LH-Art’s “Trick or Treat”


Artist David C. Matthews, colorist Fasola, and writer Lenny created LH-Art’s “Trick or Treat” more than a decade ago. Most of the 20~ish pages contain multiple panels with a couple single-panel splash pages mixed in.

You can view D.C. Matthews’ DeviantArt page here: https://www.deviantart.com/davidcmatthews I recommend that you check it out. Matthews drew muscular versions of characters such as Saint Exmin from the 1980 film “Battle Beyond the Stars,” Tara from the animated TV show “The Herculoids,” and the lady pictured below:

A character from the greatest animated series ever made in the history of ever? Yes, please! For those not familiar, the woman above is Princess Ariel, the magical companion to “Thundarr the Barbarian” from the 1980s TV show.  P.S. Solomon is OLD!

Back to the comic! Undersized college student Kathy is rejected by her peers on Halloween. Afterward, she encounters a tall woman who gives her a bottle of growth potion. Kathy drinks some and goes to the Delta Pi Zeta party. There she dances and drinks with the party participants while continuing to grow taller and more muscular.

Apparently, alcohol mixes well with growth potions 🙂  There were a few minor typos in this comic. For example, “alchol” and “strang” in this image.
I liked this panel showing the gigantic Kathy squeezing out of a doorway.

Kathy barely gets out before outgrowing the sorority house. She uses the formula on a student named Frank who is immediately given genital gigantism! The giant woman then rides cowgirl style on the young man until she climaxes and puts him into a full-body cast. Then she picks up the entire sorority house and overturns it off panel. The comic ends showing that Kathy has returned to normal size, but retains her ability to grow!


There was an odd choice made on page 18 to describe Kathy’s body as “grotesquely muscled.” Grotesque is defined by Dictionary.com as “odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.” That’s an unexpected way to describe Kathy since I assume that readers are intended to find her sexy.

Overall, I enjoyed this comic. It features lots of growth, some sex, and a few rude people getting their comeuppance. Furthermore, it’s a good value for the price, only $5. You can purchase this, bundled together with “Got Milk” and “Instant She-Hunk!”, at the following link:  https://lhart.com/products/got-milk-trick-or-treat

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