The Finale to Giantess Club’s “Mrs. Turner”


The last part, issue number 8, of Giantess Club’s “Mrs. Tuner” was released on March 20, 2019, a little over a year since the first issue was published on March 16, 2018. I previously reviewed the earlier issues on 12 January this year, which you can read here. The same artist, J. J. McQuade, and author, Bob Saget, created this and were responsible for the entire run.

The seventh issue ended after the newly-divorced Mrs. Eve Turner outgrew her house and knocked over a skyscraper, destroyed a helicopter (presumably killing its occupants), and rampaged through a city.

In this issue, Mike steals a police officer’s bullhorn and runs to meet Eve. He professes his love and they leave for her lakeside home for the summer. She shrinks down off panel to a size just a bit bigger than normal. Presumably, because she stopped taking Senistray. Apparently, there were no consequences what so ever from the widespread property damage and injuries or deaths caused by Eve.

I enjoyed this series, but I must say that this final issue was lazy. The art was nice, yet the story was too simple and had a few typographic errors. For example:

This issue would have benefited from a quick review to correct these errors before publishing. The errors do not make the story incomprehensible, but they do make it seem like too little effort was exerted to make a quality product. There were also a couple errors in art continuity, such as Mike’s eyes changing color from page 9 to page 10.


Smooth kid.
Mike might want to consult a doctor about the pink color of his ejaculate 😉

As I noted in my earlier “Mrs. Turner” review, you can actually save a few pennies by buying each issue individually. There are eight issues sold for $4.99 each, so you can buy the entire run for $39.92. Alternatively, buying the entire series as a bundle costs $39.99.  I still don’t know why Giantess Club made it more expensive to buy a bundle than individual issues. Overall, it’s less than a dime’s difference so it’s not a major concern.


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