“Girls that Grow” Part 1 from Amazonias


This week saw a flurry of activity from writers around the world as contestants finalized their entries for #CruelJan20. Thankfully, I was able to finish and e-mail my own submission before the deadline.

That task completed, I turn my attention to other matters. As I write this, at the foot of my bookshelves sit two dumbbells. I use them to do exercises such as biceps curls and French presses (which work the triceps muscles). I supplement those exercises at home with various machines at nearby gyms to work my back, chest, legs, and shoulders. Hopefully, that will give me sufficient background information to properly evaluate a muscle growth comic!

On that topic, I recently contacted James at Amazonias. As we corresponded, he graciously provided a coupon so I could check out some of his comics. Accordingly, I selected “Girls that Grow.”

Can’t say that I’ve achieved her level of muscular development.

Girls that Grow Part 1 involves a young college student named Donald and another student named Mandy. One day Mandy enters a laboratory by mistake and meets Donald. Amused at his diminutive stature, she dominates and teases him. This harassment becomes a daily occurrence, and motivates Donald to concoct a growth serum to counter her size advantage.

Alas, the serum is ineffectual upon him. Yet, it proves quite effective for Mandy! After bulking up, she drags the young scientist to an empty auditorium and shows off her musculature and equally impressive breasts. Part 1 ends with Mandy demanding that he disrobe.

Overall, this was a quality comic. That said, there were a few typos in the dialogue, examples below:

“I’m” is a contraction of “I” and “am,” so “I’m am” is redundant. Alternatively, perhaps this was intentional to depict him stuttering due to anger or fear.
“quicklly” should be “quickly”
“a” should be “at”

As should be obvious, none of these errors were significant or detracted from the work. The art was well-done, providing well-realized depictions of the two different locations in which Part 1 takes place, namely Donald’s laboratory and the empty auditorium.

That said, I had quibbles with some of the choices made. For instance:

Where are his shoes?

It was an odd, and presumably unsafe, choice to not give Donald’s shoes in a laboratory full of glass beakers and test tubes. If a container was to break and glass shards were thrown onto the floor then socks would provide little protection.

Also, on his blackboard was written “RIP Mr. White,” which was weird. Maybe that’s a joke or a reference that I don’t recognize or understand. But it’s rather odd to have “Rest In Peace” (RIP) written on a blackboard instead of a gravestone.


Additionally, on page 81 when the story had moved to the auditorium the caption states that Mandy made the screen disappear. However, that screen in question actually disappeared one page earlier and thus the caption was misplaced. Those pages are presented below.


However, while on the topic of the art, I must note that Mandy was depicted as a very attractive woman.

I ❤ her figure 🙂

Overall, this was a good set-up establishing the dominating and submissive roles played by Mandy and Donald and providing a rationale for Donald’s desire to make a growth serum. Looking at the most recent issue, part 8, of Girls that Grow I see that several women grow and a group sex scene is depicted. Furthermore, Donald has refined his serum into pill form and entered into a loving relationship with a woman named Gretchen.

Ultimately, a reader’s enjoyment will hinge upon their like or dislike of strong women dominating weaker men. If you like such scenarios, then I think you’ll like this series.

You can find Girls that Grow Part 1 for €9.99 ($11.09 as of early February 2020), along with a multitude of free comics, at Amazonias.


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