Giantess Fan’s “A Goddess of Law”

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Let’s take a look at the ongoing “A Goddess of Law” comic from Giantess Fan. The initial issue was released on April 14th, 2019, the second on November 14th, 2019, and the third, the latest issue, went out on July 28th, 2020. Every installment has been written by Sexplore and drawn by Hmage. This is the only work credited to Sexplore at Giantess Fan. However, Hmage has done a fair amount of work for Interweb Comics, the parent company. Hmage drew the two-part “Invisible Girl” series for Shrink Fan, in addition to the ongoing “Super Spy” series and the upcoming “Nurse Nessa” for Giantess Fan.

A Goddess of Law centers on a busty blonde stripper named Nikki who mistakenly enters a top secret lab while wearing a cop costume. Shortly afterward, an armed gang arrives! The goons attempt to steal equipment, but before they can succeed Nikki dives into a tank of green gunk which makes her, and her clothes, expand!

Why is she wearing ugly shoes? Is that because they slip on and thus are easy to remove?

Nikki is an evil character and right from the beginning readers learn that human life means little to her. She willingly kills people for egocentric reasons like preserving her unique status as the world’s only giant, or to prevent a captured criminal from interrupting an interview.

His wireless microphone must have an impressive range.

Typically, I am not a fan of evil giantesses, but there’s something about Nikki that I appreciate. Maybe that’s because motivation drives her actions. She crushes people without stopping to consider their humanity, but she does so for reasons, albeit selfish and petty reasons. Compare that to other stories in which villains murder for no other reason than to be evil. At least Nikki does so to make herself look better or to serve some other personal goal.

In fact, nearly every named character is unabashedly corrupt.

(SIDE NOTE: Wait a minute, is Eva’s last name spelled “Quincey,” like in the image above, or “Quincy,” like in the image below? I think it should be Quincy; it looks like Quincey was just a one-time mistake.)

It must be stated that I enjoyed the humor! There were references to the 1998 American film “Godzilla,” as well as an unsubtle jab at billionaire entrepreneurs.

Other references fall into the stereotype or dated category. For example, Nikki picks up a guy who tells her in Italian that he will help find a missing cat. However, Nikki does not understand his offer of assistance so she callously tosses him aside. The man had a Tommy gun presumably to make it obvious that he was a gangster. Although, Tommy guns were most prominently associated with Prohibition-era bootleggers and even the American government stop using them in the 1970s. So, just a smidgen (50 years or more) out of date 😉

Concerning the art, I appreciated that not only Nikki, but also the Mayor’s wife Eva was drawn with large breasts. Additionally, the urban backgrounds were detailed and the many buildings gave a sense of just how big Nikki was. (Hint: Very big!)

Regarding downsides, the one and only growth sequence was nearly non-existent, taking place over just two panels. Additionally, there was no clothing destruction because her stripper’s police costume also increased in size along with her body. There were no scenes featuring Nikki having intercourse with someone of comparable stature or with normal-sized people. There are several depictions of Nikki topless and a few of her vagina, but there were no masturbation scenes. (NOTE: Although, to be accurate, there is a short sequence in which a man dropped into Nikki’s panties pleasures her with his struggles.)

Regarding the story, it’s best not to consider the implications. Many size-fetish stories quickly return characters to normal size, right after they have sex or some other significant activity. In that manner those stories sidestep concerns such as “What does the giant eat?”, “Where does the giantess sleep?”, “How is a titan’s bodily waste disposed of?”, etc. The transformed people return to normal before those concerns become relevant.

However, Nikki was super-tall throughout “A Goddess of Law.” (NOTE: In issue 2, Eva’s assistant states that Nikki’s size is fluctuating and that her current height was 150 feet tall. It could be argued that those fluctuations may mean that she shrinks to normal size in order to consume nourishment, rest, and other mundane tasks. Afterward, she could regrow to superhuman size. However, Nikki’s fluctuating size was not mentioned again, and she never visibly changed size after her initial transformation. That plot point may have been purposely discarded or merely forgotten.) Since she is always huge, and a fair amount of time passes, those unanswered questions (how does she eat, sleep, and not to be too crass, but how does she defecate?) pop up.

Dr. Floyd is dedicated to his research 🙂

Lastly, the narrative appears to take place in a hybrid American and British city. At one point, two characters resemble British punks, complete with Mohawk haircuts. One of them refers to Nikki as “Luv” when he propositions her for sex and asks “How about it, Luv?” Additionally, many words are spelled in a non-American manner, such as “coloured,” “eroticised,” “hypnotises,” and “realise.” That’s opposed to the American spellings: “colored,” “eroticized,” “hypnotizes,” and “realize.”

That may indicate that the story was intended to take place somewhere in Great Britain. However, the featured police officers resembled American police officers. Additionally, an ambulance was shown which looked more American than British. Furthermore, when Nikki went to confront train hijackers outside of the city the wide-open landscape did not resemble the terrain of England or Scotland or Wales. <shrug> Perhaps most accurate to say that the events take place in “Ameri-Brita-opolis” or “Brita-Ameri-town.” (NOTE: I suspect that the author is themselves British or from a British Commonwealth nation and that’s why they used British spellings. That’s fine of course, but it would have been more interesting if the action had been set somewhere distinct instead of a bland and vague mishmash of places.)

Nonetheless, I recommend A Goddess of Law. This comic showcases a sexy, nihilistic lead and possess a refreshing sense of humor. It can be read with a membership to Giantess Fan.

This cover reminded me of Dr. Claw from the Inspector Gadget franchise. Not sure if anyone else sees the connection 😉

Hopefully, this series will be continued. A continuation could incorporate a proper sex scene and toss in some conflict for good measure. Future issues have not been announced, but I would not be surprised to see a fourth in 2021.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun, and I immediately got the Inspector Gadget homage too!

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