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Today, let’s take a look at the currently ongoing “Super Spy” from Giantess Fan. The initial issue was released on February 14, 2020, while the second was released on May 28. So far, they have been written by Newschool2626 and drawn by Hmage. Newschool2626 also wrote “Casting Couch,” “Fitting In,” and “Portals” for Giantess Fan. Hmage drew the two-part “Invisible Girl” series for Shrink Fan, in addition to the ongoing “A Goddess of Law” series and the upcoming “Nurse Nessa” for Giantess Fan. So far, I’ve enjoyed the comics created by Newschool2626 and Hmage.

(NOTE: I misidentified Newschool2626 as the writer for “Kolossal Katie” when I first wrote this review. Not sure how that happened as the actual Kolossal Katie review correctly listed the writer as someone using the story’s title as their pseudonym. Newschool2626 was the editor for that comic, not the writer. My apologies for the mistake and my appreciation to Newschool2626 for contacting me!)

The plot of Super Spy involves a pair of spies, Chelsea Davers and Jack Lowe. (NOTE: Now that I think about it “Super Spies,” as in more than one, would have been more accurate.) Chelsea is a voluptuous woman who uses her curves to seduce men and gain information. Jack shrinks and hides himself under Chelsea’s clothing. (NOTE: Just a typical day as a covert intelligence operative I suppose, not that I’m jealous 😛 ) Jack is carried by Chelsea into various secure facilities and reportedly has being able to steal more information within the last year than most agents do in a lifetime.

I approve of the dress ❤
Begging your pardon ma’am, but where might a humble size-fetish reviewer find an application for this line of work?

The plot is simple. Jack and Chelsea are tasked to infiltrate the residence of a woman called Maria Montello, who runs some sort of empire after the unexpected death of her father. Maria is of interest due to intelligence which suggests that she is building a bomb. (NOTE: The specific nature of this bomb and where she might detonate it was not told to the readers. So, the set-up was rather vague. Maybe the explosive device was just a “cherry bomb” that Maria could chuck into a men’s restroom? 😉 Bottom line, it would have enhanced the excitement and tension if more information had been given about the bomb, the main threat driving this plot.)

Issues 1 and 2 are dedicated to an infiltration of a soirée held by Maria as Jack and Chelsea try to learn more about the bomb. The story’s main weakness has already been noted, so I will not dwell anymore upon that. Hopefully, it will be expanded upon in the future. Regarding the art, it was good. Characters are portrayed as sexy and shapely, and readers see many panels depicting Chelsea seducing and making out with Maria. Additionally, backgrounds were usually drawn and reasonably detailed.

It should be noted that there was at least one art continuity issue. Namely, a necklace disappears between panels and never returns. <shrug> Maybe Maria ate it 😉

Overall, I recommend this comic, but I did wonder if it should have been published on Interweb’s Shrink Fan site. (NOTE: Interweb operates both Giantess Fan and Shrink Fan, as well as other sites focused on bondage, general expansion, muscle growth, etc.) The uncertainty concerning where this should have been placed is partially based on the “About Us” page for Shrink Fan, as of 21 September 2020, in which the most pertinent phrase is emboldened:

“Shrink Fan was founded in 2016 as a collaborative effort between writers and artists aiming to create high-quality shrinking woman comics. The whole idea behind the website was to foster interaction between fans and artists in order to create works of art that reflect the desires and imaginations of the fans of the genre. Shrinking woman / shrunken woman comics are our main focus although themes do touch upon various other fetishes such as shrunken man, shrunken couples, sex, etc.”

Personally, I’m a proponent of the K.I.S.S. principle. Accordingly, if I had my way, any comic primarily focused on shrinking would be published at Shrink Fan, not Giantess Fan. However, the above description does state that Shrink Fan is primarily focused on shrinking and shrunken women. Therefore, perhaps the site should be renamed “Shrunken Woman Fan” to better capture its purpose?

My concern is that there are no giantesses in Super Spy and that fact brings into question why it was published at Giantess Fan. To support that, check out the following screenshots from a few dictionaries providing their entries for the word “giantess.”

This was taken from
Taken from Merriam-Webster
Taken from the Cambridge dictionary.

Note that the last two definitions refer to giant, so I’ll also include the definition for “giant” from the Cambridge dictionary:

Each of those state that a giantess should have superhuman size or at least be very large. However, none of the ladies in Super Spy possess superhuman size or are very large. (NOTE: Although, to be fair, their breasts are quite big 😎 ) For clarity’s sake, it must be noted that it is certainly not just Giantess Fan that lumps shrunken content in with giantess content. This is a regrettable phenomenon in the size community when creative works solely featuring shrunken people also include tags or descriptors for giantesses. For instance:

There is a category option on the Clips4Sale site for “Shrinking Fetish.” So, it’s not as if Giantess was the best or only option.
If I was King for a day, I’d send each of these producers to bed without their suppers! Make ’em think about what they’ve done! 😈

Previously, in my “Art is Subjective” editorial, the argument was made that using the term “veggies” was unambiguous. Despite how some may dislike its usage, veggies does not cause confusion. The same should be true for “giantess.” Every series at Giantess Fan should feature one or more women of superhuman size to be in keeping with the site’s name. A counter-argument could be that the meaning should be expanded, but that would cause unnecessary ambiguity and loss of precision. If giantess is used for situations when only shrunken people are involved then customers will not be able to limit their searches to women of extraordinary height. Customers would have to examine every instance of a product labeled “giantess” to determine if it actually features extraordinarily tall women or just tiny people.

The solution is simple. Creators should only use the term giantess when an actual giantess is featured. If only shrunken people are portrayed then only the term “shrunken people” should be used. Therefore, other comics on Giantess Fan which do not include giant women such as A Weekend Alone, Don’t Eat Me!, My Glasses!, Super Spy, etc. should be moved en masse to Shrink Fan. (NOTE: Alas, my plea for precise terminology may fall upon deaf ears and I may be doomed to complain about this egregious sin for the rest of my given days 😦 However, if readers agree with my perspective then please let me know! Alternatively, you could at least suggest emo songs for my listening while I cry about sloppy descriptions 😉 )

Commentary over terms aside, it should be reiterated that Super Spy is a recommended read. Furthermore, the series is scheduled to be continued very soon, with issue 3 scheduled for release on 28 September. I look forward to that next chapter. Who knows, the narrative may eventually involve women growing taller and then concerns over its inclusion at Giantess Fan will be proven invalid! One can only hope 🙂

That’s it for today folks, join me on Thursday for a requested review of “Grow-It-All!” Until then, keep growing!

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