Muscle Fan’s “Easy Cum Easy Grow”

Artist QWZ also drew comics for Interweb Comics sites Expansion Fan and Giantess Fan.

Easy Cum Easy Grow is an ongoing series with two issues so far. The first was released in March 2018 and the latest was published on February 10, 2019. Each was written by Kimenguman, and illustrated by QWZ. Of note, this review only covers the first issue. The issue consists of 10 multiple panel pages plus covers as well as single-page previews for four other comics.

Kimenguman also wrote “The End of Macho City” for Muscle Fan. This series appears to be the only one drawn by QWZ for the site, although that artist has drawn other size-fetish comics such as “Kolossal Katie” and “reCURSEive.”

I wasn’t a fan of the art, women’s heads were depicted too small and their hands too large.

The catalyst is obvious given the title and it’s a fun one. Having something as pleasurable as sex (specifically cum in this case, a direct result of sex) stimulate growth has been used in media such as Growth Dreams “Diana Growth Orgasm,” written story “Jill’s Growth Formula,” ZZZ’s comic “Growth Formula,” etc. Conversely, Giantess Club’s “Kinetica” features kinetic (and presumably painful) events like car accidents, gun shots, etc. as a transformative stimulus.

The story begins with scientists Gary and Faith testing their latest muscle-building formula. Unfortunately, it’s a failure, and they are subsequently fired. However, while repeated serum tests have failed to make Gary any stronger, it has affected his ejaculate. The two soon discover, after a bit of role playing sex, that Gary’s cum makes Faith grow taller and more muscular. They start their own company, Fem-Mus Corp., and compete against their former employer, Mass Corp. Gary even fucks one of his employees, Stacey, on top of his desk which makes her larger but also results in him suffering several injuries.


The dialogue is strange in places, for example on page 11 Stacey says “Sir, Ms. Faith asked me to tell you that our benefits have tripled since last month. And Mass Corp’s are tumbling down.” Should that have been written as “… our stock prices have tripled …”? Benefits tripling doesn’t make sense, does it mean that their dental plan is three times as good or that their retirement investment plan is that much better?

The story ends with Gary’s former boss, and secret object of his affection, Miss Kara Byne wondering if Gary and Faith left anything in their old laboratory.

Overall, this isn’t a comic that I would seek out. The art wasn’t great and the story was mediocre.


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