”


Those college co-eds are Jen, Layla, and Michele, a.k.a. Mish. Out of that trio, Layla drinks the most and eventually reaches an impressive height of over 100 feet tall!

At this point a reader might wonder why the drink was called Biggie Whiskey to begin with. Remember, the distillery (allegedly) did not know and did not intend for their alcoholic beverage to become contaminated and thus altered in some fashion to cause incredibly rapid growth in its consumers. Yet, the distillers still called it Biggie Whiskey. I guess because, as the label states, it is “The whiskey of the Amazons. For True Amazons.” (Or did the distillers purposely contaminate their grain mash in order to give the product an amazing property that would fully justify its otherwise unusual name?)

3At the end of issue 2, sorority sister Katie asked “How do we shrink back?” That question was never answered in this third and presumably final issue. (The last page says “The End?”) However, there was a line claiming that doctors have not found a way to revert the expansions.

There is lots of outgrowing with shoes, tops, shorts, pants, sandals, and even a house all being destroyed by expanding nubile female forms. Additionally, there were panels in which the women appear to be growing unevenly with hands and feet disproportionately large. Sex scenes consist of unfaithful boyfriend Eric manually stimulating his girlfriend Michele as well as masturbatory scenes featuring Jen and Layla.

The group sex tag was applied, but that did not seem appropriate as none of the scenes involved more than two people having sex with each other. (Unless multiple people watching a woman masturbate counts as group sex.)

Overall, I recommend this due to its abundance of female growth scenes and sex play. I would have preferred a longer story line, but perhaps we will get a “Sorority Problems 2” in the future.

Additionally, I should point out there is a single image entitled “Sorority Problems: Another Bottle” available at the Giantess Fan site. It depicts a blonde woman called “Zoe” outgrowing her clothes, including her unicorn slippers. This image was also drawn by Danusko and comes with a brief story snippet written by Slapdash.


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