Giantess Zone’s “Dani Jensen in Pleasure of Destruction 2”


Good morning everyone, I hope this upcoming week treats you well. I just finished cooking some crepes for my family’s breakfast, and now I’m ready to write this review!

The first “Pleasure of Destruction” starred Cali Logan, ran for 30 minutes, and can be purchased for $15.99, plus (presumably) a 49 cent download fee. I have not purchased Pleasure of Destruction part one so I can’t say for sure, but other videos require the download fee.

(SIDE NOTE: I don’t want to get off track, but the description / request for Pleasure of Destruction part one is an impressive 2,169 words long! O_o To put that in perspective, the description would be too long to enter into a quarterly Size Riot literary contest because each contest has a 2,000-word limit!)

13 - removed then replaced roof
I like this sequence in which she removed a roof, snatched some people, then put the roof back on. This reminded me of a scene from 1958’s “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” in which Nancy Archer rips the top off a bar and grabs her husband.

Pleasure of Destruction 2 stars Dani Jensen, runs for over forty minutes, and was first released on January 5th, 2020. The story begins when Dani Jensen wakes up giant-sized in the city where she lives and works. Sirens blare in the background while her voice has an echo effect applied to it. (NOTE: No explanation was given for her unusual overnight growth spurt. Dani states it must be a dream.)

Dani takes revenge on various people who have vexed her. Her initial victims include the manager of her apartment complex who recently raised her rent, and an elderly neighbor who listens to her music and TV at a loud volume. Dani enacts vengeance by swallowing these people, which also arouses her.

Also, it was campy to be sure, but I enjoyed the scene in which she titty-fucks a car while lovingly describing her breasts. Throughout this work, some sort of script appeared to be used and characters were named. Although, at one point Dani mentions that a skyscraper reminds her of a “nice, big, square cock.” I’m not an expert, but are square cocks a thing? 😳

No nudity, but Dani does pleasure herself 😎 She even uses a tower and a train car for this purpose.
We also get a nice view of her breasts 🙂

Media Impact Productions prohibition on nudity is still steadfast. The prohibition on nudity, but willingness to depict vore (and thus murder) reminds me of a quote attributed to the American actor Jack Nicholson.

“If you suck on a tit the movie gets an R rating. If you hack the tit off with an axe it will be PG.” (Reportedly, Jack Nicholson said this during an interview published in Playboy magazine’s January 2004 issue. Although, I have not independently confirmed that.)

The additional restrictions on nudity versus the lesser restrictions on graphic violence is well-deserved as it is widely understood that the naked human body is certain to cause nearly indescribable levels of mayhem and suffering. For instance:

23 - opening scene of T2
If only society had been more restrictive regarding nudity then this would never have happened 😥  (Image taken from opening scene of the 1991 film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”)

I’m joking of course.

The prohibition against nudity, particularly in ostensibly erotic works, is often counter-productive. That’s not to say that non-nude productions are automatically non-titillating, just that it takes more creativity. In the same manner, a PG-13 rated horror film (one which cannot feature gore or extensive violence) takes a bit more creativity than a R-rated horror film (one which can feature gore and extensive violence).

On that note, Dani Jensen has performed in over 100 adult videos. (Assuming that she is the actress in this IMDB filmography.) So, it seems reasonable that she may have been willing to perform in the nude.

16 - effects simulated tank fire
The tanks looked real (enough), but the rigidly static toy soldiers looked fake.
The disassembling of this helicopter was a nice touch.

There were a few elements of the set that I would have changed. Specific examples are given below:


  1. Most of the buildings looked appropriate, except these highly reflective, and plastic looking, black towers.
  2. The streets lacked any road surface marking, street lights, or signage. Painted white and yellow lines as well as stop signs on the corners were conspicuously absent.
  3. A chroma key effect should have replaced this solid blue background with a sky or distant skyline.
7 - Scotch tape
The clear tape was noticeable, but could have been replaced with a less obvious fastener, such as glue on the inside.
The fact that this was merely a facade, not a building, became especially clear when she walked behind it. Alternatively, perhaps this is merely the thinnest structure ever made 😉

Compare these solid models and single color backdrop to the crumbling models and mountain backdrop used by Giantess Media World.

Giantess Media World’s “Skadi’s Rampage – Part 3”

Regarding the post-production processing, there were a few minor issues. One, which was intentional, was the omnipresent watermarks. To be fair, watermarks are also included on videos from other producers such as AstroDomina, Ginary’s Giantess Adventures, GrowHaus, Liza K Fetishes, Miss MissaX, and TaylorMadeClips.

But why? Would we want Blu-Ray copies of 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame” to have “Marvel Studios” and “Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures” on the top corners? Personally, *I* do not want watermarks in comic book movies and I do not want watermarks in porn.

What purpose do these water marks serve?

I assume the argument is that water marks prevent piracy. Yet, a cursory search on PornHub shows that to be untrue. (NOTE: That is by no means an endorsement of piracy, merely an acknowledgement that the practice endures despite watermarks.) Dare I dream of a future in which some brave soul runs an experiment and produces videos without watermarks? It would cost no money to try.

Worthy Captain America
Studio names on the screen hinder the suspension of disbelief.

Of course, piracy exists not just for giantess videos, but also for movies like Avengers. Further, I take it as a reasonable assumption that Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures do not want their films pirated. So, why don’t they use watermarks? Could it be that the distraction of the text and its degrading effect on the final work outweighs any anti-piracy protection provided by the text?

What do my readers think?

Another area in which the post-production effort could have been improved was in the use of fire effect, as seen in the next image.

This fire should be on the structure, not on her wrist.

Lastly, I liked the willingness to take time and effort to build a model city and then allow an actress to destroy it. However, the final scene, pictured below, was lackluster.

21 - looks like she_s lying in Legos
This particular shot looks (and sounds) like she’s lying in a demolished Erector set or among Lego pieces, not the ruins of a city.

The forty-minute clip ends abruptly. Yet, overall, fans of cruel giantesses and vore may enjoy Dani Jensen in Pleasure of Destruction 2.

This clip can be purchased for $15.48 ($14.99 plus a hidden $0.49 download fee)


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