A Look at the GTS Art by Eduardo Ramirez

Nueva vecina
“Nueva vecina,” one of the few set in an urban setting that gives a sense of scale.

Honduran CGI artist Eduardo Ramirez has created almost 275 images of busty women on DeviantArt since he first joined the site in mid-October 2010. His latest was posted on 30 December 2018. Each of the ladies are depicted as skinny and stacked, none are overly muscular or heavyset.

This image, “Vamos A La Playa,” makes me wish that my own local beaches had such lovely ladies! Additionally, this reminded me of a drawing by BustArtist labeled “Growth Potion 1: The Shower Girls.” Shower Girls features a normal-sized young man inside a large shower room with three giant busty women.

The vast majority are single images without stories. The images do not have any accompanying text or dialogue beyond the relevant file names. However, there are a few brief growth sequences depicted in single images under titles such as “Mi novia tiene que dejar de comer tanto” and “Vestuario ajustado.”

She’s more than a handful!

I would love to see Eduardo make comics. In late August 2017 he stated that he was considering making comics, but I haven’t seen any from him yet.

The only sex acts depicted consist of light girl-on-girl action like in this image, “Linda Y Tierna.”

I recommend that you check out his work at the following link: https://www.deviantart.com/eduardolinkzelda

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