Top 10 Size-Fetish Creations of 2019

Good morning everyone and Happy New Year!

I’ve returned home and am experiencing significant jet lag. (Started writing this at 2AM for example.) My trip to the Ozarks was fun; my family rode mountain coasters down a hillside and tried an Escape Room for the first time. (By the by, we managed to escape 😀 ) We dined at various chain restaurants not found in Japan such as Five Guys, Olive Garden, Panera Bread, etc. (Obviously, Solomon G is a man of refined tastes 😉 ) Most importantly, I got to reconnect with loved ones.

Now, I feel recharged and full of ideas for new reviews and stories!

To begin with, let’s take a look at noteworthy works released in 2019 with the following list of the Top 10 Size-Fetish creations.


#10) “Professor Wants Bigger Tits: Part 1”
Performed and written by Codi Vore

This eight-minute long breast-expansion video was released in June of 2019 and featured a Professor of Demonology calling upon a magical artifact, a normal looking vibrator, to make herself look sexy. Codi Vore is a naturally curvy woman, and thus the transformation consisted merely of covering up her bosom and then gradually exposing herself as the magical artifact does its work.

This video showcases Codi masturbating while transforming from a frumpy demonology professor into a sexy instructor of the dark arts. Future videos of this ilk would benefit by using special effects to reduce the size of Codi’s formidable bust before her “transformation.”

Check out my original post about this video clip here.


#9) Vore Store’s “The Craving 2 Episode 1”
Stars “Goddess Vivian” with direction & digital effects by Optic Dreams and production provided by Media Impact

This ten-minute live-action video showcases vore and an evil giantess. I admired the ambition as several special effects were attempted. Special effects were used to depict a woman spreading her mouth apart far more than humanly possible, swallowing a person, growing through the roof of a house, walking as a giant through a city, sucking people out of a window, etc. Did those special effects perform well? Not exactly. However, credit where credit is due, it was a respectable attempt. I hope to see more videos with this same level of ambition and to see further refinement in the techniques.

Check out my original post about this clip here.


#8) Giantess Club’s “Mrs. Turner”
Drawn by J. J. McQuade and written by Bob Saget (based on a suggestion by Kong)

This eight-part comic began in mid-March 2018 and finished in mid-January 2019. It featured multiple sequences of Mrs. Turner bursting out of clothes and eventually her house! Mrs. Turner is the mother of a college-aged student, but was drawn like a voluptuous twenty-year old. (NOTE: That led me to question whether merely stating that she was a mom was enough to classify her as a MILF, or whether she should have actually been drawn as a mature woman.)

Quality control suffered in the later issues with several typographical errors that could have easily been corrected. However, it’s still a recommended read. Check out my detailed reviews of issues one through seven here, and my critique of the finale here.


#7) Giantess Fan’s “Sorority Problems”
Drawn by Danusko and written by F-Kid

“Biggie Whiskey” causes several college co-eds to bust out of their clothes and even out of their sorority building! Along the way, much sex is had between women and a few lucky lads. Additionally, author F-Kid has an appreciation for the female foot and Danusko conveyed that in many of this comic’s panels.

Check out my reviews of issues one through two, and my critique of the third and final part.


#6) Shrink Fan’s “The Invisible Girl”
Drawn by Hmage and written by Cezar Nix (based on a story by Raso719)

“The Invisible Girl” is a two-part story with the first published on March 1 and the second on October 1, 2019. The action takes place in a universe in which ladies shrink when having sex or when they’re aroused. Accordingly, “designated drivers” in this universe are women who abstain from arousal to remain large enough to drive! (A fun concept 😀 )

The heroine, Doreen, is a relatively old virgin. Apparently, her age and complete lack of sexual experience heightens (see what I did there? 😉 ) the effect of her shrinking. Eventually, she has a steamy threesome which grants her an unique ability. Clever dialogue also adds to the appeal of this hot story.

A full review of this comic is coming soon.


#5) “Project: Izanami”
Artwork by Dinner-Kun and story by CaptainXero

Project: Izanami is a spiritual successor to Redfired0g’s Sugar Pills series, which was #9 on my Top 10 Illustrated Erotic Giantess Growth Stories! (NOTE: That list was created at the end of 2018 and should be updated.) Project: Izanami is a ten-part story which first began in August 2017 and finished at the end of 2019. It features an endless sequence of best friends Jessie and Yukiko expanding inside a crowded city and pleasuring one another.

I previously reviewed one through five and six through nine, need to cover part ten! (SPOILER ALERT: The girls get even bigger 😉 )

Furthermore, in an end of the year/retrospective post on DeviantArt, Dinner-Kun stated that we’ll see more of Jessie and Yukiko in the future. 😎


#4) “GIGANT”
Drawn and written by Hiroya Oku

This manga was first published inside Shogakukan’s Big Comic Superior December 2017 issue. Several episodes were released in 2019 and it’s still ongoing today. The manga features Japanese/Swedish adult model Papiko who gains size-changing abilities and fights monsters! Along the way, she engages in a problematic relationship with a young man named Rei Yokoyamada and has some sex.

Click here for my posts concerning the first, second, and third volumes. I intend to review the fourth later this month.

Reportedly, GIGANT will debut in English, courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment, in March 2020.


#3) Size-fetish blog articles
Created by many talented folks!

This year saw several entertaining and thought-provoking posts by many blog operators. Notable entries included, but of course were not limited to, “Size Dysmorphia: A Sizeshifter Origin Story” by Elle Largesse (NOTE: I cheated a tiny bit, it was published on December 28, 2018. Please, no one tell the reviewer police! 😉 ), “Toward A Size Aesthetic” by Olo, and #HEADINTHECLOUDS by RobClassact. I highly recommend them all!


#2) Stories from the Size-Riot quarterly writing contests
Organized by Aborigen

This year saw Size-Riot contests covering a variety of size-fetish topics. These quarterly competitions were CruelJan19, GentleApril19, GiantJuly19, and Cocktober19. The diversity of tales was welcome and included gender fluidity, male giants, and homosexual male characters. Those aforementioned topics are rarely, if ever, mentioned in tales provided by sites like DreamTales, Giantess Club, Giantess Fan, or Process Productions. (Of course, those themes are not completely absent on the Internet and can be found at places like Coiled Fist. You could also argue that two of the previously mentioned sites have “giantess” in their names, not “giant.” However, sites producing comics focusing on giant males do not exist.)

Additionally, there is a high-level of quality in these stories. Some of my recommendations include “Sticky Notes,” “Welcome Home,” and “Wingwoman.”


#1) “Cheap Tricks 3: The Dawn of the Giantesses”
Drawn and written by Bmtbguy

On September 7, 2019, the last chapter, “Over the Top,” in Cheap Tricks 3 was posted. This concluded an effort which began in December 2011 with the first chapter, “A Gift from the [sic] Nature.” It was the latest in a decade-long effort in which an illustrated comic was provided to fans for free ❗ The series began when Bmtbguy first posted a Cheap Tricks image in 2010 on the Giantess City forum.

The Dawn of the Giantesses featured several rather enjoyable segments such as Chapter 5 featuring Tony making love to Vanessa on a couch while she increases in size, Chapter 9 consisting of a crossover with Domina’s Valley, and Chapter 11 involving Tony dreaming that Vanessa and series antagonist Marina were in a competition to determine who was the largest.

Chapter 18 began with Marina reasserting herself, then it outlines Vanessa’s response, and ends with a fantasy sequence of a woman towering over a city skyline. Throughout 200+ pages, many women expose their breasts and a smidgen of boob play was displayed.

Given the quality of his work, it’s easy to see why many folks cited Bmtbguy in their interviews. For example, Alex-GTS-Artist listed Bmtbguy as one of his favorite artists. DragoonGTS stated that Bmtbguy was “… the master of slow growth story driven stories.” Alyssa the Comic Book Babe noted that she was a fan of fast growth, but also enjoyed Cheap Tricks. Joyce Julep wrote “Bmtbguy produces marvelous mini-gts works of female growth…Cheap Tricks is really quite stunning.” My own thoughts can be read in previous posts found here and here.


So, that’s my top ten of 2019. What do you think? Did I miss anything? Would you have ordered them differently? Please let me know.

Coming up next will be a post outlining my hopes for 2020. Until then folks, keep growing!


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