Redfired0g’s “Valentine’s Day” Parts 1 and 2


Hello my dear readers! It’s been awhile, but previously I mentioned my possession of the “Power Cosmic.” (Specifically, in the Giantess Fan’s “Sorority Problems” Finale Issue 3 review.) Today, I utilized that awesome ability to rip a hole in the time stream and flung myself into it. Flying through chrono-space I eventually arrived at a very special pier, where the S.S. Pacific Princess was moored. There, I briefly met with Captain Merrill Stubing.

Having received Captain Stubing’s wise counsel, I carried a bit of romance from his illustrious cruise ship back to my reviewing space. As I flew through the fabric of reality, I happily sung the theme to that magical Love Boat:

Love, exciting and new

Come Aboard. We’re expecting you.

And Love, life’s sweetest reward.

Let it flow, it floats back to you.

(The Love Boat Lyrics by Charles Fox and Paul Williams)

Thus, now that I have been properly prepared, we can dive into a Valentine’s Day comic! Namely, let’s look at Redfired0g’s “Valentine’s Day” Parts 1 and 2.

❤ her corset 🙂 (NOTE: The white chocolate was set-up in this panel, but never paid off. She says she’s saving it for last, but it was not mentioned again in either Part 1 or Part 2 :/ )

As one should expect, there is a size-change in this illustrated story! In this case, the transformative catalyst takes the form of Valentine’s Day chocolates. A rather nice and pleasant way to package a MacGuffin in my humble opinion 😎

The story is simple. The man, his name is John, shrinks when he eats the chocolates, and the woman, her name is Lilly, experiences breast expansion when she eats the chocolates. They are the only characters.

This image, taken from page 18, was unintentionally funny 😀

At one point there was a bit in which Lilly mentions that John feels great inside of her. However…

In the above, also taken from page 18, John’s penis (hidden under the black box) is close to penetrating Lilly, but is not actually inside her. (Buy the comic if you want to see his penis uncensored!)

I felt for John at this point. My theory is that his love making skill is so lackluster that Lilly has become accustomed to not feeling anything. Thus, she is unable to determine whether or not his penis is inside her. However, she cares for John and does not want him to feel bad. So, she says that he feels great, whether or not he actually IS inside.

Further supporting my theory is the fact that later in the narrative John is uncertain if he has satisfied Lilly. He asks on page 30, shown below, if she climaxed, to which she responds affirmatively. Apparently, he is unable to determine on his own if she came.


To be clear, I believe this was a simple oversight and it’s certainly not a big deal. I just wanted to offer John some advice and encourage him to scooch forward a smidgen when in the doggy style position 😉

Wait, there’s TWO white chocolates? 😮 Lilly’s earlier dialogue, from page 5, stated there was only one.

In Part 2, it’s the next morning and the duo moved to the backyard. They both eat more chocolate and their transformations continue. Notably, while Lilly mentions that they should go to bed they never do 😦 Although, they still manage to have quite a bit of fun in the backyard. Specifically, there is lots of breast play and John uses his head as a dildo ❗

4 - Valentines Day Part 2_page_08
Not sure why a piece of chocolate is floating in the air at the lower left of this image.
Now we’re back to only having one white chocolate. Alternatively, perhaps someone ate the other white chocolate and the effect was unremarkable and thus not shown.
8 - Valentines Day Part 2_page_67
This was a great way to end part 2 and left me wanting more.

Overall, I recommend Redfired0g’s “Valentine’s Day” Parts 1 and 2. Much like the celebrity couples on the original “Love Boat” TV show, John and Lilly had an amazingly sensual experience which undoubtedly strengthened their romantic bond.

The first part is on sale for $4.99 and the second for $6. (NOTE: Part 1 contains more than 80 pictures and part 2 only contains 69 pages. Yet part 2 is more expensive than part 1 for unknown reasons.) A compilation of the two would be welcome, currently the two parts can be purchased separately at E-junkie or by supporting Redfired0g’s Patreon.

Both parts were released in 2015. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a Part 3, even though more than four years have passed. I’d love to see a sequel in which we learn more about the white chocolate(s). Even better, bundle all three together into one purchase!


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