Giantess Media World’s “Lina & Lori – Episode 8 (of 8) – Mud Games”


The unthinkable has happened. I sit on the stoop of a FamilyMart convenience store, not far from my home. The sliding glass door behind me is broken and stuck in the open position. Inside the store, overhead lights hang tenuously from the ceiling, swinging slowly, flashing on and off. Various candies, magazines, and other sundries are scattered about. All of them are evidence testifying to my uncontrollable vandalism and petty theft.

Outside, sharing space with me on the stoop, is a half-eaten nikuman, a pork bun. Several broken yakitori sticks litter the area. A few glossy journals are open. One shows the naked form and smiling face of adult model Hitomi Tanaka. Hitomi’s face shows no concern for the crime I committed. She mocks me with her happy countenance. Somewhere, inside the store, a clerk is frantically calling the police. I am too ashamed to look.

If only I had not seen what I saw. If only I had not done what I did. So much damage could have been avoided. Yet, my destructive rampage has now ended; I feel the animalistic madness subsiding within me. I can control my actions once more. Police sirens draw closer. My justifiably deserved punishment draws closer. If only I could turn back time; I would go back and not watch der verdammt Film.

I have saved my readers the grave consequences of viewing nefarious nipples.

You may ask: “What did SolomonG see in the video? What catalyst led to calamity?” Wonder no more for I shall tell you; it was the sight of topless females. I have been conditioned for well over two decades to believe that nudity of any type should never be presented in giantess videos. I am referring to the literally hundreds of giantess videos I have seen in which performers stay clothed. Now, I understand why. Those other studios knew ( ❗ ) that fully exposed female breasts would lead to crime sprees, chaos, and suffering.

I am, of course, not being serious. Rest assured gentle readers, nipples do not cause violence!

Ja, ja genau!

I am trying, albeit perhaps poorly, to express the absurdity of making adult-oriented erotic videos with fully clothed performers. Personally, I am quite enthusiastic to see instances when studios include nudity, even if that’s restricted to ladies without tops, in their productions.

To be fair, other videos such as Miss MissaX’s “Giant Sex” and Jordana-Rama’s “I Want Them Bigger!” featured completely nude female performers. Giantess Katelyn and Ginary’s Giantess Adventures have also made clips with fully naked men and women. Additionally, it should be said, the majority of Giantess Media World’s clips do not feature nudity. But this one did.

This video had a studio logo in the top left until the two minutes 24 seconds mark.

This next point might have been unintentional; however, I was also happy to see that for the majority of the runtime there were no logos or watermarks on the screen! Hallelujah! This is proof that a size-fetish video can be made without such blemishes.

Be gone foul text! Get thee out of my size-fetish content!

I do hope that was a conscious choice and not merely a mistake.

Additionally, the small body of water, pictured below, was an excellent addition to the set!

The water was effective at partially obscuring this toy figure and making it resemble some poor person drowned by the rampaging giantesses.

That’s not to say that this clip was perfect. I know that I started this piece by writing how the sight of a nipple drove me to temporary madness. But, that was intended to be sarcastic. My actual 8preference is that giant people wear no clothes or jewelry. In this clip, the only discarded clothing was the tops. The bikini bottoms stayed in place. Also, various pieces of jewelry were worn, which for me dispels the illusion that the women are giant-sized. (NOTE: The counter-argument would be that they are from a race of giants and thus have giant-sized clothing and accouterments.)

Additionally, the chroma key effects were not always smoothly implemented. For instance, at one point a woman’s foot partially blended into the background effect. Trees at the back of the set became blurry and resembled messy smudges more than proper greenery.

Also, there is no story here. The video begins, after the “Previously” bit, with the ladies stomping around, breaking things, playing with their toes in the water, etc. They have no stated goals or driving motivations beyond playing with the small town. This clip also ends abruptly. Any continuation is apparently contingent on consumer demand.

Was hat er gesagt? This man’s dialogue was not translated from the German, but the giantess’ earlier dialogue was translated. So, what did he say?

The diverse sounds included in this production were welcome. Background music, booming footsteps, flowing water, screams of victims, struggling sounds as people try to flee, etc.

Probably key to this production’s quality was the sizeable cast involved in this production:

  • Peter Klein as producer and director
  • Lina and Lory as the actresses playing the giantesses
  • Jan Henry, Mark West, and Peter Klein operated the cameras
  • Ingrid Peters as editor and responsible for sound design and visual effects

Additionally, a large number, 11, of given names were listed as “Humans.” Presumably, that list referred to the few tiny characters that appeared to be played by people, and not the computer-generated characters. <shrug>

Small characters in the background AND foreground? Wunderbar!

Overall, I highly recommend “Lina & Lori – Episode 8.” It’s available for purchase here for €11, or $12.68, as of early February 2020. You can view the trailer here:

The producer stated: “If you want to know how all this continues, just let me know. I will have the following episodes edited only on condition that there is enough demand to cover the upcoming costs.” So, if you enjoyed this, contact him and ask for more.

Lastly, I don’t think this studio is getting the attention that it deserves. Although, Giantess Media World could help themselves by responding to comments on YouTube. For example, a few people asked about their videos in the comments section of the trailers, shown below, but months later no one had replied.

These comments were made 10 and 4 months ago respectively.
A potential customer asked how to order their videos seven months ago, but never got a reply. There’s no link to to buy the video in the trailer’s description.

P. S. Apropos of nothing, and in the realm of a reviewer overthinking things, I did a little research on the following screen capture:

The phone number identifies this cab as being from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Somehow, it wound up in Europe 😉


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