Giantess Fan’s “Kolossal Katie”


Giantess Fan’s “Kolossal Katie” was drawn by QWZ (of Sedna Studio), written by Kolossal Katie (yes, the writer’s pseudonym is the same as the story’s title), and published on March 14, 2019. QWZ also drew Muscle Fan’s “Easy Cum Easy Grow”, which I reviewed previously. This comic was edited by Newschool2626 and had a layout by Marvin Alonzo of Studio GFX.

I assume she should look intimidating, but instead something about her face looks off.

The story begins promising with a tale of gradual growth, but quickly derails.

I like the idea of a person slowly growing into a giant. That’s a different approach than the much more common incredibly fast growth shown in most stories. Unfortunately, that somewhat unique concept was abandoned before the end of this first issue.

Katie has been slowly growing over the last few years to an amazing size. Our story shows Katie abusing her boyfriend because he is not making her meal quickly enough. After slapping, kicking, choking, and throwing him, they have a brief confrontation in which she easily defeats him. Then she performs oral sex on him which I can only assume was non-consensual. So, bottom line, it’s a comic about a growing woman that physically and sexually assaults her boyfriend. Yuck.

Furthermore, the art is not good. In the above image, Katie’s head looks too small for her body in the bottom panels. Additionally, are Ben and Katie wearing the exact same clothes for four years in a row and styling their hair in the exact same manner? That is except for the top middle panel in which a coloring error was made with Ben’s shirt.

Ben’s fingers have no joints or knuckles, and his finger nails surprisingly are the same color as his skin. Also, the point of the middle tine is flat which is odd for a fork and made me think of a spatula.
Argh! You slid a spatula into the space between my toes! Or is this supposed to represent Ben stabbing Katie with a large fork? If so, where’s the blood? Why is the tip between her toes if he’s trying to hurt her?

In summation, your money and time would be better spent on other comics.

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