Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2020


Happy New Year everyone!

The image above depicts Kadomatsu (かどまつ in hiragana or 門松  in kanji). Kadomatsu are a traditional decoration placed in pairs at the entrance to Japanese homes during the first several days of a new year. Their purpose is to welcome Shinto gods and request their blessings. Thus, it feels fitting to place them at the top of my first post in 2021!

I’ll begin with a look back at the past 12 months. Specifically, I’ll list the Top 10 Size-Fetish creations of 2020. (NOTE: My Top 10 of 2019 is also online.) Before we begin, please keep in mind that art is subjective! (Check out this post for more on that topic.) And now, without any further delay, let’s dive in!

SMA10-II (1)

#10) Butre3004’s “Supermodels Agency”
Artwork by Butre3004 (read his interview here), original story / translations by Alexisfirbank, with later corrections and text by Klopsi313 and Elrelator

This long-running series began in May, 2016, and the latest issue was put out in October, 2020. The plot involves two models called Lauren and Astrid, and an older woman named Andrea who runs an agency called “Amazing Giantesses Models.” Andrea’s daughter Lucy also plays a key role as she was the first to demonstrate the effects of a growth formula developed by Andrea. The bulk of the action details the staggered growth cycles of Astrid, Lauren, and Lucy as they vie for the attentions of a billionaire businessman named Mr. Taylor and a photographer called Alex. Tons of growing and size competition is accompanied by light girl-on-girl action and a more explicit m/F sex scene between the photographer and one of the models in the latest issue.

I plan to examine this series in its very own post during the next few months.


#9) BattleBeauties “Draven sciences himself into a giant and destroys the city”
Stars Draven Navarro

This 21-minute live-action video was first released on May 16th, 2020, and showcases a muscular man turning into a skyscraper-sized giant. The story begins with Draven making a growth formula breakthrough capable of increasing food size and nutrition. He decides to demonstrate its potential and try it himself. Of note, there were many issues with the visual effects. Nonetheless, I still recommend this as a good example of gay macrophilia.

See the entire review here.


#8) Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures “Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH – A Powerful Villainess Transformation”
Performed and presumably written by Ludella Hahn

“Ivy’s Giantess Goddess GROWTH” by Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures is a 21-minute production first released in mid-March 2020. Ludella plays the DC super-villain Poison Ivy who has been extracting the powers of unspecified heroes and heroines in Gotham, Batman’s home city. Ivy speaks to the viewer as if they were a super-powered individual from which she will extract the ability to grow into a giantess! (NOTE: Stealing powers is not an ability that Poison Ivy typically possesses, so viewers just have to roll with it! 😉 )

Perhaps the bright red wig and lipstick seem garish, but I didn’t mind. The overly saturated color works well for a comic character. Fans of crushing threats, giantess growth sequences, and vore will each find something to enjoy.

Read the full review here.


#7) Destruction Damsels Sugargirlmodel: “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION”!
Performed by Sugargirlmodel

“A ‘Growing’ Education” is a seven-minute video (The last two minutes consists of outtakes) which was first released on December 8th, 2020. It earned a place on this list just by name-dropping “Clips4Sale” during the performance 😉 Just kidding! This features a lovely actress, a plethora of sound effects, copious clothing destruction, and the courage to portray the aforementioned actress in all her naked glory! Furthermore, the owner of Destruction Damsels stated I’m already in early pre-production for a bunch of scenes for next year, with growth being the priority.” on the Process Forum. Thus, while I thoroughly enjoyed A Growing Education I am even more excited to see what Destruction Damsels will produce in 2021!

The plan is to dedicate an entire blog post to A Growing Education next week 😎


#6) Muscle Fan’s “The Strong Shall Survive”
Drawn by r2roh and written by Rolling Thunder

“The Strong Shall Survive” is a six-part ongoing series with the initial issue published on October 10th, 2018, and the latest on December 24th, 2020. Its inclusion on the Top 10 is primarily due to the superb art produced by r2roh. However, the story was also enjoyable. It involves a young woman named Sasha trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. She is chased by raiders into a building which contains barrels of unidentified radioactive waste. That glowing ooze spills onto our heroine and turns petite Sasha into a powerhouse!

A partial review, covering up to issue #5, can be read here.


#5) Jyminish’s “My Shrinking Lover Part 1: A Smaller Destiny”
Art and story by Jyminish

“My Shrinking Lover Part 1: A Smaller Destiny” consists of over 210 pages and was released in early June 2020. The story involves a man named Nils and two women named Lucile and Flore. The trio are working on a size-changing device, the “irradiator.” Surprise surprise, a mishap occurs and one of the ladies begins to slowly diminish in size. This is only a beginning, but it left me wanting more and excited to read the next chapter!

Interested fans can find the original review here.


#4) Shrink Fan’s “Small Change”
Colored by Slasher Studio, illustrated by Vincenzo Pietropaolo, and written by Mac Rome

“Small Change” is composed of two issues in total. The first was released on September 1st, 2019, and the second was released on June 1st, 2020. The easiest way to summarize Small Change is to note that it’s a size-themed take on the 2011 American sci-fi movie “In Time.” The unique element of In Time was the core idea that time (specifically a person’s remaining life span) was used as currency. If a person runs out of money then they literally die. Similarly, size is money in Small Change.

It focuses on a pretty blonde named Penny who works at a financial institution called Wemilia Financial Services. Penny uncovers insider theft occurring at the company and alerts her supervisor. Shortly afterward, Penny loses most of her size after her financial accounts were hacked.

This showcased lots of carnal action. That included a group sex scene portraying many partners of widely diverging sizes! Even after justice is served, the antagonist was allowed to partake in some pleasurable activities 🙂 Overall, I recommend this series. It’s a fun read and includes lots of shrinking and sex along with a bit of conflict.

Learn more about the comic here.


#3) JORDANA-RAMA Fetish Clips “The Growth Genie”
Featuring Jordana

This 12-minute long clip was first released on March 15, 2020. At the beginning, viewers are privy to the sight of a Genie awakening after a millennium-long slumber. Once the wish granting begins, the magical being increases in size, destroys her clothes in the process, and engages in some sexy thrusting with her rescuer.

Read more about this video here.


#2) Valora Fetish’s “Attack of The 50 Ft Stripper”
Showcasing the eponymous Valora

“Attack of the 50 Ft Stripper” was released on July 19th, 2020, and has a run-time of ten minutes. The plot involves a secret government laboratory which apparently received a fax from the President simply stating “Giant Stripper.” That was enough for a scientist to expose a busty exotic dancer to a growth ray. (SPOILER ALERT: It worked!) This clip has scenes which will appeal to both growth fans and evil giantess fans.

For a more complete analysis, check out this post.


#1) Giantess Ave’s “The Agreement”
Starring unidentified performers

This 12-minute long explicit clip will certainly not be to everyone’s liking, due to its cuckold theme. However, it deserves recognition due to its daring to actually portray sex acts in a size-fetish work. Giantess Ave’s “The Agreement” was first released on November 9th, 2020. It features a shrunken fiancé, his normal-sized fiancée, and her normal-sized lover. The fiancé shrank over a year ago and struck an agreement with his unaffected fiancée that she may take other lovers provided that the diminutive fiancé was always involved.

Look for a proper review in early February.

So, that’s my top ten. What do you think? Notably, I recently became aware of a 1973 British horror film entitled “Theatre of Blood.” Vincent Price plays an actor enacting ghoulish vengeance on his critics in that movie. In the hope of avoiding such a macabre fate, I would like to remind folks that the above list is my opinion, and furthermore that no such Top 10 list can be constructed on any other basis except opinion.

If the list was Top 10 Fastest 5K runners then it could be objectively measured. In such a scenario, we could line up a group of runners and time them while they run five kilometers. Whoever finished first would be number one, the next fastest person would be number two, etc. etc. There would be no room for confusion, either a person finished with a better time than someone else or they didn’t. However, art does not work that way. The room for argument and discussion over an art piece’s worth is unlimited. That may be irritating to some, since you cannot decisively prove that one piece of art is better than another. However, that is a good thing. Discussion about the size-fetish media we enjoy can lead to greater understanding and spur innovation.

Darrin Hill commented that it could be beneficial to have a list of reviews to help readers create their own Top 10. Accordingly, all of my reviews of comics, stories, and videos featuring size-fetish themes and created in 2020 are as follows:

A Look at ZZZ’s First New Comic, “Super Sizeo Sis.”, since 2018!

Amplify” from Canadian Giantess

ASMR Roleplay Inspired by Alice in Wonderland by JuIieta

Bye Bye Tiny” by Bianca Baker’s Fetishes

EndlessRain0110’s “That Goth Girl,” Parts 1 through 4

From Genius to Goddess” with TerraMizu

Giantess Fan’s “A Goddess of Law”

Giantess Fan’s “Giantess RPG,” a Look at the First Three Issues

Giantess Fan’s “Super Spy”

Giantess Zone’s “Dani Jensen in Pleasure of Destruction 2”

Giantess Zone’s “Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX”

GIGANT Volume 5

GIGANT Volume 6

Juliusromanize’s “Futanari Tryst”

Katelyn in Wonderland

Mega Eclipse And Giga Melle SFX” from Canadian Giantess

Nally’s Christmas gift” by Mr. Rekni

Party Crusher” by EmmaGear and MisterDoD

Rob Classact’s “Meet the Eastings”

Solomon E Studies Diane Chrystall’s “Cursed Giantess”

(NOTE: Other posts covered older media and thus were not included.)

Coming up next will be my thoughts on the past year and hopes for 2021. Until then folks I’m going to rent Theatre of Blood while you keep growing!

This review is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2020

  1. Great list! Supermodels Agency looks fantastic, and I’m really curious about The Agreement.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Solomon, thanks for the shout out regarding my suggestion. I shall get to work assembling a Top 10 list. But, I would like to recommend a comic book that you might have missed. Its called “Big Girls” by Image Comics. It centers on 300ft. tall women who protect their city against 300ft. tall mutated monsters. Let me know what you think of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll put “Big Girls” on my list to review!


  3. Any mainstream content as well?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t see any mainstream content in 2020 that warranted being on this list. That said, I do review mainstream stuff in posts like this:


  5. Darrin Hill sent me his best of 2020 and allowed me to share them here!

    (In no particular order)
    Big Girls (Image Comics)
    America’s Next Top Model #3 (Giantess Fan)
    Tammy Towers Takes On The World (Giantess Fan)
    A Goddess Of Love #3 (Giantess Fan)
    Hunger Strike (Giantess Fan)
    Unitaur (Giantess Fan)
    My Alien Crush (Giantess Club)
    Nurse Nessa (Giantess Fan)
    Peak Shift: Biggest Woman On Campus (Giantess Fan)
    MILF Milk: Island Diet #3 (Giantess Club)
    MILF Club #6 (Giantess Club)
    Mr. Harper & Mr. Turner #2 (Giantess Club)


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